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From: John Hammell <jham@iahf.com>
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IAHF Distribution list: Send this to Kohl along with me. If his email
address has changed,please let me know. Can someone in Germany please point
me to a list of members of the Bundestag and Bundesrat as well as to Kohl's
competition? Send this to everyone you know world wide and to all elected
officals and Codex reps.A list of international Codex reps can be found at
Most don't have email addresses listed, but we will get those in due time.


The Chancellor        June 6, 1998
D-53106 Bonn,

Dear Chancellor Kohl:

 As the German election approaches on September 27, 1998, as a consumer of
dietary supplements, International Advocates for Health Freedom and allied
organizations strongly urge both you and your political competitors, to
consider the complete withdrawal of the current German proposal to restrict
international consumer access to RDA levels of vitamins and minerals, to
disallow their sale for any therapeutic use, and to ban consumer
information on product labels and through advertising regarding their
health benefits.

 I am outraged by the gross immorality of the current German proposal, and
hereby call for you to abandon it when the Codex Committee on Nutrition and
Food for Special Dietary Use (CCNFSDU), holds its next meeting in September
in Berlin between September 21-25 (just before your next election.)I am
calling on you and your competitors to declare your positions on this issue
 Why was this heinous proposal not entirely withdrawn by the German
delegation last June in Geneva in accordance with the will of the American,
British, Dutch, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Japanese and other
delegations? A tidal wave of international opposition to the German Codex
proposal drove it backwards last June from step 5 to step 3, but it should
have been withdrawn entirely. There is no scientific basis for the severe
restrictions found in the proposal, and this matter is best left to
national authorities to decide due to the threat posed to my life and that
of millions of other people world wide.
 In 1996, you totally ignored a letter to you from Mathias Rath, MD which
called your attention to the fact that if  the "Codex" commission is
allowed to obstruct the eradication of heart disease by restricting access
to essential nutrients, more than 12 million people world-wide will
continue to die every year from premature heart attacks and strokes. (To
say nothing of the needless suffering and death caused by OTHER preventible
diseases and ailments.)

 Along with the late Dr. Linus Pauling, Rath has discovered that the
reduction of the "sticky" molecular "lipoprotein a" is even more important
to reducing and preventing cardiovascular disease than reducing bad
cholesterol, yet the German proposal threatens to ban international access
to a therapeutic dose of the vitamins and minerals needed for this (and
other therapeutic purposes), as well as to all health information about
these life saving substances. Do you (or your competitors) REALLY stand
behind this  proposal???

Rath points out that within the next generation alone, it would result in
over 300 million premature deaths from heart disease alone -more than in
all the wars of mankind together.

It is also with this background that in August 1994, the U.S.Congress
passed laws specifically allowing health claims in connection with
vitamins. Moreover, the American Heart Association, the world's largest
association of cardiologists, supported the importance of vitamins in the
prevention of cardiovascular diseases in a press release distributed
world-wide in June 1996.

With this background, the attack represented by the German Codex proposal
for vitamins and minerals is a desperate act by the pharmaceutical
companies to protect their world-wide drug market against naturally
effective and much more affordable vitamins.(I am ccing the full text of a
revised version of Rath's letter addressed to heads of state of all UN
member nations which is available on his website at

With Bayer and Boerhinger Ingleheim now referring to herbs as "green
pharmaceuticals", with ESCOP  and BIOMED seeking to force the  EU (and
world wide) wide regulation of herbs as "drugs" and with the German Codex
proposal threatening to ban consumer access to vitamins and minerals above
RDA levels,, you must know that German consumers and others world wide are
outraged! I see the constant efforts underway inside the EU (and throughout
the world) to force harmonization to  EEC 65/65 through which all dietary
supplements are regulated as "drugs" and it is painfully obvious to me that
the Nazi Drug Trust embodied in IG Farben was not really disbanded at

This is thoroughly discussed in The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben  The
startling account of the unholy alliance of Adolph Hitler and Germany's
great chemical combine.

Fewer than a third of your countrymen currently back your leadership due to
justified fears of an unstable single European currency, yet you refuse to
hold a referendum on the issue. If you ignore that issue as well as this
one, your days in office will be numbered, and the same is true of anyone
who replaces you if THEY ignore these concerns as well.

Many young members of your Christian Democratic Union (CDU) recently called
for you to step down as party chairman after next September's federal
elections. You should listen to them, and your opponents should listen to
the will of German dietary supplement consumers who are sick and tired of
having to smuggle in vitamins from England, Holland and the USA.

 Dr. Rath has created a product which prevents heart disease which the
German Codex proposal would ban international access to. His product
contains vitamins C,E,A (Beta Carotene), D, and the complete B-complex,
along with calcium, and magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper,
selenium, chromium, and molybdenum. Also included are the amino acids
L-proline, L-lysine, L-carnitine, and L-arginine, and Coenzyme Q-10.

In 1996 prior to the Codex meeting in Bonn, Rath wrote to you demanding
that you not allow the Codex meeting to be held on German soil, expressing
outrage that Germany would once again be engaged in genocide.... only this
time against the WHOLE WORLD, not only against the German people.

