From: USCMike1 <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 22:53:10 EST
Subject: Definite Plan to stop the U.N. and the NWO in its tracks!
Organization: AOL (
Dear Patriots:
     Yes I do have some plans that I am developing right now on how to counter
the takeover of the U.S. by the NWO through the U.N.  You have known about the
U.N. and the NWO and their plans for some time now but they are no longer
plans.  They are activating them at this very moment and expect to take over
the entire globe shortly.  Please read the following for the details.  (This
information was forwarded to me by Eco-Logic - [see]).
     But, yesterday was eye opening because of the U.N.'s lastest announcement
that it is reorganizing its structure, philosophy, and methodology.  Now it
considers that ALL SOVEREIGN nations are NO LONGER SOVEREIGN in the eyes of
the U.N. and therefore, EACH and ALL FORMERLY SOVEREIGN nations MUST
voluntarily and militarily DISARM themselves and obediently bow down to the
United Nations organization as their SUPREME worldwide governing body.
     The U.N. has hired a treacherous ghoul by the name of Maurice strong "to
redefine national sovereignty, demilitarize national capabilities, and
DISREGARD the PROTEST of UNCIVIL society - read:  organizations NOT ACCREDITED
by the United Nations."
     In their 95 page preliminary document, the U.N. is spearheading not only
the reformation of the United Nations organization but, with all nations
automatically and INVOLUNTARILY relinquishing their sovereignty, and with all
INDIVIDUALS within its new global, unboundaried community.  The U.N. plans to
accomplish its goals via a system of comprehensive security through total
worldwide disarmament, demobilization, and demilitarizaton. (Brutal military
     To insure COMPLIANCE with the new U.N. directives, it has already
developed and put into place a new International Criminal Court with a "panel
of procecutors,"  who will be free to investigate within the (former)
sovereign borders of member states - without interference from national,
state, or local governments.  In fact, there will be NO MORE nations, states,
governments, or political boundaries, just U.N. redefined regions, all under
U.N. control.
     Additionally, all of this reformation "is occurring daily with the
blessings and staunch assistance of the Clinton/Gore Administration and many
members of Congress."
     The U.N. has created over 130 agencies, commissions, committees, and
funds and more than 300 environmental treaties through which they plan on
implementing and enforcing their new world government.  Listed here are some
of the more familiar ones:
United Nations Center for Human Settlements - HABITAT
United Nations Environment Program - UNEP
Untied Nations Development Program - UNDP
United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF
United Nations Population Fund - UNFPA
North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO
United Nations Security Council
United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research - UNIDIR
United Nations Conference on Disarmament
United Nations Conference on Trade and Develolpment - UNCTAD
United Nations Convention on Climate Change
United Nations on Biological Diversity
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
United Nations Convention on Chemical Weapons
United Nations Convention on the International Criminal Court
United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination
 Against Women
United Nations Convention on World Heritage Sites
United Nations World Wide Biosphere Reserve Network
United Nations RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands
United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
United Nations Ecosystem Management Policy
United Nations American Heritage Rivers Initiative
United Nations Sustainable Communities Initiative
. . . ad nauseam . . . . (to nausea, to disgust, to a sickening extreme)
     All of these above listed U.N. programs "now dominate domestic policy in
the United States," fostered by Clinton and both Democrats and Republicans in
political office.
     Under the reformed scheme, some of the NEW United Nations' governmental
offices will be:
The Peace and Security Department
Department of Political Affairs
Peacekeeping Operations
Department of Disarmament and Arms Regulations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention
    Since the current United Nations Charter does not authorize it to maintain
its own standing army, amendments are being prepared to its charter right now
as a part of this reformation of the U.N. to allow it to immediately implement
a permanent military force and eventually be the ONLY armed military force in
the entire world.
     And to prove to you that the United States government has been planning
and pushing for this United Nations controlled New World Order takeover for
over 30 years, I can send you a copy of the United States' plan published by
U.S. State Department under the John F. Kennedy Administration that delineates
the total disarmament of all citizens, police, and U.S. military forces and
all other nations of the world and for ONLY the United Nations to have any
weapons and military and police forces.
     And along with all the other policies - initiated, implemented, and
enforced - by the United Nations, this is defacto* global governance.  We all
allowed this to occur not as an instantaneous event but a process over many
years which will culminate within the next 24 months.  (*defacto . . .
existing or being such in actual fact though not by legal establishment or by
official recognition, ie., illegal.)
     Here's the clincher!  The defacto United Nations organization says enough
of its policies will be in place and operating throughout the world, along
with its current restructuring, to make its global governance an established
fact and a reality in the year 2000 (A.D. - anno Domini - year of our LORD -
my description, NOT theirs).  The U.N. plans on selecting up to 600 people
world wide from NGOs (NON-governmental organizations, of course, because there
will be NO governments except that of the United Nations) to meet as a NEW
ASSEMBLY of the PEOPLE (those chosen to RULE the WORLD under U.N. auspices).
