Boycott GNC- They are Consorting with Monsanto Harlots- Here is Proof

Why is GNC forming joint ventures with Monsanto, the killers who brought us
Aspartame, Bovine Growth Hormone, and who now want to bring us genetically
engineered food with rat genes and human genes spliced onto our bananas and
tomatoes??? Is NOTHING sacred anymore? Lets vote with our FEET. I will
never shop in a GNC store again. To HELL with 'em! The term "nutraceutical"
was unleashed on the world by a true enemy of health freedom: Dr.Stephen
DeFelice, one of the greediest people who ever breathed air, in my opinion.
I'm ashamed to say that he is from my home state, New Jersey, which is also
home to a slew of multinational pharmaceutical companies. I have been
engaged in internecine warfare against these criminals since I was a kid
and CIBA-Geigy used to pollute the Passaic River where I used to try to
catch fish. They are anti God, and anti LIFE, have no illusions. Vote with
your feet: boycott Monsanto and GNC, and don't buy any of their DHA, or
anything else of theirs. - John Hammell, February 3, 1998

Friday January 30 6:25 PM EST

Are Nutraceuticals The Future Of Food?

By Kathleen Spiessbach

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Nutraceuticals, or bioengineered food products
intended to provide specific health benefits, are currently under
development in industrial
research laboratories with a view toward a new health-centered supermarket
of the future.

At a press conference in New York City on Friday sponsored by General
Nutrition Companies, Inc.(GNC), substances ranging from dietary supplements to
nutritionally enhanced vegetables, grains, eggs, and meats were touted as a
potential boon for disease prevention and healthful living. However, some
experts say the
risks inherent in the genetic remodeling of foods and consumer preference
for "natural" items may pose persistent problems in the mass marketing of

Proponents of the fortified products are optimistic. "We're asking, 'is
there a way that we can delay the onset of diseases, maybe reduce the
symptoms and improve
the quality of life through better nutrition? We believe that
(nutraceuticals are) a viable scientific and business proposition," Diana
L. Twyman of Monsanto
Corporation told reporters at the conference.

Citing increased consumer awareness of the link between diet and health,
OmegaTech, Inc. President Mark Braman said that the food industry is
"moving beyond
reducing the negative (components) in foods such as fat and cholesterol,
with a focus on adding healthful components back into food.... Imagine a
where each food category is subdivided (for) those consumers who have back
problems, are at risk for cardiovascular disease, obesity, arthritis or
other diseases.
Imagine great tasting foods that... help protect the body from major
diseases and environmental damage."

One example is an egg enriched with docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, a fatty
acid important in the functioning of the nervous system, heart, and brain.
"This egg
delivers nine times more DHA ...than a regular egg," asserted Braman.
OmegaTech plans to market the egg in the US soon.

"We're on the steep end of the learning curve about health benefits and
issues associated with foods and supplements," said Dr. Mark Dreher,
director of scientific
nutrition affairs at Nabisco, Inc. "The relationship between diet and
health is complex and in many areas a scientific consensus does not exist,"
he added, stressing the
need for government and industry "to assess the scientific basis for safe
food products and ingredients that provide significant health benefits."

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