APPENDIX 5: NAHS flyer presented at Natural Trade Show Harrogate, 15 September 2003 (scan/OCR fax of original document)

The National Association of Health Stores

First Floor 4 Abbeydale Road South Sheffield South Yorkshire S7 2QN
Tel/Fax: 01142353478
Mobile: 07866 317760

Some FACTS about NAHS Activity!

The kava-kava Judicial Review

The date for the hearing has now been set _for November 11th, 12th and 13th. This action has been taken due to the simple fact that if this industry permits products to be taken away without any substantive evidence that they are dangerous, then we will lose everything in due course -without even considering the implications of the various Directives coming from the ELI.

Our legal team are convinced that we have a very good case, and we believe that we will be successful in returning the natural herb (root) to our shelves, along with teas, traditional and ethanolic extracts that do not exceed 30% kavalactones.

If the NAHS wins, we will be awarded costs. The case will have cost very little in real terms, and we will return all donations back to source.

If we lose, the NAHS may be liable to pay around 85,000 in legal fees, including our own team. At the moment, we have received just over 30,000 as money (or pledges in case we lose).

Obviously, we may need more than this. We would respectfully ask that you come to the NAHS presentation on this issue on Sunday at 430pm (immediately after the Legislation Panel) in order to see for yourselves how good our case is, and why it had to be undertaken.

The Food Supplements Directive

The NAHS has been preparing for Judicial Review proceedings against the FSD for some time now. It was overtaken by the kava-kava challenge, as JRs have to be commenced within a short time frame or they are dismissed out-of-hand.

We are now back onto the FSD (having obtained a Qualified Opinion in December 2002) and will be shortly placing our application before the court.

We do not need any more money to complete this stage of the process. However, if we are successful, and we are given leave to proceed with the challenge -we will need a LOT more money spread over a 2-year period! Again, if successful, 100% of all donations will be returned.

General Comment

The NAHS has not taken the decision to commence these actions lightly. We are trying to protect the livelihoods of our Members.

As a result, ALL retailers will benefit, and ALL manufacturers will benefit. Please support the activities of the NAHS -we harm no one, and help everyone. You ALL have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Senior Scientific Advisor
Professor Arnold Beekett OBE PhD DSc FRPharmS
Associate Members of the NAHS
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