To: IAHF List
Subject: CRS Still Hasn't Responded to Q's CODEX Gif Files of Dissenting Congressional Statement By Paul and Defazio Who Share Our Concerns
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 11:43:15 -0400

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IAHF List:

By attached file I am enclosing gif files of the statement on Congressional letterhead made by Congressmen Paul and Defazio which echoes the concerns of vitamin consumers around the world regarding the immense threat posed by the UN Codex Commission to block our access to therapeutic potencies of vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements.. These files will be posted on the IAHF website for the world to view.

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Six weeks after the whitewashed Congressional Oversight hearing on the UN Codex vitamin issue at which none of our witnesses were allowed to present testimony, and at which Dr.Yetley of the FDA was not asked any tough questions, we have still not heard any response from the Congressional Research Service to our questions about the legality and Constitutionality of what the FDA is doing at Codex meetings with regards to our vitamins or regarding the legality and constitutionality of the UN Codex proceedings themselves.


If you haven't yet done so I encourage everyone to request that their own Senators and Congressmen take IAHF's questions (see url below) and ask the Congressional Research Service to respond in detail to them. (If you've ALREADY asked this, please REMIND your Senators and Congressman and Congressman Burton that we still require detailed answers to these questions. The more people making this request, the better, because CRS will then have to be very careful to properly research this matter and respond accordingly.

Vitamin consumers world wide can thank Congressman Paul and De Fazio for making the enclosed statement which I'm uploading to the IAHF website as Gif Files so that you can see the Congressional Letterhead and their signatures. (If for some reason you can't open the gif file attached below, you will be able to see it on the IAHF website soon) We can thank Congressmen Paul and De Fazio for asking Congressman Burton to ask the Congressional Research Service to examine the FDA's assertion that "Codex won't impact US domestic law" (Of course a lot here will depend on what questions Burton ASKS the Congressional Research Service, so I have asked him, and my Senators and Congressmen to ask them IAHF's questions, which we're still waiting for answers to 6 weeks after the hearing has concluded....

(See IAHF's questions at

Excerpted from Paul and De Fazio's statement:

"While CODEX has no direct authority to force Americans to adopt stringent regulations of dietary supplements, we are concerned that the United States may be forced to adopt Codex standards as a result of the United States status as a member of the WTO. According to an August 1999 report of the Congressional Research Service, As a member of the WTO, the United States does commit to act in accordance with the rules of the multilateral body. It [the US] is legally obligated to ensure that national laws do not conflict with WTO rules. Thus, Congress may have a legal obligation to again change American laws [including our dietary supplement laws and all dietary supplement regulations] to conform with WTO rules!"