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IAHF List: A number of people on the list have been calling and writing
with questions about orthomolecular medicine, the nutritional approach that
enabled me to recover from the complex syndrome of imbalances which
mainstream medicine calls "schizophrenia." Below I am including a mssg I
just sent to one of the people who wrote wanting more information. Linus
Pauling coined the term "orthomolecular" in an article in Science magazine
in 1968 to define the work of Canadian Dr.s Hoffer and Osmond which excited
him greatly, and he lent the full weight of his scientific credability to
it after a careful examination. Pauling defined "orthomolecular" as meaning
"right molecule" and stated that it meant "to bring about a state of health
by balancing the concentration of natural substances that are normally
present in the human body: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements,
and hormones."

When Pauling got behind Hoffer and Osmond, the drug cartel went gonzo and
sought his scalp. He went from being the most in demand medical school
commencement speaker to a complete pariah, but this later changed as these
ideas were more accepted towards the end of his life and the med schools
started inviting him back once again. In 1972, the American Psychiatric
Assn. published a once and for all "hatchet job" against the work of Hoffer
and Osmond seeking to discredit orthomolecular medicine. Hoffer and Osmond
published a scholarly reply to this mine of misinformation a few years later.

The APA Task Force Report titled "Magavitamins and Orthomolecular Therapy
in Psychiatry" was so incredibly biased that it couldn't even SEEM to be
objective. They examined only negative studies, never positive ones, and
didn't include anyone with any experience with orthomolecular medicine on
their panel for the sake of debate within committee. They didn't properly
seek to try to duplicate Hoffer and Osmond's research, since their goal
from the start was to discredit. They included on their committee a social
milieu theorist, that is a person who has bought into a school of thought
which rejects ALL biochemical approaches to treatment. Obviously they
included this individual because NO amount of evidence could possibly
convince him that orthomolecular medicine worked! The chair of the
committee was hand picked by the APA due to his outspoken bias against
orthomolecular medicine and he hand picked the rest of the committee.


Orthomolecular lab work would enable anyone  to learn exactly which
nutrients they need most. We each have our own unique biochemistry, so what
has helped me might not be right for her. There can be many biochemical
causes of brain fog, depression, anxiety, paranoia, impaired memory.
I recommend that she call the Well Mind Assn. of Greater Washington (WMAGW)
at 301-949-8282 and get their list of orthomolecular MDs, then make an
appointment and get some lab work. Also recommend joining them to get their
newsletter, and list of books and tapes available by mailorder. Especially
recommend Pfeiffer's books "Mental and Elemental Nutrients" and "The
Schizophrenias Ours to Conquer", "The Way Up From Down" by Dr. Priscilla
Slagle is another good one. Also any book about clinical ecology- food
allergies, chemical sensitivities. Natalie Golos has a good one.

WMAGW is a great resource, and they deserve everyone's support as a non
profit organization which is truly helping a lot of people. They have
transcript on file of a speech I gave before them about my recovery, and
they also have similar transcripts from a lot of others as well. There is
help out there for people with depression, paranoia, auditory and visual
hallucinations, inablity to concentrate, etc. Its a terrible thing to be
trapped in a prison of pain. As a person who has escaped such a prison
through the healing power of micronutrients, I owe an unpayable debt of
gratitude to the many pioneers of orthomolecular medicine who risked their
careers to go out on a limb for the cause of truth.

The same info can be had from the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation in
Toronto at 416-733-2117. They also publish the Journal of Orthomolecular
Medicine and I strongly recommend that anyone reading this who is a med
school student, MD, naturopath, herbalist or acupuncturist subscribe. Their
website is at

I can't pay back Linus Pauling, Humphrey Osmond, Abram Hoffer, Carl
Pfeiffer, Bonnie Camo or the others. All I can do is tell people about
their work and hope that more people come to know the truth about the
healing power of nutrients, which were given to us all as gifts from a
benevolent Creator who loves us. The FDA and their international
counterparts and the multinational pharmaceutical industry are murdering an
awful lot of people by suppressing access to these nutrients and by
suppressing this information.

I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of those people when they have to answer
for doing these things.

 One other thing: oxygen. Oxygen is very important for all of us, but
especially for someone who is depressed. Your daughter needs to run, walk,
swim, sleep on a magnetic mattress (puts a negative charge on the red blood
cells so they repel each other. When they're not clumped together, they
have more surface area, and can carry about 25% more oxygen. This also
helps blood circulation. Its important that anyone eat properly so as to
have good digestion. Whole foods. Avoid red meat. Lots of green leafy
organic veges. No caffeine, nicotine, or junk food. Prayer. Meditation.
Singing in the shower. Riding a bike. Theres so many things a person can
do, but she should start with good lab work via an orthomolecular doctor.
The Survival Guide that I was writing was never completed. Some day I will
have to pull it off the back burner. I had to stop writing it in order to
fight the FDA back in 1989, and I've been fighting them full time ever
sense with no time to stop.

Hope this helps.

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