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IAHF List: What are the odds of it being a coincidence that S.Africa's
current "SAMMDRA" bill started out as a proposed rule with the SAME
IDENTICAL docket number (Docket No. 98N-0417) as the FDA's proposed rule of
2 years ago re CGMPs?(See for Emord's comments to that
proposed rule, in which Emord tells FDA that their proposed rule is totally

Emord is CORRECT, but... its ALSO unconstitutional in S.Africa, and GUESS
who controls the courts there??? Nelson Mandela was just at a meeting in
NYC where he was seen on TV hobnobbing with the Rockefellers, and will we
be able to get the OVERSIGHT that I'm trying to get here in America to STOP
the FDA's recent violation of US law in which they illegally are calling
for harmonization via the 2nd paragraph in their Codex comments???) Whoa,
Jack, hold onto your HAT!! This battle could get MEAN before its over!

(Just as a reminder, the Rockefellers first got into the sale of
pharmaceuticals by palming off a snake oil product called "Nujol" as a
patent medicine, which was hawked over a radio show promising cures from
everything from Warts to Cancer, and their involvement with the IG Farben
Drug Cartel is well documented in the book "The Crime and Punishment of
I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin  ISBN 0-02-904630-0. The book details the
startling account of the unholy alliance between Adolph Hitler and
Germany's great chemical combine, which Dr.Rath has provided us with
updated info on in his site at The book is out of print, but
you might be able to get a copy the way I did via the "Book Look" at
800-223-0540. The "Book Look" is a service which procures out of print
books for people.

Stuart Thomson of the South African Health Freedom group PHARMAPACT
(People's Health Alliance Rejecting Medical Authority Prejudice and
Conspiratorial Tyranny)<> has
just announced that the SAMMDRA Bill which was just railroaded through in
S.Africa (without a hearing, and with only a two week public comments
period) includes the BROADEST POSSIBLE definition of "complimentary
medicine" possible: it amounts to ANY substance (or DEVICE) that promotes
the natural healing power of the body.) The bill will allow the MCC to
conduct warrantless armed searches in order to put small manufacturers
(such as Stuart) completely out of business. I have copied the proposed
rule from S.Africa that led to the SAMMDRA bill below, in this message so
you don't have to go to the PHARMAPACT site to read it.)

In Pretoria, S.Africa there will be a meeting on October 9th, in which the
government is about to announce that the dietary supplement industry there
now must comply with FULL PHARMACEUTICAL HACCP GMPS. This bill was FAST
TRACKED through the S.African Parliament, with only a 2 week public comment
period, and NO PUBLIC HEARING!!! PHARMAPACT tried to kill it, but didn't
have enough time to inform the public!! Are you beginning to understand now
what I've been trying to say all this time about "harmonization"?  Check
out Rath's website for still MORE, _NEW_ information.

The Drug Cartel's Effort to "Harmonize" the Laws World Wide in Order To
KNOCK OUT competition from the dietary supplement industry is NO LONGER

I had a call the other day from Vitamigos SA in Santiago, Chile, which is
currently facing down a "fast track" pharmaceutically instigated bill which
threatens to run them out of business and destroy health freedom in Chile.
The same exact thing is happening world wide. I provided Vitamigos SA with
Dr.Rath's info along with mine to use at a Press Conference in an effort to
defend health freedom in Chile, but the Madras family could get driven out
of Chile, the same way they were previously driven out of Australia! (Its
getting so you can't manufacture dietary supplements
ANYWHERE in the world as the drug cartel takes over!

Read on for a LOT of details on HOW the drug cartel is seeking to harmonize
the laws world wide. Especially see the S.African proposed rule (copied
below off the PHARMAPACT health freedom website, url given below) which has
the same exact number as FDA's proposed rule on CGMPS (which call for HACCP
regs)-- this stuff is being SCRIPTED by the WHO which is giving MARCHING
ORDERS to the FDA and to their international counterparts, world wide...

Be sure to see the documentation which Rath provides on his site
( regarding Rexall Sundown's strong ties to organized crime
(the mafia) and to Hoechst in Germany. Rath was once a consultant to
Rexall, but quit when he learned the truth about the company. He includes
court transcripts in his Rexall file which shows info from a RICO complaint
against them which was filed by another supplier- Longevity Pure Medicine
in the Federal Court of S.Florida. Be sure to download Rath's Berlin
Tribunal info. I am going to open a Congressional Oversight Investigation
over the FDA's illegally filed CODEX comments which violate US law by
moving us towards so called "harmonization" with EEC 65/65/.

The United States must unequivocally pull OUT of the Codex process, and OUT
of the so called United Nations as well. The process is grossly unfair and
untransparent. The video footage that I am going to upload to the IAHF
website will prove this to the world. They forced me to turn off my
camcorder at the Codex meeting, and before it, I caught Yetley and also
Dr.Lewis of the FDA defying the will of 5 Congressmen, including Burton,
all of whom ordered her to remove the 2nd paragraph from the Codex
comments, and the so called "Risk Assessment" document from the table since
it had never been made available for public review.

