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IAHF List: Please read this article about what happened in Berlin at the
Codex meeting, and if you possibly can, please use the form letter at the
end to assist you in writing your own personal letter to send in to Dr.Rath
in the Netherlands so he can give it to the International Court of Justice
and if you're an American please also send it to Congressman Burton, Chair
of the FDA oversight hearing.

If you lack the time to send in a personal letter, please at least send in
the form letter at the end of this article. Its very important! If the ICJ
doesn't hear our plea, how can anyone possibly trust the UN on any level?
If Congress doesn't let us have the Oversight hearing that is called for
here, how can we possibly trust Congress? (If you are outside the USA,
please call upon your own government to hold a similar oversight hearing,
and if that isn't possible, please let me know.)


by John C. Hammell, International Advocates for Health Freedom
2411 Monroe St. #3, Hollywood, FL 33020 USA, 800-333-2553, fax 954-929-2905, overseas or local 954-929-2905

 The clock was ticking as I raced against time through customs at Berlin's
Tegel airport and heaved my bags into a waiting cab feeling jetlagged from
a 10 hour trans-Atlantic flight from Miami via Paris. I had just a half
hour to get across Berlin in order to ambush Dr. Beth Yetley of the FDA on
video at a pre-Codex meeting of the US delegation because as usual, she was
up to no good. She hadn't been returning my calls or email, to the distress
of huge numbers of vitamin consumers world wide and several members of
Congress. All over Berlin 50 large billboards erected by Dr. Matthias Rath
(see photo) and a huge hanging banner depicted the bloody claws of the
pharma- cartel, emerging from the sky in an effort to squeeze the life
blood out of the planet, while consumers seek to fight back, armed with the
truth.  (This banner can be viewed at

 If we fail to get the Codex draft proposal for vitamins and minerals
removed entirely from the program of the Committee on Nutrition and Foods
for Special Dietary Use, consumers world wide will be deprived of access to
 potency levels within the therapeutic range,  restricted to strictly RDA
levels of nutrients, and deprived of health information about these
products via labels and labeling. Moreover, anything without an RDA would
be regulated as a "drug." This would kill millions of people. All over the
world countries are rushing to crush health freedom as they pay homage to
the pharma-cartel. This despicable process must be stopped immediately for
the good of the public health!

 The FDA has been doing everything possible to pretend to uphold US law
(which under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) at
least theoretically insures our access). While PRETENDING to uphold US law,
the FDA has actually been doing everything possible to "harmonize" our laws
to highly restrictive Codex standards while simultaneously attempting via
rulemaking to attack and undermine DSHEA. They are able to attack DSHEA due
to gaping holes in the legislation which currently require us to pass HR
2868, the Consumer Health Free Speech Act to guard against these attacks.
Ron Paul's bill will have to be reintroduced in the next congress, and he
just put out another "Dear Colleague" letter to Congress to emphasize the
need for it in the face of recent FDA actions. Here we will explore the
FDA's devious efforts to "harm-onize" our dietary supplement laws with EC
directive EEC 65/65 which threatens to regulate dietary supplements as
drugs in the EU.

 Here you will also learn of Dr.Matthias Rath's courageous anti Codex
demonstration in Berlin, and his efforts to file a formal legal complaint
to the International Court of Justice at the Hague in order to charge
several specific pharmaceutical companies with committing mass murder and
crimes against humanity for their systematic efforts to suppress consumer
access to healing nutrients and to information about their benefits. The
pharma-cartel and the regulatory lapdogs who do their bidding are clearly
running scared as more and more people turn to the use of dietary
supplements instead of to their patented prescription drugs, so they're
engaging in desperate, ruthless tactics in an effort to defend what they
consider to be their "turf" at the expense of the public health....

 Congressional oversight is badly needed to force the FDA to adhere
strictly to U.S. law, and I need your help to insure that we get an
oversight hearing in the next session of Congress which begins in January.
(Please sign and send in the form letter following this article.) If we can
get an Oversight Hearing, it will be easier to get the International Court
of Justice at the Hague to take action as well against this outrage, and we
should be able to get the FDA's budget slashed severely to stop future
abuses of this sort. Taxpayers money shouldn't be wasted sending FDA
officials to Codex meetings, and the United States should totally pull out
of the United Nations which oversees the Codex Commission. I shouldn't have
to go to Germany to defend my rights in America, and consumers from other
countries shouldn't have to travel abroad to defend their rights in their
own country either.

