To: "AdvisorX"
Subject: Re: The con behind DNA Testing
From: John Hammell
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 12:02:35 -0500

Jim -

Thanks for this- very astute observations. How far would you reckon you've been able to disseminate this? I will put it on my website if you want in the anti New Whirrrrrld Odor section at Have you ever done any radio shows to discuss this type of info to get word out to more people? Could recommend a few if you're interested. If you're in Ontario are you in touch with Trueman Tuck from the group Friends of Freedom, ? They'd probably help disseminate this further in Canada, and Debbie Anderson of Citizens Voice for Health Rights in BC would help too.

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At 02:18 PM 2/7/02 -0500, you wrote:

Truth: the power elites that control the authorities don't allow anything that conflicts with their hidden agenda to be sold or told into the masses.

The allowing of fatherhood to be attacked, the breakdown of the family, the mothers being given lenient sentences for like breaches of court orders, etc...this is a con and all part of the hidden agenda...wake up...where are you being lead...sheepeople!

Imagine a world where Father's are vastly unemployed and can't pay their support....non-payment of support is a crime...their children are hungry....another step in hidden agenda.

Dog eat dog world is promoted. Mothers in desperation to feed their young look for a new man to support them. But morals have broken down through the generations and they have no problem in sneaking in the odd f**k from another guy...after all the existing relationship is merely economic survival based....they get pregnant....and tell the father's it's theirs.....but they can't afford another child...they are already paying for their other children from a previous marriage...the ahd been told by the women they are on he suspects she has cheated on him...and off he goes for his paternity DNA test....and more and more men are doing this and it becomes accepted practice for father's.....everybody does's great to know they are you children or not....right? Legitimate mothers are degraded by it of course..and it creates a rift between the father and mother and they seperate over the degradation....another family he has to support...more money for lawyers, courts, social services, jailers, police, ambulance drivers, doctors, psychiatrists, the misery know the pay they play....and the world changes but remains the same for you...

Crime must be controlled! the citizens are told everyday.....and the solution is a DNA recording system that will be fool proof indentity system...and we all will be safe then......we are told. So we cheer when the legislation is passed and look forward to our crime free will take time of course as we all go to give our DNA...and those that don't in the end...well they must be off to the concentration camps with them.....and those non-paying father's they are criminals to...right!

Imagine a dictatorship suddenly now occurs, you are an opened mouth expressive person that says what you believe and truths. All citizens are required to have their DNA on record with the National Citizens Crime Establishment. The internal security services see you as a growing threat as you are talking to more and more persons about the truths that are not being told in the media about the dictatorship...the secret concentration camps.....the use of TV to electro-magnetically transmit directly into the brain whatever programming that the dictator wants the people to believe about herself.....micro-wave transmissions directly into the brain via cell phone towers so that when you are not in front of the TV that the brain programming is maintained and added day every body celebrates the end of the fear of their children being kidnapped......they all have a GPS computer chip in their body so they can be tracked down immediately....and low and behold even greater things are in store for the growing child as he becomes an adult....he can now have all his bank records on his chiip...and his medical records and his traffic violations and his support payment arrears...all transmitted and update instantaneously through cell tower transmissions....had your pet chipped... another can find it instantaneously.....well really the authorities can find it instaneously and low and behold they can hear you talking when you are near the animal...and they can hear you when your TV is off thought the two way transmission system in the TV....well, arent' you insensed so you go to a protest against this....and a window is broken in a door.....and low and behold they find your DNA on the door knob.....but you had left before the window breaking bad!

bye, bye....concentration camp time....

sorry friend but the truth has no value at that point except to your soul. God bless you.

Jim Vella

Sign of the times: Firm offers paternity testing on billboard

The National Post
(Toronto, Canada)
March 30, 2002
Susan Heinrich, Staff
Chris Bolin, National Post.

A sign advertising DNA testing is posted along a Toronto highway.

A huge billboard looming over one of Toronto's busiest expressways asks the thousands of motorists who race by each day the ominous question: "Are you the father? Be Sure."

Genetest Laboratories Inc., a Mississauga, Ont., firm that offers a sophisticated paternity testing service, has launched a billboard advertising campaign that is thought to be the first of its kind in Canadian for such a service.

The five-metre-by-nine-metre billboard stands alongside the Gardiner Expressway, near the city's downtown core.

"In Canada the paternity testing business is not well known," Baseer Haqqani, a spokesman for Genetest, said. "Canadians are not as well versed with it as U.S. customers for some reason."

Until now, advertising touting paternity tests has appeared mostly in legal journals.

Genetest initially targeted lawyers through direct marketing by e-mail, Mr. Haqqani said. But his son, Omar Haqqani, president of Genetest, came up with the idea for a billboard when he learned of the success of such ads in the United States, one of which has the toll-free number 1-800-R U MY DAD.

Paternity testing is becoming so common in the United States that talk shows use the topic as a way to attract viewers during the all-important sweeps period. Ratings for the Maury Povich show, ranked third behind The Oprah Winfrey Show and Live with Regis and Kelly, increase an average of 6% when paternity testing is featured, the New York Times reported.

There is a rising demand for paternity tests, Mr. Haqqani said. His business has doubled in each of the last four years and his company recently expanded into Buffalo, N.Y.

Paternity tests began to be marketed commercially in the late 1990s, when DNA technology evolved to a point where testing was simple, fast and relatively inexpensive. Today all that is required to determine paternity with 99.9% certainty is a swab from the child's mouth and one from each of the supposed parents. The test costs between $500 and $1,000, and results are usually available within a week.

The company's next campaign will be for another service designed to root out wayward spouses: sperm detection. For US$400, Genetest will perform analysis on any article of clothing or linens to determine the presence of sperm, and provide proof of infidelity.