Distribution List: I have been talking a lot lately with Malcomb Doney, an Englishman who lives in Boca Raton, Florida and who has a group called "Health of the Nation" which focuses mainly on health freedom issues currently threatening consumers in the UK. Since he is just up the road from me, there is a huge opportunity here for synergistic interaction and a comparing of notes. We are going to be monitoring MAFF's efforts to attack B-6, and other matters effecting consumers in the UK, as well as around the world. I just got off the phone with an herbalist in S.Africa who is networked with herbalists world wide. Efforts are underway in S.Africa to attack herbalists. She is going to be helping with the S.African section of my website which I haven't had time to create yet.

Vitamin and herbal product consumers world wide are building a strong coalition. I just got faxes from Chile, and from Switzerland that I will upload to the website soon. We are assisting an Australian family in Chile who have sunk every cent they have into a vitamin manufacturing and distribution business which the Drug Cartel is trying to destroy.

Please keep those calls, letters, faxes and email messages flooding in to Congress urging cosponsorship of HR 2868, the Consumer Health Free Speech Act, which will allow us to make therapeutic claims on dietary supplements as long as they are true. Our efforts on this bill directly counter the despicable efforts of the herb companies that have sold out to turn foods into drugs. No company should have to jump through the FDA's red tape or have to incur any expense in order to be "certified for OTC drug manufacturing" just to be able to make therapeutic claims. The companies that can clear those hurdles don't want their smaller competitors to be able to follow them, and they have formed an unholy alliance with the Fraud and Drudge Administration.

If you haven't yet, please download the form letter for HR 2868 from my website and start calling Congress. Yesterday I spoke with Ron Paul's office which told me that they are getting more and more calls from other Congressional offices asking questions about the bill, which is a sign that are making our presence known. Ron Paul's office faxed me a copy of the "Dear Colleague" letter that they are circulating on the Hill and I will upload it to the website soon so you can see it.

In my response to Adele (which follows here), I have outlined a plan of action which all of you can assist me with in the coming weeks. Please don't call Ron Paul's office to ask for a copy because they don't need the hassle. Suzanne, Peter and I send our most heartfelt thanks to those of you who have donated money to the Law Loft, which was just burned to the ground by enemies of health freedom. I also want to thank those of you who have contributed monetarily to the work of IAHF.

Your ongoing assistance will help me to keep Jata on full time. He is an invaluable help to me here! If you'd like to assist IAHF, Please send your check to IAHF 2411 Monroe St. Hollywood, FL 33020, USA. Adele's message, and my action plan follow. If you have any ideas, lets brainstorm this together as I welcome your input. Please forward this to others. Anyone can get on my distribution list by just sending email with the word "ADD" in the subject line.

At 07:57 PM 12/8/97 EST, you wrote:
>Dear John,
>Today I received a letter from my congressman, Alan Mollohan, thanking me
>for contacting his office about the harmonization issue. He attached
>what he asserts is a copy of the harmonization language of the conference
>report. However, this attachment does not include (c) (5). It ends at
>(c) (4). In other words it does not include: "(5) Paragraphs (1)
>through (4) shall not apply with respect to products defined in Section
>I assume that this may be because Congressman Mollohan left Washington
>early before he saw the final version of the conference report. Or am I
>mistaken about something?

It sounds as if he hasn't seen the final version.

>I have a letter drafted to Mollohan urging him to co-sponsor HR 2868. I
>am glad that I have not mailed it yet because I will now have to insert a
>paragraph in the beginning of this letter about this mix-up.

Always good to keep them on their toes. Thanks for urging cosponsorship of HR 2868. Ron Paul's office faxed me a copy of the "Dear Colleague" letter that they are going to circulate when Congress reconvenes at the end of January. I faxed them back offering to typeset it in larger type so as to be more visually impacting, as well as easier for consumers to fax around to a lot of people without the problem of blurring due to the type being too small. I also think they might consider a few changes in the letter which I will suggest. They have been hearing from some congressional offices about this bill, which is a good sign because it means that a fairly large number of people have been calling in asking their congressmen to cosponsor. We need to reach out to the largest possible number of people on this issue prior to Congress's return at the end of January.