 IAHF is working closely with true grass roots health freedom fighters
world wide from groups such as the Life Extension Foundation (USA),
National Health Federation (USA), American Preventive Medical Assn (USA),
Citizens Voice for Health Rights (Canada), Freedom of Choice in Health Care
(Canada), New Zealand Charter of Complimentary Medical Practitioners,
Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research (Australia), Society for the
Promotion of Nutritional Therapy (UK), People's Health Alliance Rejecting
Medical Authority Prejudice and Conspiratorial Tyranny (South Africa)  and
collectively, we will fight til hell freezes over, and then we will fight
on ice!

 Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA, and the only voting member of the US CODEX
delegation (on which I was an observer), was perched on a bar stool at the
Ravenna Hotel on the Grunewaldstrasse looking down on the US delegation.
After tearing across Berlin from the airport, I rushed in and ambushed her
on video at a meeting held the day before the Codex meeting began as part
of an effort to get badly needed Congressional oversight of the Codex
process. In this fascistic process,  the smallest countries that don't even
manufacture dietary supplements have as much voting power as the US and UK
(the world's number one and two manufacturers).

 The CODEX process is designed to slickly navigate past the objections of
consumers and the supplement industry to arrive at a predetermined
destination which favors the life depriving interests of the pharma-
cartel. They "boil the frog slowly" in hopes that the public won't notice
what they're doing, or make any effort to stop them, and the whole process
is actually an orchestrated, heavily scripted "shell game" with the only
voting delegates being from the FDA and their international counterparts.
Consumers are virtually shut out of the process, and are heavily ignored by
the FDA as I have been even though I'm a member of the US delegation.
 So I burst into the pre Codex meeting of the US delegation armed with a
camcorder and letters from 5 members of Congress, including Dan Burton,
Chair of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Ron Paul,
Peter De Fazio, Bob Stump, and Merrill Cook. All backed my strong assertion
that the FDA's second paragraph in their Codex comments was illegal and had
to be removed, along with the so called "Risk Assessment Model for
Assessing Upper Intake Levels for Vitamins" which was never made available
in full on the web for public review. (An abridged version is on the USDA
website, but they should have the ENTIRE document available online for
close scrutiny.)

 Although the document was generated by the National Academy of Sciences,
there is no reason for anyone to trust NAS because after they had initially
agreed on June 11, 1991 to publish Dr.Rath's and Paulings article "Solution
to the Puzzle of Human Cardiovascular Disease: Its Primary Cause is
Ascorbate Deficiency Leading to the Deposition of Lipoprotein (a) and
Fibrinogen/Fibrin in the Vascular Wall", this decision was later revoked by
the editor due to the interests of those who are economically dependent on
the present dogma of human cardiovascular disease (especially German
companies manufacturing heart medication which were part of the IG Farben
Cartel that was in theory "broken up" by the Nuremberg War Trail after WW2
as discussed by Dr. Rath at

 Yetley and Moore of the FDA had refused to communicate with me about their
illegal Codex comments prior to the meeting and I enjoyed ambushing Yetley
on video even though I knew full well that she is a scripted cog in a
machine and that she would ignore my appeal that she obey US law.  When I
challenged Yetley she tried to dodge the bullet by waffling all over the
place in classic FDA fashion, but she did acknowledge having received the
letters from Congress, and I feel that she should be fired for ignoring
them, especially for ignoring Congressman Dan Burton, Chair of the House
Government Reform and Oversight Committee!!

  Moreover, her assistant, Dr. Christine Lewis lied to me, claiming that
the "Risk Assessment" document HAD in fact been uploaded to the FDA website
for public review. When I challenged her to tell me WHEN it had been made
available, she said "Friday" (2 days before the Codex meeting was to
begin.) When I complained that this gave no one any time to review the
document, they obviously didn't care.

