To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: How to Fight Back Against Biometric IDs: Mssg to Shrub & His Spook String Pullers
From: "I A H F"
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 05:13:26 -0500

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To: Shrub & Your Spook String Pullers
c/o, c/o my congressman and Senators + Ron Paul & The Liberty Committee

1. Mike Ruppert of the From the Wilderness Website has your number, Shrubby, and I want to know how you, your dad, and that pedophile who is your VP intend to attempt to do spin control against the videotape of the lecture he's doing all over North America and which the world is reading right now with great interest through his paper titled "The Emporer's New Clothes" His videos can be viewed world wide being in both VHS and PAL formats, so what is your gameplan now, Illuminati tool???

explosive series exploding the lies told by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld about the US Air Force on 9-11. As the controversy grows, read the latest developments on this explosive story.


Now that I have exposed your despicable little 911 psyop, Shrubby, I thought I'd let you and your spook handlers know what ELSE I am doing to empower the American people to defeat all of the Model Emergency Powers Act "MEPA" bills that are being rammed at high speed through the state legislatures in an attempt to turn our State Governors into Dictators much as you are now, and to force our thumb prints onto the drivers licenses and to make it a crime to refuse to vaccinate:

1) I have made up flyers alerting everyone to the MEPA bills that are posted all over Floyd and Montgomery counties here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. When I go around to put these flyers up on public bulletin boards everywhere I go I give people Mike Ruppert's website and encourage them to get multiple copies of his videotapes and to read his expose against you and to mass circulate it everywhere, to send it all over the country and the world. The flyers urge everyone to call the VA State legislature in opposition to SB 62 which will come up in the VA House Transportation Committee soon in an effort to force us to put our thumb prints on the drivers license.

2) I am informing everyone that this is not "just" coming down from spook central (aka Georgetown U School of Law), but that its a UN initiative coming at us via the International Standards Organization (ISO) which is attempting to force standardization of the drivers license in well over 100 nations world wide, and 911 is the excuse being used to ram this nonsense down the throats of not JUST the people of Virginia, but the people of........ THE PLANET!!!
Standards - International Standard for the Driver License

Working Group 10
International Standard for the Driver/Driving License Document ISO/JTC1/SC17/WG10 The work towards an international standard for the driver license is done within the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) Joint Technical Committee for Information Technology (JTC1), Subcommittee for Identification Cards and Related Devices (SC17).

3) I am calling all organizations that lobby in Richmond VA to get them all in opposition to SB62 and related bills, and I'm encouraging people in all 50 states and every nation on earth to follow my lead- get informed by visiting the website of the American Assn of Physicians and Surgeons which opposes MEPA legislation at

Why am I doing this Shrubby baby? I'm doing it because I enjoy getting in your face, and in the face of that fat pompous pedophile VP of yours. I'm doing it because my dad was a naval intelligence officer who hated what you globalist whores are trying to do, and I need to honor his memory, because he was a real American, while you and your cohorts are nothing more than traitors who are trying to lead us to the grave.

Sorry, Shrubby, this ain't gonna fly. I refuse to accept any of it. I'm on to your little plan. I'm telling the world about the lawsuit of John St.Claire Akwei vs NSA in order to expose Remote Neural Monitoring, and all of NSA's technology which I realize you intend to attempt to lay on all of us in order to turn this into a prison planet: a psychocivilized society, with EVERYONE under mind control, just like you and Cheney are.

Don't believe me? Go to to download the lawsuit against NSA which exposes Remote Neural Monitoring.....

Go to which exposes NSA psyops as well as how to maintain stage 4 REM sleep in the face of HAARP microwave pulses intended to mess with it, and a host of other countermeasures people can learn to take to oppose your criminal agenda.

So, bubbuh, what ya gonna do, eh? Kill me? Gonna unleash a few goons on me? Sorry. Won't work. Been dead already. Tree fell on me when I was 16. Had out of body experience. Was given a choice whether or not to come back. There is no such thing as death. You can only "kill" my body bubbuh, you can't kill my soul, and the same is true of every single person on my email distribution list or who visits the IAHF website or who hears me on the radio or in person doing public speaking.

Why am I telling you and your NSA cohorts what I'm doing? Simple: theres not a damn thing you can do to stop me, and I derive great enjoyment getting in your face this way. Plus, it entertains people and helps them to laugh at you, and that makes me HAPPY! I am having FUN shrubby baby!! Are you? Is that pedophile Veep of yours having fun? Ya'll can kiss my ass, because I have a lot MORE up my sleave than just THIS, I'm ALSO monkeywrenching the Pharma Cartel's efforts to ram Codex down our throats world wide, and before all is said and done, we intend to win.

Why am I such a prick to you and your NSA handlers? Simple: none of you deserve so much as one iota of respect. You are all tools of satan, tools of the Illuminati, and in the end, you will be spending a very long time in a place with a VERY bad climate unless you get down on your KNEES and pray for forgiveness, and TURN from your sins, and I'm not talkin' Miami, or Vegas or the Sahara, I'm talkin' a place MUCH MUCH HOTTER which ya'll are liable to see with your own two eyes, up close and personal, for a VERY long time, unless you BACK THE HELL OFF, capiche shmucko?

Uh, uh bubbuh, we ain't acceptin' your prison planet. We "inmates" be getting RESTLESS and the jungle drums are beaten out a warnin' with each click of a mouse that sends this mssg to more people alerting them to the need to go to and to sign onto the IAHF email distribution list via

Face it shrubby and the spooks, you can't do spin against this, because your arms are too short to box with God.

IAHF LIST: Please forward this to everyone you know. If you appreciate this effort to alert the sleeping masses, kindly slide a few centavos in to me via paypal at so I can go buy a beer or two and my favorite sandwich, the "Rude Boy" down at Oddfellas Cantina in the great boomin' metropolis of Floyd, Virginia because Rome wasn't burned in a day!! Alternatively, ya'll can slide this rebel some bucks via IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24901 USA and kindly forward this to more activists, so we can rebel en masse cause rebellion is FUN, we're all gonna go to the DMV to hand out flyers alerting everyone to call their state legislatures against MEPA bills cause in mah humble opinion, the only way you're gonna get MY thumbprint shrubby is if you ever have the misfortune to put your FACE close enough for me to imprint it on your skull along with a few knuckle indentations!! I'm goin' mano a mano wit you prick.

Does sayin' that make me a "terrorist"? Hell, the only TERRORISTS on this planet are NSA, the CIA, you, Cheney and Tony Blair and now the WORLD knows the TRUTH because IAHF has already exposed the fact that the Bush family has been in business with the Bin Laden family for years via the Carlysle Group!