To: IAHF List
Subject: Summit of Americas Threatens Sovereignty of Western Hemisphere Countries: Totalitarian Ban on Free Assembly is in Court
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 00:40:43 -0400

IAHF List: On March 20, 2001 Congressman Dan Burton whitewashed the Codex vitamin oversight hearing by shutting out all grass roots witnesses, and only allowing testimony from pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations He did claim he was going to ask the Congressional Research Service to examine the FDA's assertion that US domestic vitamin laws "would not be subject to harmonization due to Codex" . Please ask your own Congressman and Senators to run IAHF's questions on this past the Congressional Research Service as well- see This one ain't over til its over, and even THEN it aint over!


See also Our would be Pharma Cartel Masters are attempting to expand NAFTA to include the whole western hemisphere in order to enslave Canada, the USA and all of Central and South America similar to how the EU is now attempting to enslave Europe. I know there are some people in Quebec on the IAHF list, will any of you be protesting?

IAHF salutes the DEFENSE OF CANADIAN LIBERTY COMMITTEE which has filed suit against the Canadian government in an effort to force the removal of a 3x5 kilometre security zone consisting of a 12' high chain link fence anchored by pylons embedded in concrete to completely enclose the part of Quebec City where the "Summit of the Americas" is scheduled to be held. At Ft.Drum New York there is a contingent of the 82nd Airborne that speaks French. They have been trained in urban warfare and the ruling elite scum who seek to enslave us intend to unleash them sometime on Montreal, and Quebec City. The scum also have a "New States" constitution waiting in the wings that they intend to use to force Canada and the US together at some point. I've read it. Before all is said and done its going to get damned interesting, and having access to vitamins could easily be the LEAST of our problems as the 4th Reich ratchets up the control...

There is a group from Richmond Virginia thats going to Quebec for the protest and I am thinking of joining them.If any of you will be going to the protest, please let me know, maybe we can hook up. If you're in the US and are crossing the border, best be well dressed, not part of a group, and as "normal" looking as possible, with a cover story about visiting a friend (have a Canadian address and phone number to show the guard) Recommend shipping anything that might tip off customs over by UPS to a friends in Quebec in advance. Please mass forward this and tell more people.... we can jam so many people into Quebec City the place will be paralyzed... we did it in Seattle, we can do it again!

Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 15:51:58 -0700
From: Connie Fogal
Subject: Totalitarian Ban on Free Assembly is in Court
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Friday April 6, 11:00 A.M.
Law office of Galati and Rodrigues, 637 College St. upstairs , Toronto, Ont M6G1B5


CONSTANCE CLARA FOGAL AND THE DEFENCE OF CANADIAN LIBERTY COMMITTEE have filed argument and application of intervenors with Marc Tremblay in Quebec Superior Court in Quebec city at le Palais de Justice de Quebec at 300 boul. Jean- Lesage which court is hearing an interlocutory injunction on April 9, 2001 at 9:15 AM with respect to the 3 x 5 kilometre security zone at the Summit of the Americas to be held in Quebec city April 20, 21, 22, 2001.

Constance Fogal and the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee are also filing suit in another court for declaration and damages against the Federal Government.

Both proceedings are to challenge the constitutionally flagrant, repugnant, and unlawful actions, decisions and coordination of a “security zone”, with 12" high chain link fence embedded in concrete pillars surrounding the Old Historic City of Quebec, with apartheid- like passes required and issued only to foreign delegates, residents, workers and employers from the area, the press, and any corporation which pays the right price while completely barring any measures of peaceful assembly and expression by Canadian citizens at the site. This security is imposed and operated by a joint police force of over 6000 police, military, CSIS, and other security forces.

These actions are unconstitutional in Canada as they:

1. Contravene the Emergencies Act in their totalitarian use of force without due procedure and declaration of an emergency;

2. Are a complete breach of the historically entrenched constitutional rights, from the Magna Carta to the Charter, for peaceful assembly and expression;

3. That the rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada and the U.S. Courts quite clearly rule this type of complete silencing and encampment of free speech and assembly unconstitutional;

4. That the measures which completely suspend the Canadian Constitution are done to appease 34 foreign leaders and delegates most of whom preside over(quasi-)dictatorships;

5.That "corporate citizens" are allowed entry for $500,000.00 while private citizens are criminalized for their free speech.

Copies of the factum will be handed out at the press conference. Contact: Connie Fogal at (604) 202 7334 cell or her legal counsel, Rocco Galati, at (416) 536 7811 or (416) 471 0455 cell.

C/0 CONSTANCE FOGAL LAW OFFICE, #401 -207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C. V6B1H7
Tel: (604)687-0588; fax: (604) 872 -1504 or (604) 688-0550;cellular(604) 202 7334;

"The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are entitled" Supreme Court of Canada A.G. of Nova Scotia and A.G. of Canada, S.C.R. 1951 pp 32