At the pre meeting where I ambushed them on video, Dr.Lewis of the FDA lied
to me and told me that the document was on the FDA website. When I told her
the only online version I could find was the ABRIDGED version on the USDA
website, she lied to me and told me that the whole thing had been uploaded
on Friday to the FDA site, but a search on their site proves that this was
a lie.

Even if it HAD been made available for public review, it is STILL illegal
for the FDA to do ANYTHING to harmonize our dietary supplement laws with
the EUs, but the FDA is IGNORING the will of Congress as first expressed
under DSHEA, and then as declared last year when I succeeded (by breaking
my ass I might add) to get the dietary supplements exempted from the
harmonization language in the FDA Reform Bill.

The many well meaning members of Citizens for Health (along with other fake
grass roots astroturf organizations world wide which PRETEND to defend
health freedom while actually constituting "controlled opposition" must
realize that I was solidly OPPOSED by the front office of Citizens for
Health during my campaign in October of '97 to amend the FDA Reform Bill.
The opposition was coming directly from the front office, which sent faxes
to Capital Hill in diametric opposition to the statements I was making on
the hill regarding the threat posed by the harmonization language.

Citizens for Health certainly appeared to be running interference for the
EAPC, which would like to invade the N.American market, and which would
have BENEFITTED if I had _NOT_ succeeded in my efforts, because if our laws
HAD been harmonized to Europes, that would have enabled them to RAPIDLY
dominate the N.American market, because very few American companies are
licensed by the FDA as OTC drug manufacturers. (Nature's Way is one
prominent exception.)

I might add that immediately before my campaign, I faxed Ken Murdock to ask
him not to interfere with the campaign, and he sent me a really angry fax
in return, making all kinds of demands of me which I ignored.

While Citizens for Health was sending faxes to the hill which attacked my
position on issues which they don't even understand (as they're being
manipulated by Loren Israelson who is a consultant to EAPC), they had been
cajoled by their membership which learned of the harmonization threat from
me into "doing something" to at least give the APPEARANCE of fighting back,
so they had the public contact Hatch and Harkin (despite the FACT that
neigther Hatch, or Harkin were in ANY position to to ANYTHING to amend the
harmonization language in the conference committee. The only person who
could do this was Senator Jeffords from Vermont, and I keyed on his aide in
my successful effort.

The 5 multilevel companies that helped me pump a form letter in to the
Senate Labor Committee at the last minute, just before the Conference
Committee was what enabled me to have a dialogue with the Committee, and I
was called by their top staffers in great concern, because I was coming at
them at the 11th hour exerting tremendous pressure that they hadn't
expected. To bolster my contention that the harmonization language posed an
immense threat, I hand carried a large number of spiral bound statements
which included the FDA's ANPR from the July 7th 1997 Federal Register, Vol.
62, #129 pp. 36243-36248 in which the FDA has announced their intention to
"harmonize" their regs to emerging Codex standards-- (thus tossing our
Constitution right out the window and giving the most expansive possible
interpretation to our current obligations under international law.)

What really ANGERS me in retrospect is that Will Daily noticed this ANPR in
advance of the deadline on the comments period and called it to Citizens
for Health's attention,and to mine, simultaneously. I filed comments
against it and called it to the attention of the public. CFH, on the other
hand did absolutely _NOTHING_.

Scripted as they are by Loren Israelson, given his intimate involvement
with the EAPC, I find this highly disturbing, and you should too.

You have been heavily involved with CFH for many years, and haven't had the
opportunity that I have had to see that the organization is a front group
for the EAPC, which represents "Controlled Opposition" to GENUINE efforts
such as mine, to fight for health freedom.

I hope this helps you to see what I've seen for years. I'm not trying to in
any way criticize ANYONE PERSONALLY for involvement with CFH. I myself was
involved with them for years until too many things happened which simply
weren't consistent with their stated mission to defend health freedom.

When I reflect back, the most telling thing which tipped me off was when I
was organizing the demonstration and phone protest of the FDA in 1993. We
needed demonstrators and also people nationwide to jam FDA's phone and fax
lines in order to sever their communications lines for one day to
illustrate to Congress and to the press that we were at WAR.

Everyone in the health movement helped with this effort except Alex
Schauss. When I called him to ask for help, he ANGRILY DENOUNCED my effort,
and DEMANDED that I not hold the demonstration. When I asked him WHY he
didn't want me to hold the demonstration, he SLIPPED UP and said something
that in retrospect I'm SURE he wished he hadn't said, because he said I
would be INTERFERING with his efforts to NEGOTIATE with the FDA.

