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From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 00:59:53 -0500

IAHF LIST: I have taken a lot of flak for endorsing articles such as this by paragons of "polical correctness" who feel that I "unecessarily lessen my base of support" by doing so. Whatever. This forwarded article certainly reflects ALL of the negative experiences that I've had with the UN as I've sought to expose their CODEX scam to steal our vitamins.

On Friday I'll be on a radio show hosted by Gary Trexler, a fellow libertarian who shares my strong belief in the second amendment right to bear arms. I've been heavily criticized by some for backing the second amendment, but the sad truth of the matter is that its about all we have left, and if you don't believe it- be my guest at trying to get Burton to hold an oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue. I haven't given up. There is only one thing left to do that might work: a massive pitch to his constituents from within his district and I'm working on that now. In the mean time, please download the Dan Burton form letter off the "whats new" section from and please alert more people to read the gif files on the IAHF website: Burton and 4 other members of Congress told FDA not to do what they went ahead and did anyway over the express written objection of Congress, and now Congress is renegging on its agreement to help us.

A government that has lost its fear of its citizens is a very dangerous government indeed. When they constantly renege on promises due to pressure from the Pharmaceutical Industry, just be GLAD we have a second amendment as backup, if necessary. Senator Reid just introduced a bill that would amend the IRS laws to force the registration of hand guns. That bill has zero chance politically to move, and is a political ploy against Bush. The elite own both horses in the race, and the challenge becomes to determine which would deliver the least power unto the UN/WTO as both Democrats and Republicans are engaged in a race to destroy this country and enslave the world, which is why I don't belong to their parties.


by Ray Simmons

Back in the 1960s the John Birch Society had a campaign to try to influence the American people to withdraw from the United Nations. A few people listened, most did not.

In 1963 G. Edward Griffin wrote The Fearful Master, a second look at the United Nations in which he thoroughly documented the socialist nature of the UN and some of the atrocities committed by UN "peace keeping" forces. We weren't listening.

In 1981 Robert W. Lee published a book, The United Nations Conspiracy, in which he presented ample evidence to convince any reader that the United Nations was not good for America nor for the freedoms Americans enjoy. A few read and listened, most did not.

In 1992 William F. Jasper published his book, Global Tyranny...step by step, the United Nations and the emerging New World Order, which thoroughly documented the UN's march toward one-world government. Still, the nation remained blind, deaf and dumb.

In 1995 William Norman Grigg published Freedom on the Altar, the UN's Crusade Against God & Family, in which he thoroughly documented the anti-God sentiments of the globalist UN organization. God's people yawned and shrugged their shoulders.

In 1999 Joan Veon, a well know financial advisor, published The United Nations' Global Straitjacket in which she outlines step-by-step how the UN is manipulating the world economic system to bring about its goal of total control for world government.

It isn't as if we have had no warning. The evidence has been all around us, but instead of listening to the truth available we chose to listen to the lies, the propaganda spouted by a media that is and has been mostly controlled by the same forces that gave us the United Nations in the first place. Why? Because that media was telling us what we wanted to scratched our itching ears.

If that is our bent, then why am I sitting here writing these words, words that very few will likely read and that most who do read will chose to ignore? A good question. I have no answer, except to say that I feel I must.

There is a man named Henry Lamb who lives in Tennessee. Henry has spent the better part of the last fifteen years trying to get the message about the UN to the American people. He has attended many UN conferences and has seen first-hand the mechanisms for global government being put into place. Henry is a frequent guest on radio talk-shows where he shares his knowledge with all who will listen. He is also a frequent contributor of articles to the World Net Daily Internet news (

There are many groups in this country fighting one battle or another as they see problems crop up in various segments of our society. Eagle Forum has been a leader in the fight for a return to good education for our children. Other groups are battling for justice for land owners who have seen their control over their own lands stripped from them by such things as the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Waters Act and the Environmental Protection Agency. There are others fighting the current Administration's feverish attempts to remove massive segments of public land from the reach of the citizens who are the legal owners. The gun owners organizations are fighting to protect our Second Amendment right to own and bear arms from being totally dismantled. There are a few pastors now warning us that we are losing our First Amendment right of freedom to express our religious beliefs and live according to them. Our privacy is being threatened by Congressional actions that contain hidden provisions buried deep within a lot of legalese language, and our right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure (the Fourth Amendment) has been severely compromised by so-called anti-terrorism legislation.


Our schools have been corrupted by our compliance with the UN's edicts concerning education.

Our lands have been confiscated by our compliance with UN policies relating to land use.