This first meeting, where the NEW United Nations DECREES that it has just
taken over the world will take place before a special "Millennium" session of
the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2000.
   "Well, that's all folks!"  We have all wondered when the beginning of the
end would come.  This is it!  And we have only less than 23 months (if they
don't spring it on us sooner!) of the rest of our entire lives to do something
about it.  I have an organized plan that will work with your help to stop it
dead in its tracks!  Do you have a plan?
     Here is something to think about.  Our United States Constitution
provides for ONLY Congress to make laws but, the Supreme Court through is
illegal and unconstitutional "precedent setting" decisions, and Clinton with
his illegal and unconstitutional "Executive Orders" have legislated the laws
of our land and bypassed Congress and We The People.
     What's more, only the President of the United States can make treaties
with foreign sovereign nations (but the United Nations is NOT a sovereign
nation or even a legitimate power) and it is the Presidents, including
Clinton, who have signed hundreds of U.N. treaties where he has placed the
United States and We The People UNDER the control of this FOREIGN HOSTILE
ILLEGITIMATE POWER - an ENEMY and has already turned over to U.N. control vast
land areas and many American social institutions and daily activities of we
citizens, and our very own Senatorial Congress has ratified most of them.
    Our U.S. Constitution says that these treaties are illegal, null, and void
if they violate ANY part of our Constitution or are REPUGNANT to it but, our
federal government tries to tell us that "NO, these treaties become the LAW of
the LAND and SUPERCEDE our U.S. Constitution."
     What do you think citizens and Patriots?  Can a U.S. President (executive
branch of checks and balances) enact laws that ONLY the Congress (legislative
branch of checks and balances) can enact?  Can the Supreme Court (judicial
branch of checks and balances) enact laws by "precedent setting decisions"
that ONLY the Congress can enact?  Where have the checks and balances gone if
this is true?  Who has bought off Congress?
     Well, for those of you who say,  "Ah, well, I don't really know!" let me
tell you:  NO!, it is NOT true, and NO! it is TOTALLY ILLEGAL!  You know, all
of these laws are illegally enacted and unconstitutional!  They are NULL and
VOID but will be enforceable if you don't confront the Congress and the
Administration immediately and get them all erased.
    Let me ask you all only two questions, and then give you some definitions
before you answer,O.K?
     1- What do you call a person who aids and abets the enemy and hands over
our nation into the hands of a foreign power?
     2-  What do you call the act of such a person?
     Definitions according to Webster's New World College Dictionary (of the
American English Language, c. 1996):
     TRAITOR:  One who betrays, to hand over, betray, see TREASON.  A person
who betrays his or her country, cause, friends, etc.  One GUILTY of TREASON or
     TREACHERY:  Trickery, to cheat.  Betrayal of trust, faith, or allegiance,
perfidy, disloyalty, or treason.
     DISLOYAL:  Not loyal or faithful, faithless.
     FAITHLESS:  Not keeping faith, dishonest, disloyal, unreliable,
undependable lacking faith, unbelieving.  Faithless:  implies failure to
adhere as to an OATH or obligation, False: in this connection more or less
synonymous with faithless, stresses failure in devotion to someone or
something that has a moral claim to one's support, Disloyal: implies a breach
of allegiance to a person, cause, institution, Traitorous: strictly implies
the commission of treason, Treacherous: suggests an inclination or tendency to
betray a trust, Perfidious: adds to the meaning of treacherous a connotation
of sordidness or depravity.
     SORDID:  Filthy, base, black, dirty, squalid, depressingly wretched,
ignoble, mean, mercenary, avaricious, grasping, or meanly selfish.
     PERFIDY:  Faithless, (to deceive) through faith.  The deliberate breaking
of faith, betrayal of trust, treachery.
     TREASON:  To give or deliver over or up.  Betrayal of trust or faith,
treachery. Violation of the allegiance owed to one's sovereign or state,
betrayal of one's country, specifically, in the U.S. (as declared in the
Constitution) consisting only in the levying of war against the U.S. or in
giving aid and comfort to its enemies.  Synonym:  sedition.
    ALLEGIANCE:  A formal declaration, to bind.  The obligation of support and
loyalty to one's ruler, government, or country.  Allegiance: refers to the
duty of a citizen to the government or a similarly felt obligation to support
a cause or leader.  Fidelity: implies strict adherence to an abligation or
trust, Loyalty: suggests a steadfast devotion of an unquestioning kind that
one may feel for one's family, friends, or country, Fealty: suggests
faithfulness that one has sworn to uphold.
     BETRAY:  To hand over, see TREASON.  To help the enemy of (one's country,
cause, etc.), to be a traitor to, to deliver or expose to an enemy
traitorously, to break faith with, fail to meet the hopes of, to lead astray,
deceive, specifically t oseduce and then desert, to disclose (secret
information, confidential plans, etc.).