A modified version of that letter which is addressed to Heads of State of
all UN Member Nations is provided below. If you REALLY intend to run for
reelection, I demand to know your position on this issue, because Dr. Rath
is correct: the health interests of millions of people ARE more important
than the stock price of the pharmaceutical corporations.

  I vow to post this message all over the internet, all over the world wide
web, and to send it to everyone I know in Germany and throughout the world.
It has been translated from English not only into German, but into French,
Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.  I am ccing it to your opposition, and to
true grass roots health freedom consumer groups throughout the world. It
will also be posted in the IAHF website,  numerous other health freedom
websites as well as magazines, newspapers and newsletters world wide.. The
courtesy of your expeditious reply acknowledging your receipt of this
message and your position on this issue would be most appreciated.

              For Health Freedom,
              John C. Hammell
cc: IAHF email international distribution listIAHF website,
numerous other health freedom websites world wide
every vitamin company & health food store in the world
every member of the German Bundestag & Bundesrat
every member of the US Congress
every member of the UK Parliament
every member of all the other ruling bodies world wide in UN member nations
every delegate to the CCNFSDU
the mainstream and alternative press world wide
widespread reproduction strongly encouraged
          The Health Interests of Millions of
                   People Are More Important than the
                   Stock Price of the Pharmaceutical
                   Corporations by Mathias Rath, MD

    Open Letter to the Heads of State and All Politicians of the
              Member Countries of the United Nations

              Dear Representatives:

              With this letter I would like to draw your attention to one
of the most important
              decisions of your public office which will directly affect
the life and health of
              every human being in your country and millions of people

              In October 1996, a secretive Commission of the United Nations
World Trade
              Organization met in Bonn, Germany, with the name "Codex
imentarius". This
              "Codex" commission is overwhelmingly composed of
representatives of
              international pharmaceutical corporations, and its aim is to
restrict access to
              vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other essential
nutrients. Spearheaded by the
              German pharmaceutical corporations, this "Codex" commission
recommended a
              world-wide ban of all health benefit statements, preventive
or therapeutic, in
              connection with vitamins and other essential nutrients.
Moreover, the "Codex"
              commission plans to outlaw all essential nutrients which will
not comply with their
              arbitrary restrictions. Those nations that will not comply
with these restrictions    are threatened with economic sanctions.

              These plans of the pharmaceutical corporations and the
"Codex" commission are
              in direct opposition to the overwhelming importance of
vitamins and other
              essential nutrients for human health, and in particular, for
              cardiovascular disease. As the physician and scientist who
led the breakthrough in
              vitamin research which can eradicate heart disease, I feel it
is incumbent upon me
              to address this important matter. Animals do not get heart
attacks because they
              produce their own vitamin C, and clinical studies with
vitamins show that coronary
              heart disease can be stopped in its early stages, long before
a heart attack occurs.
              My books, Eradicating Heart Disease, and America's Most
              Cardiovascular Health Program, show the perspective of this
              breakthrough: heart attacks and strokes will essentially be
unknown in future
              generations. It is also with this background that in August
1994, the U.S.
              Congress passed laws specifically allowing health claims in
connection with
              vitamins. Moreover, the American Heart Association, the
world's largest
              association of cardiologists, supported the importance of
vitamins in the prevention
              of cardiovascular diseases in a press release distributed
world-wide in June 1996.

              With this background, the attack of the "Codex" commission is
a desperate act by
              the pharmaceutical companies to protect their world-wide drug
market against
              naturally effective and much more affordable vitamins.
Particularly disturbing is
              the spearheading role of the German pharmaceutical
corporations within the
              "Codex" commission. Once before in this century, a German
pharmaceutical and
              chemical corporation, I.G. Farben, became responsible for the
deaths of millions
              of people and, consequently, was dismantled in 1946 by the
Nuremberg Tribunal
              and split into Bayer, BASF and Hoechst. With the current
plans of the German
              and international pharmaceutical companies, the predictable
dimension of the
              unnecessary and premature death of millions of people is
severalfold. If the
              "Codex" commission is allowed to obstruct the eradication of
heart disease by
              restricting access to essential nutrients, more than 12
million people world-wide
              will continue to die every year from premature heart attacks
and strokes. Within
              the next generation alone, this would result in over 300
million premature deaths -
              more than in all the wars of mankind together.

              With this letter I strongly urge you to act in the best
interest of your citizen's
              health now!

                   Immediately withdraw any participation of your country
in the "Codex"
                   Immediately pass laws that guarantee free access to all
essential nutrients
                   to every citizen in your country!
                   Promote the life-saving information in your country
about the health
                   benefits of essential nutrients!
                   Declare publicly that you will protect the health
interests of your people
                   and millions of people world-wide against the plans of
the international
                   pharmaceutical corporations!
                   Make every effort within the United Nations and other
                   organizations to abolish all barriers restricting free
access to essential
                   Promote the eradication of heart disease by supporting
vitamin research
                   and by all other means available.


              Matthias Rath, MD
              President, Health Now

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