 (Their statement that it had been uploaded to the FDA website in full
turned out to be a LIE. Upon using a search engine on the FDA's website at and by entering the search phrase "A Risk
Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Intake Levels for Vitamins"     The
FDA's search engine gave me the following message on October 5, 1998:

"Your Query "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Intake Levels
for Vitamins" matched 0 documents out of 31942. 0 documents displayed."
This indicates clearly that Dr.Lewis had lied on the videotape when she
told me the document had been uploaded to the FDA website, and this will be
provided to the House Oversight Committee for review. If enough of us
request one, we should be able to get an Oversight Hearing sometime after
Congress reconvenes for the next session beginning in January. I am already
discussing this with the Oversight Committee, and they are very receptive
to wanting to help us. (Please send in the form letter at the end of this

 I want Dr. Yetley and Dr. Lewis fired from their jobs, along with Ellen
Matten, Staff Officer, US Codex Office at the USDA. Matten joined forces
with a member of the German delegation in a fascistic effort to stop me
from taking still photos on the last day of the meeting because I "didn't
have the permission of the Codex Chairman." What are they trying to hide?
Why are they so threatened by even still photos when there is no tape
recording like with videotape? Clearly, they don't want their identities
known, and are trying to operate under cover of darkness perhaps due to
fear of how the public will react.


 Dr.Matthias Rath, a pioneering orthomolecular physician formerly with the
Linus Pauling Institute courageously put up the eye catching billboards and
urged consumers to demonstrate in front of the gates leading to the German
Ministry of Health Building where the Codex meeting was held. Information
about orthomolecular medicine is available on Rath's website at
and on the website of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine at  Orthomolecular physicians use nutrients to bring about
healing on a cellular level. Needless to say, this concept radically
threatens the profits of the pharma-cartel and they have sought for years
to suppress it. Rath was accompanied to the demonstration by 2 huge
bodyguards clad in trench coats, displaying the telltale bulges of shotguns
 underneath. It was showdown time at the OK Corral, and business as usual
in the global war to defend consumer access to vitamins and minerals within
the therapeutic range, and other dietary supplements. Hopefully, this won't
have to turn into a shooting war, but things are getting very tense as
consumers world wide are being pushed up against the wall by the thugs with
guns: the FDA and their international counterparts.
 While GS Odin of International Nutrition from Santa Theresa, New Mexico
and I ambushed the drug cartel inside the meeting, Dr. Rath assembled a
crowd of over 1000 angry German consumers picketing in front of the steel
barricade that blocked the entrance to the walled in compound as Berlin
police clad in riot gear, brandished automatic weapons and blocked the road
leading in to the compound with a police car to repel the angry housewives,
the elderly and others who seek to put an end to the genocide. GS Odin gave
a rousing speech at the demonstration, while inside the meeting the Chair
of the Codex meeting stopped the non-transparent proceedings and forced me
to stop videotaping what they don't want you to see. (You can see excerpts
from this videotape on and on and we hope to soon
also have video clips from Dr.Rath's Berlin Tribunal as well as his
demonstration available for online viewing and downloading as well.)

 The US Codex delegation to CCNFSDU is led by Dr. Beth Yetley of the FDA,
and each delegation is led by a government rep (in each case from a
regulatory body similar to FDA), and they are the only people on each
delegation who can vote– everyone else is just there as an observer. In
theory, the US delegation is a working group, and the delegation leader is
supposed to listen to the will of Congress, the American people, and the
others on her delegation– but as I noticed in 1996 when I was on the
American delegation at a Codex meeting in Bonn, Germany- the FDA tries to
pull every underhanded trick in the book to assist the pharmaceutical
takeover, in complete disregard for U.S. law, and this time was no
different. I grew very concerned about the need to monitor the FDA at the
Berlin meeting, when it became apparent to me that they were attempting to
assist the Germans to break past the current consumer generated impasse in
the proceedings in order to once again get the draft proposal for vitamins
and minerals to proceed towards completion.

