Picture of John Hammell with Croft Woodruff
L-R: John Hammell with Croft Woodruff, Croft's Health Products, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada http://www.cwhealth.com/ Health Freedom Lectures by Croft Woodruff https://treefarmtapes.safeserver.com/catalog/speaker.asp?speakerid=925

Croft Woodruff is President of a new health food trade association, currently being formed to replace the corrupt CHFA in Canada. IAHF is helping Woodruff in this endeavor and we're working with people in the USA to form a similar new trade association to replace the corrupt CRN, NNFA, AHPA and UNPA which have abandoned small health food stores and small manufacturers by not backing the ANH lawsuit.

In symbolic disgust with the District of Criminals, IAHF will be relocating in October 2003 to Point Roberts, Washington, as far as it is possible to get from Washington DC and still remain in the continental USA. IAHF's new headquarters will be in Point Roberts Washington, on the tip of a penninsula disconnected from the rest of the State of Washington, and only a part of the state because it extends just south of the 49th parallel. This penninsula is attached to the British Columbia, Canada mainland. This new location positions IAHF to work with equal effectiveness in both the USA and Canada.

IAHF will be transformed into an international membership organization in the near future for those who wish to share more directly in our work. Thank you for your kind assistance in helping to drive the Pharma Cartel where they belong: OUT OF BUSINESS. Assistance will be needed for the next couple of years to sustain the Alliance for Natural Health Lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. Donations can be made via http://www.alliiance-natural-health.org Donations to IAHF can be made via http://www.iahf.com