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Citalopram Hydrobromide Price (Celexa), Citalopram 8 Months - *
"It (the UN Charter) was patterned to some extent upon the Constitution of
the Soviet Republic, frequently paraphrasing the wording of that document
..... A perusal of articles 43 to 51, inclusive, will reveal the fact that
it was designed as an instrument of force."
     Hon. John T. Wood of Idaho before U.S. Flag Committee, New York, 10
October 1951
The expanding power of a UN military dictatorship is obvious. Many people
have become aware of this threat to life and liberty - yet Americans are
gripped by a paralysis of indecision which inhibits effective action to
defeat the surrender program of the Planners.
Intent of the surrender program becomes shockingly apparent in a study of
the office of the UN Undersecretary for Political and Security Council
It is highly important to remember that the occupant of this critical UN
military post is also the Executive Officer of the Security Council. He
heads the armed forces of the United Nations including those in Korea and
Viet Nam, for example.
The UN military post of Political and Security Affairs is consistantly
awarded to a Soviet Communist.
Although Americans appear to be unmoved by the fact that their sons serve
under the command of a Soviet Communist, this complacency is not due to
lack of information. In fact, the NEW YORK TIMES, in an article headed,
"Russian Named to High UN Post", dated 22 May 1963, put it this way:
"The post for Political and Security Council Affairs traditionally has been
held by a Soviet national. The Undersecretary," said the TIMES, "is a
senior advisor to the Secretary General."
This UN Undersecretary certainly is a "Senior Advisor". He is the
Commander-in-Chief of the UN Army.
The year books of the United Nations from 1946 through 1951 confirm the NEW
YORK TIMES article. And, to keep the record straight, we will list the
appointees to this position since the beginning of the United Nations. Here
they are:
1946 - 1949  Arkady Alexandrovich           Sobolev (USSR)
1949 - 1953  Constantine E. Zinchenko       (USSR)
1953 - 1954  Ilya S. Tchernychev            (USSR)
1955 - 1957  Dragoslav Protich              (Yugoslavia)
1958 - 1959  Anatoly Dobrynin               (USSR)
1960 - 1962  Georgy Petrovich Arkadev       (USSR)
1962 - 1963  Eugeney D. Kiselev             (USSR)
1963 -         Vladimir Pavlovich Suslov    (USSR)
Many leading Americans have voiced anxiety and horror at the constant
appointment of Communists to fill the UN military post of Undersecretary
for Political and Security Affairs. All have expressed great alarm over the
power which this Undersecretary exercises over our armed forces.
One who clearly recognized the concealed purposes of the United Nations
Security Council was the late Congressman Usher L. Burdick, of North Dakota.
On 17 January 1957, Representative Burdick delivered a penetrating speech
on the floor of the House which he titled, "The Russians are and will
continue to be on the inside of any military action taken by the Security
Council of the United Nations". In this important talk, Mr. Burdick said:
"This means that since the Security Council was organized, the Russians,
through the Secretary, have had close touch with all military plans. The
directives to MacArthur and the reports coming from him," said the
Congressman, "passed through the hands of this Secretary. Now can you
realize what MacArthur was up against in trying to win the Korean War?"
Since 1957, when Congressman Burdick warned of this danger, the United
Nations has accelerated its usurpation of military power for subversive
purposes. Today the United Nations Security Council is a prime
instrumentality for global conquest.
This war-making capability is, of course, exactly what the authors of the
United Nations Charter intended.
We need not speculate on how the Soviet gained control of the UN Army for
fortunately there is a record of events which set the policy for a
Communist being consistantly appointed as Undersecretary for Political and
Security Affairs. On page 45 of his book, IN THE CAUSE OF PEACE, Mr. Trygve
Lie, first Secretary General of the United Nations said:
"Mr. Vyshinsky did not delay in this approach. He was the first to inform
me of an understanding which the Big Five had reached in London on the
appointment of a Soviet national as Assistant Secretary General for
Political and Security Affairs."
Further proof of the international collusion which placed a Communist in
supreme command of the United Nations Armed Forces is contained in a letter
written by Mr. Wallace Irwin, Jr., Director of Public Services, United
Nations. In responding to an inquiry concerning Soviet control of US
military forces by Admiral de la Houssaye, Sons of the American Revolution,
Mr. Irwin said in a letter dated 7 April 1961:
".... both Mr. Stettinius and the French stressed that their agreement to
the Soviet Post was a limited one, designed to get the Secretariat off to a
good start. It was not understood," Mr. Irwin declared, "that a permanent
lien on the office of the Assistant Secretary for Security Council Affairs
was granted to the Soviet Union."
Then Mr. Irwin went on to say:
"As far as practice is concerned, it is true that from the beginning this
particular Assistant Secretary General .... has been a Soviet national."
Thus, in his amazing letter, Mr. Irwin admits that the Commander-in-Chief
of all United Nations Armed Forces, including ours, has always been a
In a concluding thrust, Irwin attempted to justify this shocking situation
with these words:
"This (the selection of a succession of Communists to fill the
Undersecretary post) is a matter entirely within the authority of the
Secretary General, whose basic guidance in the selection of the staff and
in the determination of the conditions of service shall be the necessity of
securing the highest standards of efficiency, competence, and integrity."
Well - it may be that by UN standards only Soviet nationals have the
efficiency, competence, and integrity to take charge of the military of all
nations, including ours. But, their standards are not our standards and I
denounce the men and the system which has forced our whole military
establishment into this intolerable position.
       Chapter III, VICTORY DENIED (1966) by LtCol (then Major) Archibald E
       Roberts. Out of Print.
The people, source of all political power, are responsible for instructing
State elected officials to direct their agents in Washington to confine the
functions of government to limitations defined in the Constitution of the
United States.
Expose and neutralize the men and the system engaged in a conspiracy to
overthrow the Constitution and erect a United Nations 'new world order' on
ruins of the Republic.
Join the magnificent crusade to terminate United Nations operations in
America and recover billions of tax-dollars illegally paid to the United
Nations by Congress.
Committee to Restore the Constitution will provide you with operational
details to accomplish your mission:
A.  How to instruct your State lawmakers to introduce "A Resolution
relating to United States military forces and the United Nations;
memorializing Congress to cease certain activities concerning the United
Nations". (Oklahoma Resolution #1047)
B.  How to instruct your State lawmakers to direct the State Attorney
General to file in the Supreme Court of the United States "A Complaint for
Declaratory Judgement, Injunctive and Other Equitable Relief", against the
Secretary General, United Nations, under authority of 'Original
Jurisdiction' Article III, section 2, Constitution of the United States.
Brief prepared by Judge J.J. Boesel, ret.
Transform 'spectatorship' to 'participation' in the campaign to restore the
Constitution as the 'law of the land'. Send self-addressed, stamped #10
(business) envelope. Ask for March 1997
Committee bulletin #422.
Archibald E Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director
Post Office Box 986  Fort Collins, Colorado  USA  80522