To: IAHF List
Subject: NNFA's Lobbying Firm Includes Pharma Cartel Clients That Made More Than $30.72 BILLION, 839 MILLION DOLLARS in 2000.
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 13:05:58 -0400

IAHF LIST: Look at the hard hitting evidence below regarding massive pharmaceutical dominance of the DC lobbying firm hired by NNFA to allegedly defend the interests of its vitamin company members.

A representative of NNFA told Gary Null at the Expo East Trade Show that they regard me to be "psychotic". Hard hitting information such as the information below clearly shows why they dislike me so much, which is fine with me, I'd be doing something WRONG if they did NOT react this way.

After reading the enclosed materials, please ask your local health food store if they're members of NNFA. If they ARE, please tell them that you feel very uncomfortable about the conflict of interest exposed here involving NNFA's attorneys and lobbyists. Ask them to raise serious questions about the Codex Vitamin Issue based on this information, because they are not being told the truth. The health food store owners should discuss all of this with all small to midsized vitamin companies that are members of NNFA, or the USA will soon find itself in exactly the same mess that the European Union is in with the highly draconian EU Vitamin Directive pending, and for the exact same reasons as Codex continues to move. There is a serious need for the small to mid sized members of NNFA to quit and form their OWN trade association, one that is responsive to THEIR needs and which will hire lobbyists that AREN'T caught in this kind of rampant conflict of interest situation.

NNFA's LOBBYING FIRM TELLS EVERYONE CODEX IS A "NON ISSUE" (Yeah, it IS a "non issue" to the multinational pharmaceutical companies trying to take over the supplement industry)

How can the vitamin companies that are members of NNFA that have NOT sold out to pharmaceutical interests POSSIBLY feel comfortable about the Washington DC lobbying firm Parry Romani,Deconcini, and Symms ?

This lobbying firm constantly attempts to convince people that the Codex vitamin issue "is a non issue" that it "can't" impact US domestic law- that it "can't" result in our vitamin laws being indirectly forced via the threat of trade sanctions to be harmonized to grossly restrictive international standards under development in the EU and at Codex, but what can you EXPECT from a lobbying firm that is paid as extensively as this one is by multinational pharmaceutical firms??? Isn't it kind of like "spying on yourself" to hire a lobbying firm like this?


Can we possibly TRUST a lobbying firm whose clients include Five Multinational Pharmaceutical Comanies with combined gross revenues for 2000 of $30.72 BILLION, 839 MILLION DOLLARS????

Pfizer, $29.6 BILLION in Sales for 2000

Aventis, $1.12 BILLION in sales for 2000. (formerly known as Hoechst, part of IG Farben which fueled Hitler's war machine.)

Shering Plough, over $9 MILLION in sales for 2000

Pharmacia, over $18 MILLLION in sales in 2000. (merger of Pharmacia & Upjohn with Monsanto Company and its G.D. Searle unit.)

Watson Pharmaceuticals $812 MILLION in sales in 2000.

PLUS the so called "Consumer Healthcare Products Assn" (formerly the Non Prescription Drug Manufacturers Assn), PLUS the (so called) AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Funded by the large "philanthropic trusts" so closely intertwined with the Pharma Cartel


NNFA attorneys I.Scott Bass and Charles Raubicheck, (Themselves working for Sidley and Austin, a multinational law firm which has a huge number of pharmaceutical clients) tell NNFA members that Senator Hatch's son Scott works at Parry, Romani, Deconcin and Symms, along with Scott Baxter who used to be Chief Counsel to Hatch's Senate Judiciary Committee as well as staff director of that committee, along with John Haddow who also worked for Hatch for many years in various positions.

My reaction? So WHAT????- Hatch was the top recipient of Pharmacetical PAC Money of Anyone in Congress!!! See Open Secrets website See his top PAC contributors at and his individual contributors (including many individuals employed by pharmaceutical firms seeking access)

Donations Received by Members of Hatch's Judiciary Committee During the 107th Congress:

Attorneys (including many from pharmaceutical firms) donated $7,836,288
Pharmaceutical interests donated $1,358,516
Health Professionals donated $2,422,636
Insurance Companies (many dominated by pharmaceutical interests) donated $2,272,830
Hospitals and Nursing Homes donated $871,486
Lobbyists (of all kinds including pharmaceutical lobbyists) donated $1,434,576


Could THIS possibly have anything to do with the reaction of Bruce Artim who handles vitamin issues for Senator Hatch on the Senate Judiciary Committee staff when I have attempted to get help from him in examining Yetley's actions at Codex??? When I wanted Senator Hatch to get an emergency injunction in Federal Court to stop Yetley from ignoring the will of the people and the will of Congress as clearly expressed in the amendment which exempted dietary supplements from the harmonization language of the FDA Modernization Act of 1997, Artim told me the same thing NNFA tells people which is that our domestic laws are "protected from harmonization" by Federal Statute 19 USC 3512 (a)(1) and (a)(2) but this is a LIE!

When I discussed this with Artim, he listened to me for 45 minutes, and got really ANGRY at me at first, but when I started discussing the FACT that 19 USC 3512 (a)(1) and (a)(2) is a PAPER TIGER due to the Mutual Recognition Agreements we signed under NAFTA and GATT, he got VERY QUIET, and listened VERY CLOSELY because DEEP DOWN he KNOWS I am CORRECT, but if he were to try to do anything about it, MASSIVE lobbying pressure could be exerted on Senator Hatch to fire him, so he is doing what they're ALL doing- he's LOOKING THE OTHER WAY..... PRETENDING our domestic laws are protected.

THEY'RE NOT...... but the only members of Congress honest enough to admit this to us are Congressmen Ron Paul and Peter De Fazio...... Ron Paul is the ONLY member of Congress who REFUSES to accept ANY money from the Political Action Committees.