To see the sort of sleight of hand maneuvers the FDA is playing on us, take
a look at the US comments on the proposed draft guidelines for vitamins and
minerals and notice how the second paragraph totally contradicts the first
paragraph, and how it attempts to help the Germans to move past the current

"The United States remains opposed to the continued consideration of the
Proposed Draft Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. Public
health needs and safety concerns as they related to the use of vitamins and
mineral supplements vary from country to country, depending on each
country's legal and regulatory framework, dietary patterns, the nature of
their public health concerns, and national cultural beliefs as to the role
of supplements in diet and health. We believe that guidelines for vitamin
and mineral dietary supplements are best addressed by national laws and

(If this were ALL the FDA had submitted to Codex, I'd have no problem with
it, as it is consistent with the will of the American people and of the
will of Congress, which has spoken to this issue via DSHEA in 1994, and
most recently in October of ‘97 when Congress specifically forbade the FDA
to do anything that might "harmonize" US dietary supplement regulations to
the laws stemming from the EU, where dietary supplements are heavily
restricted as "drugs." I worked very hard to successfully get the FDA
Reform Bill amended to specifically EXCLUDE dietary supplements from the
harmonization language, so I have a particular personal concern that the
FDA adhere strictly to the will of Congress, without equivocating in ANY

So check out how the FDA's second (and final) paragraph in their comments
CONTRADICTS their first paragraph, and how it threatens to HARMONIZE our
laws in a direction which would most likely NOT be in the direction we'd
like them to go: (my emphasis is in bold caps.)

"The United States does, however, support consideration of one element of
the proposed guidelines, namely, the consideration of developing UPPER SAFE
To this end, the United States has submitted to the committee for
consideration and discussion, the document A Risk Assessment Model for
Establishing Upper Intake Levels for Nutrition."

 I had no problem with the first paragraph in the US comments which called
for the complete removal of the draft proposal on vitamins and minerals
from the table and for these matters to be left strictly up to national
authorities to decide. If that paragraph ALONE had been put into the US
comments, it would have been consistent with US law, and with the will of
the American people, who vociferously resent these proceedings. The problem
is that in their second and final paragraph, the FDA contradicts their
first paragraph by supporting ANY PART of the draft proposal, which goes
DIRECTLY against the will of Congress as expressed under DSHEA, and against
Congress's decision in October of ‘97 to amend the FDA Reform Bill to
specifically EXEMPT dietary supplements from the harmonization language,
which threatened to harmonize our laws with the EU's.

 I've worked far too hard on Capital Hill in October of ‘97 (and since
1989) to defend health freedom, and couldn't let the FDA undo all the hard
work via their illegal actions at the Codex meeting in Berlin. Millions of
angry Americans were behind my drive in getting dietary supplements
specifically exempted from the harmonization language of the FDA Reform
Bill which threatened to impose the same sort of restrictions on American
consumers that exist in Europe where dietary supplements are heavily
regulated as "drugs". With the exception of England and Holland, in most of
Europe, a majority of supplements available in American health food stores
are simply unavailable, and you can't even get them by prescription in a
lot of countries. Prices are jacked out of sight, and in Germany, you can't
even TOUCH a bottle of vitamins unless it is handed to you by a pharmacist
from behind a counter.

 If the Codex draft proposal for vitamins and minerals isn't dropped from
the agenda of the Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Use,
consumers world wide could be limited to only access RDA levels of
nutrients, except by prescription, anything without an RDA would be
regulated as a "drug" and a global ban would be instituted on the making of
health claims for these products.

 The FDA announced their intention to "harmonize" their regulations to
emerging Codex standards in an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR)
that was published in the Federal Register on July 7, 1997, Vol. 62, #129
pp.36243-36248. This can be viewed on the web at and entering the search phrase
"Consideration of Codex Alimentarius Standards". (It can also be viewed at (This ANPR by the FDA contradicts a
propaganda piece which the FDA generated in response to an anti Codex form
letter published in Life Extension Magazine. The FDA's propaganda piece
asserts falsely that our domestic law isn't being undermined, and can be
viewed at and entering the search phrase
"codex alimentarius commission,vitamins." I have rebutted their propaganda

 Working through former FDA attorney Margaret Gilhooley, now a law
professor at Seton Hall University, the FDA attempted to bring about
harmonization towards Codex standards via the draft report of the
Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels. Suzanne Harris, JD of the Law Loft
filed comments to the CDSL regarding their draft report which can be viewed
Harris's comments clearly describe the complex mechanisms by which the
pharma-cartel is attempting to pull the wool over our eyes to bring about
so called global "harmonization" via the SPS and TBT sections of GATT and
NAFTA, CODEX, and via the constant expansion of regional trading blocs, the
signing of so called "mutual recognition agreements" and other oily,
largely untransparent, highly unconstitutional means.