Right now I am busy doing data entry on the email addresses of a huge number of vitamin companies. In February, I am going to conduct a poll of most of the vitamin manufacturers in the United States who have email, and will publish the results of the poll on my website. The purpose of the poll will be to do the following:

1) See if the company will sign an endorsement for HR 2868, and if not, why not. I want to see which companies consumers can and cannot trust. I want to see which companies are willing to stand behind the first amendment of our constitution, and which are not. I might send my poll more than once, specifically targetting any company that doesn't respond the first go-around in order to be fair to them. I will make it very clear that any company which doesn't respond to the poll will be considered by default, to be against the first amendment, and against consumers, and that I intend to call for an international boycott against their products. I will make it very clear that I intend to massively disseminate the results of the poll.

2) Gauge the companies grasp of why it is not in the best interests of either the industry, or consumers, for the "special panel of experts" to be formed in accordance with the Final Report of the Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels to judge OTC drug claims for herbs. These questions will illustrate the dire need of HR 2868, which goes diametrically against the plans of the European-American Phytomedicines Coalition to push herbs across the line from food- to DRUG. (The move to facilitate the making of therapeutic claims via the OTC category is only their FIRST step. These bastards want control of the N.American market, and it would come at the expense of consumers- AND of any company that lacks the resources to jump through the FDA's hoops in order to get certified for OTC drug manufacturing.

3) Find out which companies will be filing Codex comments with the FDA prior to the deadline at the end of January. I am going to see if some companies would like to assist IAHF and also the Law Loft by contributing to the next submission of Codex comments.

4) Find out which companies will assist in a campaign to try to pressure the German government into WITHDRAWING their Codex proposal for vitamins and minerals. I want to flood certain German officials with email, faxes, letters and phone calls from all over the world in order to inform them that we consider their proposal to be a crime against humanity and that we DEMAND its IMMEDIATE withdrawal. I intend to keep this campaign up, if necessary, until, during, and AFTER the September '98 Codex meeting in Bonn. I hope to HAMMER them ESPECIALLY right before the meeting, and if they don't ACT RIGHT, I intend to PUMMEL THE EVERLASTING HELL out of them after the meeting, urging a boycott of German goods and services world wide, if necessary. We consumers have more clout than we realize. Its just a matter of figuring out ways to organize more effectively. I intend to compile a list of German companies, travel agencies, airlines etc. in order to massively publicize our boycott and to educate people world wide on this issue. I also intend to boycott a lot of major pharmaceutical firms such as Rhone Polenc in France, and in other countries which support the German proposal.

>Will put a copy of Congressman Mollohan's letter and its attachment in
>the U.S. mail to you tomorrow. In the meantime, is there anything you
>want to straighten me out on?
>Adele Wilson

No- thanks for your help Adele. Please tell other people about my email distribution list and encourage them to visit my website. We all need to stick together. The no good rotten herb companies that are defecating on consumers by forming offshore partnerships with drug companies are going to have to realize that WE, not THEY call the shots, and that THEY exist to SERVE US, not the other way around. They can run, but they CAN'T HIDE, because WE can vote with our FEET and STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

The attorneys for the European-American Phytomedicines Coalition in Washington don't want us to know who is in their Coalition, but it is going to be increasingly easy to TELL who these traitor companies are. We are going to ferret out the traitors, and make them UNDERSTAND that we don't take kindly to their deceipt or to their GREED!!! Every American vitamin company is FREE to NOT BACK HR 2868, but those who don't back it are going to lose customers, its as simple as that. We have a Constitution in America, and it is MORE than just a piece of paper. It is a living, breathing document, bought and paid for IN BLOOD by people who BELIEVE in freedom. Are we WORTHY of their sacrifice? Sometimes I wonder.

There are some who call me a fanatic, but I don't care. They haven't been through what I have at the hands of the Drug Cartel, so they don't understand how empowered I feel by taking this stand. Thats ok. They don't have to understand, all they have to do is ACT RIGHT, and WE are going to HELP THEM to SEE that we MEAN BUSINESS, because its THEIR CHOICE-- if they want OUR BUSINESS, they are going to have to EARN our TRUST, and not hit us with platitudinous GARBAGE about how much they have (allegedly) done in the PAST for the cause of health freedom, because YESTERDAY IS GONE, and all that matters is what they are doing NOW. Do they want our trust? Its simple: they can back HR 2868, and they can STOP forming alliances with German Naturkind (Phytopharmaceutical) companies, and they can STOP hob nobbling with entities such as the Drug Information Association.

Please forward this message to others who may want to join in on some synergistic brainstorming. Together, we are going to win! Anyone can be added to this distribution list by sending email with the word "ADD" in the subject line. Please send your contribution in to IAHF

John Hammell

December 9, 1997

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