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>Subject: - Important Seed Sterilization
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>Subject: - Important Seed Sterilization
>>From Ed Loop-
>Subject: Non-Ed - Important:  Seed Sterilization
>This ties into what I sent out yesterday and in truth is a thinly disguised
>attempt, along with others, to control the global food supply.  Not only
>will it control seed sourcing but will also control who grows what and
>where, at the expense of the small farmer.  This is part of global
>government control.  Fred
>Date:  Tue, 29 Sep 1998 16:12:38 -0800
>Subject:  Terminator: RAFI Launches Mail Campaign
>       Help Stop the Terminator
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>Monsanto in Closed Negotiations with the US Department of Agriculture to
>Finalize Control of Terminator Technology
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Monsanto is moving swiftly to finalize its control over
> the Terminator technology.  The company may extract an
> exclusive license from the US Department of Agriculture
> (USDA) within weeks.   RAFI is initiating an urgent
> internet-based international campaign to stop the USDA -
> Monsanto negotiations before it's too late.  A special
> WWW page has been set up at
> to enable anyone with internet access to send a customized
> message to the USDA asking it to cease negotiations and
> bury this anti-farmer, anti-biodiversity technology.
> Additional contact details are provided below.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
>A Monsanto subsidiary, Delta & Pine Land (D&PL),  is currently negotiating
>with the USDA to exclusively license the US Government's interest in the
>controversial Terminator technology patent, a genetic technique that
>renders farm-saved seed sterile. The seed-sterilizing technology -
>developed with US taxpayer dollars - will prevent farmers from saving seed
>from their harvest, forcing them to return to the commercial seed market
>every year.
>The Terminator patent (US # 5,723,765) is jointly owned by D&PL and the
>USDA.  Under US law, since D&PL worked with USDA to develop the technology,
>the company has the option to negotiate an exclusive license.  Hoping to
>find a gullible international public, Monsanto's PR machine in Brussels,
>New Delhi, Harare, St. Louis, and points in between, are massaging jittery
>governments and publicly trying to distance the company from the Terminator
>technology by referring to it as "conceptual" and "not yet proven."   But
>the company's move to negotiate an exclusive license with USDA confirms
>that Monsanto is eager to commercialize Terminator seeds.
>Despite international controversy boiling over in at least two UN agencies
>rather than engage in public dialog, a leaked internal memo by Deputy
>Administrator K. Darwin Murrell reveals that USDA hopes to quietly manage
>controversy over the patent.    The memo warns USDA employees that
>Terminator research is "a sensitive issue that requires an extra level of
>review" to help "avoid potential political and legal pitfalls." But the
>USDA insists that the Terminator is a beneficial technology and confirms
>that its scientists are themselves interested in developing the seed
>sterilizing technique as platform to host a package of "stacked" traits in
>genetically engineered plants.
>RAFI invites you to join an international e-mail campaign being initiated
>today to protest the licensing and commercial development of the Terminator
>technology.  RAFI has set up a special web page
>( that automatically sends a customized
>e-mail to US Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman (also see address
>information below).  We urge you to write to US Department of Agriculture
>officials to demand that USDA cease licensing negotiations and abandon all
>international patent applications on a dangerous and immoral technology
>that should never see the commercial light of day.
>RAFI is urging government institutions to hold public inquiries on the
>alarming rate of seed industry consolidation, and to take steps to
>safeguard - not eliminate - the fundamental right of farmers to save seed
>and breed crops.
>RAFI is also calling for protest over the fact that public research funds
>were used to develop a technology that will bring no agronomic benefit to
>farmers, and no benefits to consumers.  The Terminator technology is
>designed simply to increase seed industry profits by forcing farmers to
>return to the commercial seed market every year.
>Global Issue
>The potential impact of the Terminator technology goes far beyond US
>borders. It is an international issue, with global implications. Delta &
>Pine Land says that it will target the use of Terminator seeds in the
>South, where over 1.4 billion people - primarily poor farmers - depend on
>farm-saved seed as their primary seed source. Monsanto, which recently
>merged with American Home Products, is the world's second largest seed
>corporation and the number one agrochemical corporation.
>The owners of the Terminator patent have indicated that they will apply for
>patents in 87 countries worldwide. The patent is pending at the European
>Patent Office, in Canada, Australia, Japan and South Africa. USDA should be
>asked to abandon all international patent applications, and to revoke
>Terminator patents that have already issued, on the basis of public
>morality as provided in Article 27(2) of GATT TRIPS.
>The Terminator technology is the subject of controversy and debate
>worldwide. For example:
> In May, the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological
>Diversity (COP IV) recommended that the precautionary principle be applied
>to the Terminator technology. COP IV also directed its scientific body to
>examine the technology's impact on farmers and biodiversity.  In light of
>the Biodiversity Convention's ongoing assessment, USDA should cease
>negotiations that will lead to its commercial development.
> India's agriculture minister Som Pal told the Indian parliament in August
>that he has banned the import of seeds containing the terminator gene
>because of the potential harm to Indian agriculture.
> By majority vote, the Dutch Parliament recently moved to oppose the
>European Patent Directive by appealing to the European Court of Justice.
>The Terminator patent is one of the key issues that prompted the Dutch to
>renew objections to the Patent Directive that was passed by the European
>Parliament earier this year.
>Negotiations between USDA and Monsanto are now underway, it is important to
>act now! Stop Monsanto's bid to license and control the dangerous
>Terminator technology. E-mail messages and/or faxes should be sent to the
>following USDA officials and members of Congress. To see sample letters,
>and automatic sending options, go to RAFI's web site:
>The Honorable Dan Glickman,
>Secretary of Agriculture
>United States Department of Agriculture
>200-A Whitten Bldg.
>1400 Independence Ave., SW
>Washington  DC  20250
>tel: 202 720-3631
>fax: 202 720-2166
>Dr. Floyd P. Horn, Administrator
>USDA Agricultural Research Service
>302-A Whitten Building
>1400 Independence Ave., SW
>Washington  DC  20250
>Tel: 202 720-3656
>Fax: 202 720-5427
>The Honorable Robert F. Smith, Chair
>House Agriculture Committee
>1126 Longworth Bldg.
>Washington  DC  20515-3702
>Tel: 202 225-6730
>Fax: 202 225-0917
>The Honorable Richard G. Lugar, Chair
>Senate Agriculture Committee
>306 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
>Washington  DC  20510-1401
>Tel: 202 224-4814
>Fax: 202 224-1725
>Mary Denham, State Coordinator    Take Back Arkansas, Inc.
>2167 N.  Porter Rd.  Fayetteville,  AR  72704
>Fax  501/521-1724   Pho  501/521-1933
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