 FDA's draconian proposed rule which would severely limit commercial free
speech on dietary supplement labels followed CDSL's final report to
Congress, yet it is currently being staunchly opposed by a slew of
organizations and private individuals who submitted comments. Even the very
mainstream Grocery Manufacturers of America. strongly opposed FDA's
proposed rules. At they state: The
Grocery Manufacturers of America is urging the Food and Drug Administration
to withdraw proposed regulations governing dietary supplements, saying the
agency's expanded definition of "disease" would "unlawfully restrict the
ability of food manufacturers to communicate important health information
to consumers." The rules would also create "endless controversy and
litigation" and provide "no useful guidance to either the FDA or the
regulated industry," said GMA

 Health freedom lobbyist Clinton Miller guesses that the FDA could take
months to issue a final rule due to the huge number of comments we flooded
them with, and if we can get a Congressional Oversight hearing in the
meantime, it would make it even harder for them to come out with a rule
which goes against the will of Congress as expressly stated under DSHEA
whereby Congress directed the FDA to stop interfering with consumers right
to access health information via labels and labeling on dietary supplements
in order to be able to make informed health decisions for themselves and
their families.

 For more information about the grass roots war against FDA's proposed rule
to severely limit allowable commercial free speech on dietary supplement
labels, see and also

 Under 44 Liquormart, Inc v. Rhode Island, the Supreme Court has affirmed
our first amendment right to free speech and has ruled that the government
doesn't have the right to coerce people by withholding information
necessary for us to make informed personal decisions. Its high time the FDA
paid attention to the Supreme Court, and Congressional oversight is
necessary to force them to obey the law. You can view this Supreme Court
decision at and enter 44 Liquormart as your search phrase.

 In publishing their ANPR of July 7, 1997, the FDA attempted to throw the
US Constitution out the window, showing their eagerness to serve their drug
cartel masters by  giving even more power to the UN's Codex Alimentarius
Commission than even the most expansive interpretation of our obligations
under international law warrants. The FDA should have asked the appropriate
Federal District Court to review the situation in order to advise them what
obligations they had (if any) to "harmonize" their regulations to Codex
standards given the Constitutional constraints upon them.

 Showing this ANPR to Congress in October of 1997 helped me to get the FDA
Reform Bill amended to specifically EXCLUDE dietary supplements from the
harmonization language, but by ignoring Congressional demands that the FDA
change their current Codex comments, the FDA is once again attempting to
overstep their bounds, and Congress must once again put them in their place
by convening an Oversight Hearing, and you can help make this happen by
sending in the form letter at the end of this article! If we get the
oversight we need, we still live in America. If we don't get oversight on
this, it means we have truly come under the tyrannical thumb of a world
government, so I'm going to need lots of help from everyone who reads this
urgent alert!


 Consumers and American dietary supplement manufacturers aren't nearly as
aware as they should be that the pharmaceutical industry, (especially
German companies) have pulled out all the stops in a global assault on
medical freedom. I just got word from both S.Africa and Chile that stealth
bills have been pushed through in both countries without hearings, turning
any substance or device with healing powers into a "drug", and providing
for warrant less, no knock searches by weapons carrying regulators.