When I tried to pin him down and ask him exactly WHO was trying to
"negotiate" with the FDA, and just exactly WHAT were they haggling over, he
SHUT UP LIKE A CLAM, because he realized he'd already told me too much.
When his Northern Virginia Chapter turned out to assist me with the
demonstration, afterwards he got VERY ANGRY and kicked the ENTIRE CHAPTER
out of so called "Citizens for Health", even though they helped us get a
photograph of the demonstration into USA Today. We had camera crews from
all the TV networks at the demonstration, but they didn't do any shooting
because we only had about 50 demonstrators. If Alex Schauss had helped us
like he should have, we could have had many more and would have had our TV

Please QUIT CFH, and similar "controlled opposition groups" world wide!
People are being USED and don't realize it. The EAPC wants control of the
N.American market, and Alex Schauss has been trying to help them get it on
behalf of Nature's Way, which all indications show is one of his biggest
clients. I can upload material to the IAHF site which the EAPC has
submitted to the FDA since '92 in their effort to turn herbs into "drugs"
if you don't believe me. I can fax you letters to the FDA from the German
and French embassies on behalf of the EAPC if you don't believe me. If you
examine table 6 in Grunwald's article at

you'll see a whole list of multinational pharmaceutical companies that have
been acquiring German Phytopharmaceutical companies, which proves my
contention that they're moving rapidly through the herbal door. They're
moving via Four distinct, but connected mechanisms in an effort to get
control over the dietary supplement industry:

1. Mergers and Acquisitions as detailed in Grunwald's table 6.
2. CODEX (for vitamins and minerals)
3. ESCOP (for herbs)
4. Harmonization efforts within each country, orchestrated and scripted by
WHO as exempified by the fact that the number of the proposed rule in
S.Africa is IDENTICAL to the FDA's proposed rule here: (Docket # 98 N-044
RIN 0910-AA59) To verify this, contact PHARMAPACT in S.Africa c/o Stuart
Thomson at <> or go to the PHARMAPACT website at

To save you trouble: here it is off the PHARMAPACT website:



[May 6, 1998 (Number 25)]

[Docket No. 98N-0417]

    Proposed Regulations for the Control of Dietary Supplements and

  SUMMARY: The Medicines Control Council is announcing that it wishes to
rule-making to develop Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP)
regulations for
                      Dietary Supplements and Complimentary Medicines.

The industry (HPA) submission was tendered to the Technical Sub-Committee
of the Complimentary Medicines Committee, whose function
was to democratically, and with all role-players, set standards for the
future control and regulation of dietary supplements and Complimentary
Medicines under Act 101 of 1965, and are requesting that the Minister pass
as expediently as possible, regulations to prescribe good manufacturing
practices under the listing system.(This was never
democratically/representatively conducted. Ed.)

Such regulations must be modelled after current good manufacturing practice
regulations for drugs. Such high regulations we would certainly
welcome, considering South Africa is a member of a CODEX commission where
such enforcement world-wide will become standard practice
by 1999, through CODEX mandate.

Other interested parties, such as consumers, pharmapact, segments of the
industry not represented by the HPA who submitted the outline, and the
health care community, should have an opportunity to provide comment before
the Council develops these measures in 1999. The MCC have
continually requested meeting with spoiler groupings, but to no avail.
(Bullshit, Ed.) The single, largest obstacle we face is that the consumers
and other such groupings feel they have a right to these substances without
our proposed regulations. (There you have it from the lion's
mouth. We can stop them with your help. Join us now. Ed.)

All herbs and especially Homeopathic Medicines are not safe. South Africa
may lead the international trend through recommendations
the WHO and CODEX in Berlin later this year.

Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements and dietary
ingredients, include Complimentary Medicines and Traditional Medicines.
Dietary supplements/ingredients may include vitamins; minerals; herbs or
other botanicals; amino acids; other dietary substances used to supplement
the diet; and concentrates, metabolites, constituents, extracts, or
combinations of these. This also applies to traditional health substances
in the
African model of health care support. Supplements in the physical form of
conventional food shall comply with these regulations.

There is no desire or intent to impose on dietary supplements the type of
documentation and validation currently required in the manufacture
of pharmaceutical products as yet, however these will be necessary in due
course as the industry establishes itself in belief of

We believe that all supplements and Complimentary medicines should be
classified as pharmaceutical substances, and the Good Manufacturing
Practices applicable to them are similar to those generally applicable to
other pharmaceutical substances in an imperative pubic protection plan
directed by the World Health Organisation. (This false public safety
red-herring has been indisputedly intellectually demolished by us elsewhere.

