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Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 12:36:19 -0500
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Subject: Freemasonry a Benevolent Force for Good? Codex Viewed Against
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My grandfather was a high ranking member of the Free and Accepted Masons, and I take personal offense at your obviously ignorant conclusion that he was a bad person for it.

Freemasonry's basic tenets are: brotherly love (tolerance, respect, kindness and understanding of others, especially to their Masonic Brothers); relief (caring for the whole community through philanthropy); and truth (morals).

If you value the truth, you'll stop spreading rumors.

Interesting. Tom, I never drew ANY conclusion about your grandfather, who I have never met, and who you have never even told me about! You are reacting emotionally and if you take the time to examine Freemasonry, as I have, what you will find is as follows, and it will help you to understand the level of manipulation we are experiencing from the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission as we seek to maintain access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range:

The vast majority of Freemasons know nothing about the All Seeing Eye, the Luciferic Consciousness which permeates the top strata of Free Masonry. There is a huge amount of compartmentalization within the Masons. At each stage the initiate is told a little more about the true nature of Freemasonry and the real game plan. Those who have reached the 33rd degree are on a different planet in terms of what they know, compared with Masons on the bottom 3 levels. The men who go down to the local Freemasons Lodge in your local community will not have a clue what their organization is being used for. They have to be kept in the dark if the plan is to work and what better way of doing this than to use those distinct levels of initiation.

Only those considered to be "acceptable" progress to higher levels and find out what is really going on. The vast majority of Freemasons are on the bottom three levels. These are th fodder and the front. Between the 4th and the 33rd degrees, you find those with the "right mind" who have influence in society, right up to Presidents of the United States. Then you have the Illuminati levels which you will not see mentioned in any Freemasons guidebook. Those are the people who actually run the show and they are the agents of the All-Seeing-Eye Cult. World Freemasonry is a massive pyramid of manipulation.

For a very in depth analysis of Freemasonry which will help you to truly see what we are up against as we combat the Codex Commission's efforts to restrict us to untherapeutic dosage levels of vitamins and minerals, go to and read David Icke's book "And the Truth Shall Set You Free" It really is well written and provides people with the overview necessary to truly understand current world events as the effort to force us into a world government goes into overdrive.

Soon I will have a lot of footage from the Codex meeting in Berlin digitized and uploaded to the IAHF and LEF websites which will really help everyone on this list to see in concrete terms what I'm talking about. I've got people helping me upload this footage but they were slowed down by the Ft.Lauderdale Film Festival, for which they created a big website. We are up against an incredibly manipulative, non transparent process when we attempt to make our voices heard within the Codex Commission. They made me turn my camera off, Tom. They don't want you to see what goes on inside UN meetings.

I have footage of Dr.Yetley of the FDA totally ignoring letters from 5 members of Congress, including the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, who ordered her to remove the 2nd paragraph from the US Codex comments because they threaten to "harmonize" our dietary supplement laws with Europe's where dietary supplements are regulated as drugs and where consumer access is being increasingly restricted.

When I have all my footage from the Codex pre meeting of the US delegation and from the Codex meeting uploaded so you can see what I'm seeing, I'll let you know! In the meantime, it would make a lot of sense for you to check out what David Icke is saying in his book. You might think its all a load of horse manure, but even if you disagree with part of what he's saying, I guarantee it will stimulate your thinking in a lot of ways... Check it out... "And the Truth Shall Set You Free" Its one hell of a good read! can ship it UPS to your door inside of 2 days. Reading it will expand your mind in ways that the ruling elite _DEFINITLY_ don't want!

Will we get an oversight hearing in the next Congress which exposes what is happening at Codex? With the incredible level of corruption in the US government, it remains to be seen if we will get any sort of justice or not. I am doing everything humanly possible to expose what we're up against. I don't expect anyone on the IAHF distribution list to agree with everything I do or say, and yes, at times I alienate the hell out of some people and they request removal from the list. Can't please everyone, and only I can decide if I'm willing to possibly alienate people by putting out information of one sort or another. I don't have a Board of Directors or anyone else to censor me, so I do as I please, and say what I want. I enjoy the freedom of total, absolute, unfettered free speech, and am a Libertarian with an immense distrust of both major political parties in the United States, as well as the ruling elite in ALL countries, and the UN.

For the record, Harry Browne, a libertarian was elected President of Cyberspace, but I didn't vote for him, I voted for Charles Collins, an independent who used to be a Republocrat til the plug on his microphone was pulled at the straw poll in Maine the moment the words "New World Order" came out of his mouth. (After that, Collins was barred entry to the Convention Center in Orlando, Florida by Jeb Bush's band of criminals, because he refused to be scripted, and censored. He refused to buy into the Party Line. He tried to expose the corruption. Collins is a solid guy who cares deeply about the US Constitution. He drove all over America in a mobil home to campaign for President, even though he knew he had no chance to win. He did this because he is a man who stands on solid principles, and because he wants his grandchildren to know the truth about whats REALLY going on.

The Bush family is one of the most evil, most corrupt families on the planet. For more information about the Bush's, check out "America's Secret Establishment" An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones, by Anthony C. Sutton. ISBN 0-937765-02-3  You seem to feel that I am a right wing conservative. I'm not. I defy political pigeonholing. I told you I voted for Charles Collins for President, but I by no means agree with everything he espouses,and could easily have a rip roaring debate with him on a lot of things. I voted for him because he is an honest man who is trying to expose whats really going on. The "Right" and "Left" wings of government are nothing more than an illusion to keep the robots in line, and distracted... while a handful of people, operating behind the scenes, pull the strings- and the UN is their vehicle. If you take the time to look behind the facade, as I have, you will see this for yourself.

You will then understand what I mean when I tell you that there isn't a bit of difference between the Republicans and Democrats... they are just "team B" and team A" of the ruling elite who are engaging in a level of manipulation which is INCREDIBLY well organized, and I've been seeing it FIRST HAND at the 2 UN Codex meetings which I've attended in Germany. Go to and order a copy of "And the Truth Shall Set You Free" by David Icke-- its well worth the effort to check out carefully, and they'll ship it to your door in 2 days. Even though you are a staunch UN Supporter, and a staunch Clinton ally, you still owe it to yourself to check out what he is saying. I guarantee the book won't bore you. Thanks for taking the time to write your detailed views on things to me. We don't have to agree on everything in order to be heath freedom fighters.

People on the IAHF email distribution list come from every walk of life, from every imaginable political or religious persuasion, (or lack therof) from countries around the world. What joins us is that we are fed up with the lies and minipulation of the corporate scum who want to rob us of our right to ingest whatever we wish into our bodies, since they are OUR bodies, and don't belong to the state!

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