 On September 17, 1998, a few days before the Codex meeting, Dr. Rath held
a public tribunal in Berlin for the purpose of calling attention to the
Codex threat and to draw up the complaint which can be viewed at You will need to get acrobat reader in order to read Dr.Rath's
PDF files. It can be downloaded at no charge from

 Currently Rath has a legal team drawing up a petition to the International
Court of Justice in an effort to expose this corrupt process by charging
several multinational pharmaceutical companies and their CEO's along with
former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl with planning, committing and
assisting mass murder and crimes against humanity. Rath is charging these
companies with genocide for blocking the dissemination of information
stemming from his and Pauling's discovery that the world's number one
killer "disease" (heart "disease") is not, in fact, a "disease" at all.
They discovered that heart disease can be successfully prevented and
reversed via a specific nutritional protocol involving the very vitamins
and minerals which the drug cartel seeks to eliminate consumer access to
via the Codex process and through an international process called
"harmonization." (This is a term derived from trade law which means to make
the laws the same all over the world- something which isn't a good idea for
many reasons.)

 Rath states in his complaint that "more than 95% of the pharmaceutical
drugs currently sold are without proven efficacy while the severe side
effects from these drugs have become the 4th leading cause of death in the
industrialized world. Thus pharmaceutical corporations also promote the
occurrence of new diseases as the basis for their expanding global market
of pharmaceutical drugs.

 In his complaint, Rath specifically charges Hoechst, Bayer, BASF, Merck,
Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Roche, Glaxo/Wellcome, Rhone Polenc Rhorer,
and Novartis with committing mass murder and crimes against humanity and he
lists the names of their executives. He also discusses former German
Chancellor Helmut Kohl's involvement in the pharma cartel from 1982-1998
stating that Kohl "Abused the entire political system of the Federal
Republic of Germany to organize and execute mass murder and other crimes
against humanity on behalf of the Pharma-Cartel both nationally and world

 Rath names as executors and accomplices: "Horst Seehofer, currently German
secretary of health, Manfred Kanther, currently German secretary of
internal affairs, Gunther Rexrodt, currently German secretary of economics,
and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany."

 Rath states numerous compelling reasons why the International Court of
Justice should hear this case stating that the ICJ conducted the
International Tribunal on War Crimes Against former Yugoslavia, and he
notes that "The mass murder, genocide, and other crimes committed by and on
behalf of the Pharma-Cartel surpass those committed by any war criminals by
an order of magnitude."

 Rath correctly states that "the extraordinary magnitude of these crimes
essentially affecting every human life on earth calls for international
proceedings in addition to any legal action that may be taken at the local,
regional, or international level."

 Rath correctly states that to organize these crimes, the Pharma-Cartel
abuses bodies of the United Nations Organizations such as the World Heath
Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Codex
Alimentarius Commission" established under the auspices of these
organizations. These efforts directly contradict and openly violate the
purpose of these UN- organizations that were created to serve humanity and
not to harm it. Therefor, the International Court of Justice has a moral,
ethical, and legal obligation and responsibility to initiate this case."

 How true! The same holds true of the House Oversight Committee with
regards to the FDA, and to their international counterparts! I urge
everyone who reads this article to make copies to mass disseminate, to
forward it heavily by email, to post it in websites, and above all, to sign
and send in a personal letter using the information provided in the form
letter if you can possibly take the time, (since Congress regards each
personal letter to = about a thousand form letters, otherwise please send
the following form letter to:

1. The International Court of Justice (regardless of where you live in the
world) c/o Matthias Rath, MD
Bedrigvenpark Twente 305, NL 7602K Almelo Netherlands (and to your gov.
reps if outside the USA)

2.The Honorable Dan Burton, Chairman of the House Government Reform and
Oversight Committee
c/o Milt Copulos, House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Room
2157 RHOB, Washington, DC 20515 fax 202-226-2369

3. cc a copy of your letter to IAHF at 2411 Monroe St. #3 Hollywood, FL
33020, with a donation if possible to assist me with upcoming trips to
Washington and to Europe to help bring about this badly needed oversight
hearing and international court proceeding. Checks can be made out to IAHF.
Many thanks to the people who assisted me in getting to the Codex Meeting
in Berlin, your timely assistance is truly appreciated and I couldn't have
written this article without your support. If we keep the pressure on, and
can relay this information to enough people in order to appraise them of
whats going on, we can bring a halt to the gross injustice described in
this article so that all over the world people can have the same chance
that I've had to heal, and so that no one will ever be blocked again from
accessing the dietary supplements they need for their health.

