Subject: Anti WTO Article by Abagail Singer- Eyewitness of Battle of Seattle Send Instant Mssg to Congress Opposing the WTO!
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 20:20:24 -0500

IAHF LIST: Please read the thought provoking article in the attached file by Ralph's niece about what really happened in Seattle, and forward to everyone you know. I know most of you already know the truth of that fascist scene from my reporting a long time ago, but Abigail Singer's article is well worth reading anyway! Her article should be read by people all over the world, especially if you don't fully grasp the evil intent of the New World Order that wishes to enslave us all. After reading this article, please visit and study the information... Can't fight back successfully unless you know what they have planned for us.

As a libertarian, idealistically I like the idea of free trade-- but I DON'T like the WTO's version. The reality is that the WTO = total dictatorial thuggery- the iron boot stamping in our faces forever and we must DESTROY the WTO. I saw that first hand in Seattle and what happened there was reminicient of old newsreels of Hitler's brownshirts in action. America must pull OUT of the WTO: and Ron Paul (a libertarian's libertarian) has introduced a House Resolution calling for just that. Go to Send INSTANT mssgs to your Senators and Congressman online in about 30 seconds to call for the US to pull OUT of the WTO, and forward this to more people!

From: Dr. Ralph N. Singer
Subject: World Trade Organization and othe matters
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 16:24:32 -0800

Drear Friends;
The attachment is a copy of a paper my niece wrote for a college course. Beside the fact that she is my niece and I am grateful to get anything from her, I was particularly touched by the sentiments of her work. It may not be a great piece of literature, or even journalism, but it is worth reading. There are URL's and other links with respect to the Seattle incidents and other World Trade Organization activities. Ordinarily, I see marketplace freedom as a positive thing, but often my ideas of free trade are not consistent with descriptions of free trade in other circles.

I am increasingly concerned by activities of Multinational Corporations, which dominate much of the direction of the WTO. It is unlikely that any single person has all the answers. In addition, clearly not all such actions are negative or harmful. However, before such organizations are vested with considerable power, I think that we the people should have a better idea their agendas and priorities. I dislike the specter of marching toward hegemony with all the best of intentions.

The real issues are probably more complex, convoluted and deceptive than any of us would like to hallucinate. One aspect of the issues is that "we the people" does not just apply to United States citizens but to all dwellers on the planet. In terms of having a representative government, we are fortunate, but this does not excuse loss of vigilance, perhaps tomorrow they will be coming for us. Our vigil must be for more than merely ourselves. If others have links or comments about this topic, I would appreciate. Finally, I disclaim any adherence to any groups position, political or otherwise. I have my opinion and you can have yours.

Dr. Ralph N. Singer STOP THE WTO

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