     ABET:  To incite, to bait, to sanction , or help, especially, in
     This is a government, of, by, and for the people.  The leaders in office
are NOT the government. They are there solely at our pleasure. We The People
are the government.  Therefore, if any person, including,  elected or
appointed leaders and officials try to convince the People otherwise and if
these persons or leaders rebel against (and try to dissolve) our original
United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of
Independence, then they, the leaders, have committed a heinous act.
     SEDITION:  a going apart, the stirring up of discontent, resistance, or
rebellion against the government in power, revolt, rebellion.  Sedition:
applies to anything regarded by a government as stirring up resistance or
rebellion against it and implies that the evidence is not overt or absolute,
Treason:  implies an overt act in violation of the allegiance owed to one's
state. specifically, a levying war against it or giving aid or comfort to its
     Remember this citizens and Patriots, WE the PEOPLE ARE the GOVERNMENT.
Are there any persons, leaders, and officials you know of who are planning and
even accomplishing a rebellion against our original and existing documents of
our nation's existence?  Are there any persons, leaders, and officials who are
planning for and are preparing for the handing over of our United States of
America into the hands of foreign, hostile, illegitimate powers?
     Now, please scroll back up to those two questions I asked you to answer
earlier.  Here they are again in case you can't find them:
     1- What do you call a person who aids and abets the enemy and hands over
our nation into the hands of a foreign power? - TRAITOR!
     2-  What do you call the act of such a person? - TREASON!
     Here is a reproduction of The Constitution of the United States, Article
3, Section 3:
     "Treason against the United states, shall consist only in levying War
against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.
No person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two
Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confesson in open Court.
     "The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but
no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except
during the Life of the Person attainted."
     Citizens and Patriots, the United Nations and its NEWLY REFORMED United
Nations is the ENEMY of We The People who are the government of these United
States of America.   Which persons, leaders, and elected and appointed
officials, do you know, who serve We The People, the true government of these
United States of America, have, and are planning to, commit Treason and
Sedition against us?
     Has the true government of We The People of the United States of America
in its history ever convicted anyone of TREASON against the People of the
United States of America?   YES!   What was the penalty?   DEATH!  Are any
persons, leaders, and elected and appointed officials committing and planning
to commit TREASON against the true government of We The People of these United
States of America?  YES!
     What are We The People, the true government of these United States of
America going to do about it?  Are we going to allow these persons, leaders,
and elected and appointed officials to continue to perpetrate these heinous
crimes against us?  Are we going to allow the illegal and non-sovereign United
Nations to step in and take us over?
     Here is what we do:
     1-  First, establish for a fact that the Presidential Executive Orders
that become law without the legislation of Congress are UNconstitutional.
Bring it to open public debate and into the courts and into the Congress for
     2-  Second, establish for a fact that the Supreme Court's "precedent
setting decisions" that become law without the legislation of Congress are
illegal and UNconstitutional.  Bring it to open public debate and into the
courts and into the Congress for debate.
     3-  Third, establish for a fact that the United Nations is a foreign,
hostile, illegal, illegitimate, non-nation of people, NON-sovereign  power
that threatens the existence of We The People, the true government of these
United States of America.  Bring it to open public debate and into the courts
and into the Congress for debate.
     4-  Fourth, If the courts and the Congress are too corrupt to debate
these issues fairly then We The People, the true government of these United
States of America, MUST establish our own common courts of law to debate these
     5-  Fifth, all of us citizens, We The People, the true government of
these United States of America, MUST put these persons, leaders, and elected
and appointed officials, who serve at OUR pleasure, ON NOTICE to either
IMMEDIATELY CEASE and DESIST ALL activities toward the illegal and
UNconstitutional establishment of of  laws enacted without the legislation of
Congress . . .
. . .and toward the admission and acceptance of the dictates of the the United
Nations and the NEWLY REFORMED United Nations and their plans to establish
themselves as the ULTIMATE and ONLY power in the world which has plans to
DISSOLVE the  SOVEREIGNTY of ALL Nations of the world, and which persons and
leaders and elected and appointed officials, serving at the pleasure of We The
People, the true government, plan on handing over to the United Nations these
lands and Peoples of the United States of America to be governed by and under
the power and control of the United Nations . . .
. . . or if these persons, leaders and elected and appointed officials REFUSE
to IMMEDIATELY CEASE and DESIST their actions in this regard then they will be
subject to IMMEDIATE United States Constitutional and legal action against
them by We The People, the true government of these United States of America.
     6-  If you are interested in the further steps of action to be taken
against the efforts of the United Nations and certain persons, leaders and
elected and appointed officials who serve at the pleasure of We The People,
the true government of the Constitutional United States of America, then
please e-mail me for the details and advise me if you or any Constitutional
Patriotic group you are associated with have developed any plans in that
regard so that we may combine our mutual efforts to SAVE our NATION from
imminent destruction.
   Sincerely,  USCMike1
   Michael Johnson