To: The Honorable Dan Burton c/o Milt Copulos  To: The International Court
of Justice
House Government Reform and Oversight Committee c/o Matthias Rath, MD
Room 2157 RHOB      Bedrigvenpark Twente 305
Washington, DC 20515 fax 202-226-2369   NL 7602K Almelo, Netherlands


Dear Congressman Burton:

 In accordance with the will of Congress as expressed through the passage
of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 in which
Congress received more mail than on any issue except possibly the Vietnam
War, and in accordance with the will of Congress as expressed through the
act of amending the harmonization language in the Food and Drug
Administration Modernization Act of 1997 to protect the status of dietary
supplements in the United States and to ensure ongoing American access to
this vital category of health-promoting and life-saving products, we urge
that you please give serious consideration to holding an oversight hearing
in order to inquire how Dr. Beth Yetley of the FDA felt justified utterly
ignoring the will of Congress as specifically stated to her in writing by
you, along with Congressmen Paul, Stump, Cook, and De Fazio in which you
requested that the FDA remove the second paragraph from their Codex
comments on agenda item #5, (vitamins and minerals) in which the FDA
clearly seeks to harmonize American laws to those of the European Union
over your strong objection. I would like the second paragraph struck
entirely from the US Codex comments, and I would like the Risk Assessment
document mentioned in that paragraph removed from the Codex program. In
addition to violating US law to put it on the table at Codex for
discussion, I am disturbed about the gross lack of transparency reflected
by the fact that the document was never made available in full for
downloading off the web, and by the fact that the FDA lied on video and
said that it WAS available in full on the FDA website, a complete lie.
Moreover, I strongly question the constitutionality of the FDA's ANPR which
was published in the July 7, 1997 Federal Register, Vol. 62, #129
pp.36243-36248 as the FDA's announced intention to "harmonize" their
regulations to emerging Codex standards violates the will of Congress, and
is grossly unconstitutional. Please appraise me in writing if and when we
can have an oversight hearing on this, as I have no reason to trust the FDA
in these matters, and am concerned about any possible interference with my
right to access the dietary supplements of my choice.

To Whom it May Concern- International Court of Justice:

 I share Dr.Matthias Rath's strong concerns about the mass murder and other
crimes against humanity described in detail to you in Dr. Rath's formal
legal complaint against the Pharma-Cartel, and question how anyone on earth
can possibly respect the United Nations if the ICJ does not immediately
conduct legal proceedings as required under international law, and in
accordance with the UN charter? I am in solidarity with the 1000 German
citizens who demonstrated with Dr. Rath against the Codex meeting held in
Berlin September 21-25, 1998, and am angered by the gross lack of
transparency and honesty in the Codex process in which consumers have
hardly any voice and which undermines the laws of my own country.

 I am aware of Dr. Rath's legal complaint as outlined in his website at and have personally experienced interference in my own God
given right to access the dietary supplements I need for my health due to
the global manipulations of the pharma-cartel on such bodies as the Codex
Alimentarius Commission and on the FDA and its international counterparts.
I strongly urge you to conduct an in depth investigation immediately in
accordance with Dr. Rath's wishes, or run the risk of incurring the
distrust of people all over the world. I especially urge you to pay
attention to Dr.Rath's nutritional discoveries which can successfully
prevent and reverse heart disease, the world's number one killer, as
discussed in depth in his complaint.

City:__________________________________State or

Information Provided by John C. Hammell, legislative advocate,
International Advocates for Health Freedom 2411 Monroe St. Hollywood, FL
33020 USA,,
800-333-2553, fax 954-929-0507, overseas 954-929-2905
International Advocates for Health Freedom
2411 Monroe St. #3 Hollywood, FL 33020 USA
800-333-2553, overseas 954-929-2905
fax 954-929-0507,,
Donations Needed For Trips to DC
To Get FDA Oversight Hearing
Due to Illegal FDA Codex Comments
& for Trips to Europe to Assist
Dr.Rath in Getting Hearing at
International Court of Justice
Against the Pharmaceutical Cartel