Subject: UN Plans September Meeting for World Dominance: Lets Disrupt It!!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 16:55:51 -0500

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Everyone: Forward Widely and Take Action!


The final big push to destroy the sovereignty of nations is beginning in September in NYC at the UN. Vitamin consumers and other lovers of liberty world wide must strongly oppose this so called "Charter '99" initiative. Seattle was just a warm up. We need to get some serious numbers to NYC in opposition to this UN meeting- to let our would be rulers know who is boss!

Please join with me in visiting the UN's website regarding this meeting to express your steadfast opposition to the UN and to the concept of global governance. Go to

Fill in, and send back their comments form telling them they can go to _HELL_, that you STAUNCHLY _OPPOSE_ world government, their "Charter '99" initiative, and ALL of their other plans to enslave/barcode and track you! Write/call/email your elected officials telling them of your views. Forward this to everyone you know!

These people at the UN want to shove the Codex vitamin proposal down our throats. They want to combine the WTO with the UN. They pay lip service to caring about our views, but thats all empty platatudinous bull- trust me, I KNOW: I've BEEN to two UN meetings in Germany- they don't care about the rights of individuals, or of the views of NGOs, unless those NGOs are already in sync with their agenda already (as IADSA is.)

I just went on the UN website at and let them all know that I am arming myself to the teeth in opposition to them, that I agree with Senator Jesse Helms's views regarding the UN (see and that I will never endorse the UN or the concept of global governance. Lets all do this. The article below from World Net Daily is worth a careful read.

This information was brought to me by Gloria and John Garvin of "Rhode Islanders Gaining Heritage Through Status" ("RIGHTS") Please visit their website and give serious reflection on the issues raised there regarding our sovereign rights. Learn how to claim YOUR sovereign rights! Everyone, world wide, can learn from this website. We were EACH endowed by our CREATOR (AKA "GOD") with certain unalienable rights- and the UN/WTO BE DAMNED!!!

We need to march on this UN meeting, and demand that the US pull OUT of the UN. If you haven't already, call your Congressman (202-225-3121 Switchboard) and ask him to cosponsor Ron Paul's bill The American Sovereignty Restoration Act, which pulls us completely out of the UN. It only has 16 cosponsors because we're not working HARD ENOUGH on it!

If you are outside the USA, it is IMPERATIVE that you tell your elected officials that you are arming yourself to the teeth, and that you are prepared to KILL if necessary in defense of your God Given RIGHTS as a human being, and that you totally oppose the TERRORISTS at both the UN and the WTO as well as any elected official who disrespects your God Given Right to ingest whatever substance you desire into YOUR body- since YOU (NOT THE STATE/Federal Government/WTO/UN or ANYONE ELSE) is SOVEREIGN over your OWN body, and anyone who does not agree can eat LEAD!

World government meeting in September
Major U.N. confab seeks to implement 'global decision-making'

By Jon E. Dougherty
© 2000

The United Nations is sponsoring a global government conference in the fall designed to examine "the future of the world," and to create "an organizational structure whereby the peoples of the world can participate effectively in global decision-making in the context of the United Nations system."

In preparation for this unprecedented conference, "Charter 99: A Charter for Global Democracy" calls for all nations to adopt principles of "international accountability, justice, and sustainable development" under the umbrella of democratic representation -- through the United Nations.

Called the "Millennium Assembly and Summit," the meeting is part of the U.N.'s latest initiative to implement global government. Paving the way for the meeting, Charter 99 is sponsored by a consortium of influential non-governmental organizations, or NGOs -- including the World Federalist Association, Westminster UNA, the One World Trust, the Commission for Global Governance, and the Royal Commonwealth Society. Addressed to "all the governments and peoples of the world they represent," it openly invites representatives from every country to the U.N. conference.

Posted during 1999, the website's introduction to the September conference's agenda states: "Throughout the century now coming to an end there have been well meaning and sometimes eloquent calls for world government." Included were "calls which pointed to the unfairness, inequality and injustice of the present distributions of wealth, power and policy making -- which mean that today one in five of us lives in absolute poverty," as well as "calls which emphasized the dangers to peace and even to human survival. If only we could work as one world, then we could solve the world's problems together."

Assembly sponsors said that during the 1990s, "demands for international government have taken on a new energy and precision." Specifically, project sponsors said, "the Commission on Global Governance made an unprecedented international effort to draw up a framework for global politics," adding that "the Hague Agenda for Peace represents a world-wide coalition committed to replace the causes of war with a culture of peace and non-violence." In addition, it says, "an International Criminal Court was adopted at Rome in 1998 to reinforce international criminal law." Sponsors also championed the international effort to remove landmines, cancel "unpayable" third world debt, and the adoption of the "Universal Declaration of Democracy, endorsed by most parliaments in the world" by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Proclaiming that "in many ways we now have a world government," U.N. Assembly sponsors said that government "is not to be found at the United Nations." Rather, they said, the U.N. has been sidelined while "the real business of world government" is conducted elsewhere.

"Global policies are discussed and decided behind closed doors by exclusive groups, such as the G8, OECD, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and others," the sponsors said. "These agencies are reinforced by informal networks of high officials and powerful alliances. Together they have created what can be seen as dominant and exclusive institutions of world government. All too often they are influenced by transnational corporations which pursue their own world strategies.

"These agencies of actual world government must be made accountable," said the Assembly introduction. "If there are to be global policies, let them be answerable to the peoples of the world."

Sponsors said the first goal of the September meeting's participants should be to make the existing world government bodies accountable. "We want to know what decisions are being taken and why. We want the decision takers to know they are answerable to the public in every country which feels the breath of international bodies," Assembly sponsors said.

"Then we want all decisions to be compatible with public criteria of environmental sustainability."

Furthermore, the group said, "we also want the U.N. to ensure that its core mandate, 'to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war', applies equally to all the peoples of this world.

"Finally, if most ambitiously, we want global governance to be compatible with the principles of equality, human rights and justice, including social and economic justice."

Charter 99 supporters have also listed 12 areas for urgent action as well, which includes giving the U.N. General Assembly more powers to scrutinize U.N. agencies, strengthening justice "under international law," giving the U.N. an "additional and independent source of revenue," and the creation of a new "directly recruited U.N. Rapid Reaction (military) Force."


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