Proposed GMP (includes:)

     Registered pharmaceutical facility.
     Representable samples, analysed at the company's expense at any time.
     Documentation of training shall be retained by the manufacturer and
set out by the MCC.
     Supervision shall be clearly assigned to qualified personnel
registered as Pharmacists in the Republic of South Africa.
     No manufacture will be allowed in a private home, or in any area
adjoining a private home.
     There shall be a quality control unit with adequate laboratory
     Laboratory records shall be maintained and shall include complete data
derived from all specified tests.
     Substances must be supported by certificates that the product meets
established specifications at the expiration date.
     Each lot of a raw material (especially herbs shall be subjected to
microbiological tests before use.
     Each lot of raw material shall undergo at least one test by the
manufacturer to verify its identity, including chemical and laboratory
     tests, gross organoleptic analysis, microscopic identification, or
analysis of constituent markers and also shall be tested for
     conformity with all other established specifications.
     Every active ingredient must be listed on the packaging. All
accipients must be added to the list of ingredients. For plant
     substances, the common name, botanical name, and part of the plant
part/s used must be identified.

Economic Issues

The MCC sees a lot of scope for dietary supplements and complimentary
medicines in the pharmaceutical marketplace in South
Africa. Many pharmaceutical companies have indicated that the access to
these substances from competent health care
providers such as pharmacies, and medical personel can unfold into a
fruitful extension of current pharmaceutical markets. How
closely the current practices of firms manufacturing dietary supplements
conform to the industry submissions, has already been achieved by
assessing the companies applications to list their products under such a
standard. (Big Five. Ed.)

The establishment of CGMP could have economic effects on small businesses
in the dietary supplement industry. The MCC requests
that it be responsible for testing and that the companies involved, by
required by law to pay for such services.

The presence of pharmacologically active substances in these products
distinguishes them from foods. Efficacy for these products
must be established through medical trials.

MCC suggest a limited number of licence holders so that the industry can
conform in a limited amount of time.

Dated: May 6, 1998.

Prof. Peter Folb

Chairman - Medicines Control Council

Director : WHO : Collaborating Centre For Drug Policy

The German Pharmaceutical Industry would like to DESTROY the dietary
supplement industry, and they're trying to move through the herbal door to
do it, utilizing CODEX and ESCOP as their primary weapons, along with a
concerted international campaign to "harmonize" the laws. If you visit
Dr.Rath's site at, and read his Berlin Tribunal information, it
will ALL become a lot clearer to you, althought I have a lot of specific
information that Rath doesn't have. Its going to be very powerful when he
and I combine our information. I am going to get an oversight hearing on
the FDA's illegal Codex comments which they just filed on Agenda Item #5 on
vitamins and minerals, and THEN we will see if we still live in America, or

The pharmaceutical full court press to dominate our industry really began
with the passage of the NLEA in 1990, and that legislation was motivated by
the publishing of Dr.Rath's and Pauling's article: "The Solution to Human
Cardiovascular Disease" (the world's largest killer), which they discovered
really ISN'T a disease at all, but can be ENTIRELY prevented by using

To quote Rath: "The global pharmaceutical market of cardiovascular drugs
alone is in excess of several million dollars every year, constituting the
single largest segment of the pharmaceutical industry.In order to
artificially stabilize their global pharmaceutical drug market the
pharmaceutical corporation the pharmaceutical corporations now formed an
international Pharma-Cartel. This Pharma-Cartel organizes a global campaign
to systematically obstruct, suppress the dissemination of the life-saving
information of this medical breakthrough and to publicly discredit the
health benefits of vitamins and other natural remedies.

Between 1991-1994, and as a direct reaction to Dr.Rath's discoveries, the
Pharma Cartel tried to make vitamins and other essential nutrients
prescription drugs in the US, their single largest national market. The
pretenses under which the Pharma-Cartel promoted their legislative plan
"consumer protection" from no existing "side effects" and "international
harmonization" to adapt inadequately low daily nutritional recommendations,
were false and deceptive. However the statistical facts uncovered the
deception of the Pharma-Cartel and showed that in the last ten years no
American had died from side effects of vitamins and other essential
nutrients. Supported by millions of Americans, US Congress unanimously
passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which
secured unrestricted access to nutritional supplements.

After the largest national market escaped the control of the Pharma-Cartel,
it turned to the international political bodies and found refuge within the
"Codex Alimentarius" Commission of the United Nations WHO and FAO.
Spearheaded by Helmut Kohl and the German government on behalf of the
Pharma-Cartel this Codex Alimentarius Commission is currently preparing
legislation to outlaw all health information regarding the therapeutic or
preventive use of vitamins and other natural, non patentable health
products in all member nations of the United Nations. To hide the real
purposes of these plans, they are promoted under the pretense and deception
of "consumer protection" and "international harmonization" of nutrients.

Rath has prepared an extensive analysis of the problem on This
is just one excerpt. You really should read his whole complaint to the
International Court of Justice, the same body which investigated the
genocide in the former Yugoslavia. Rath is charging a number of specific
pharmaceutical companies with genocide.