The push for gun control comes right out of the UN's policies on arms control.

Our policies on environmental protection come dictated to us from the UN's second Earth Summit and its AGENDA 21.

We are no longer in control of our national and international trade policies because of the World Trade Organization (WTO) which comes from the UN's General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT).

The list is endless. The UN has a treaty or a Convention covering just about every aspect of life anyone can imagine. The one-world government (Global Governance) being set up by the UN will regulate ALL aspects of human behavior. Anyone not in compliance will be forced to conform through a world police system that will make Hitler's Brown Shirts seem like Sunday-school children, and a justice system that does not permit trial by a jury of one's peers. Those who resist "reeducation" will be incarcerated or "otherwise prohibited" from creating disharmony within this coming Utopia.

Time is very, very short. In September of this year the Millennium Assembly will convene and the UN will present its plan for Global Governance: "It is called The Charter for Global Democracy. It has already been signed by influential leaders in 56 nations, and has the support of civil society non-government organizations around the world. The document is, in reality, a Charter for the abolition of individual freedom." ¹

I was a young teenager when the UN came into being. I do not remember specifics but I do remember the great media blitz that we had to have the UN to preserve the peace we had won in WWII. I became an ardent supporter of the UN, a victim of the propaganda, just as were most Americans. A quote from The United Nations Conspiracy: "Of all the cliches that have played a role in the historical development of the United Nations, none has been used more extensively than the claim that the UN is man's last and best hope for peace. ...despite the fact that not a single provision in the UN Charter contemplates an end to war."(p.33) What the Charter says in essence is that force is okay but only to enforce the principles outlined in the UN Charter. Then force becomes "peace keeping" operations, the kind we have recently seen in Samolia and Yugoslavia.

J. Reuben Clark, Jr. who served for many years as U.S. Undersecretary of State and Ambassador to Mexico predicted:

Not only does the Charter Organization not prevent future wars, but it makes it practically certain that we shall have future wars, and as to such wars it takes from us the power to declare them, to choose the side on which we shall fight, to determine what forces and military equipment we shall use in the war, and to control and command our sons who do the fighting.

We saw that prediction come true in the Korean "police action" and even more so in the Vietnam conflict. Wars that we were not allowed to win because winning them would have been inconsistent with the UN's overall policies. The careful observer will find that UN peace-keeping actions (like the one in Katanga) and their peace maneuvers (like those against anti-communist Rhodesia) have had a long history of removing potential blocks to world socialism. This should not be surprising when one considers that the UN Charter and organizational structure were largely the products of Alger Hiss, a young and highly influential advisor to FDR and his state department, who was the first Secretary General of the UN and who was later convicted as a spy for the Soviets.

Another quote from The United Nations Conspiracy: "The United Nations has for over three decades been hawking carefully contrived counterfeits intended to mislead the Americans into believing that the world body stands four-square with our Founding Fathers." (p.95) Its guarantee of individual rights has been compared to that in our own Bill of Rights and at first glance appears to be so ... until you read elsewhere that all rights are good only as long as they do not conflict with the UN position.² Our freedom of speech is a guarantee that we can criticize our government, theirs is a guarantee only that you may not criticize government. Our freedom of religion guarantees the right to hold and espouse any religious belief, theirs is a guarantee that you may hold and espouse only those religious beliefs that are consistent with UN goals.

Robert W. Lee also says in his book: "Despite having failed even to define human rights at the Charter level, the UN later adopted its vague, non-binding Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. According to former UN General Assembly President Charles Malik:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the General Assembly in Paris in 1948 without a single dissenting vote, is one of the fundamental documents of this age. . . . The message does not come from this or that positive legal system, this or that special religion, this or that special outlook on life. The message comes from the combined and considered views of all systems, all religions, all cultures, and all outlooks.

"Think about that for a moment. Could anything be more ridiculous and futile than attempting to pour the 'views of all systems [Communist and Capitalist], all religions [Christian and Moslem], all cultures [Western and Hottentot], and all outlooks [moral and immoral]' into a melting pot and come up with anything resembling a decent human rights policy? The only meaningful precedent we can think of is Dr. Frankenstein's attempt to piece things together. He, too, created a monster." (pp.101-102)

Yes, we have created a monster. We have survived thus far because, unlike the one Dr. Frankenstein made, our monster was created an infant that had to grow. Now, fifty plus years later it is nearly full grown and is about to destroy its creator and prime nourisher just as did its fictional analogy.


1. Henry Lamb: The Charter for Global Democracy: 10/01/99

2. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Article 29 "(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke (1729-1797)