Subject: Novartis Sued Over Ritalin Fraud- Is a Member of NNFA which belongs to IADSA; IAHF Thumbs Nose At Corrupt "Vitamin" Trade Associations - Announces Real Efforts To Help Defend Health Freedom in Europe And World Wide
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2000 09:00:50 -0400

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The REALLY sick thing about Novartis being sued over Ritalin Fraud (see Robin's comments below mine) is that Novartis is a member of the so called "National Nutritional Foods Assn" "NNFA" the very same alleged "vitamin" trade association that elected Randy Dennin of Capsugel (owned by Warner Lambert which was recently bought out by Pfizer) to be their "international committee chairman" which has determined their pro FDA, pro NAS, pro PHARMACEUTICAL stance on CODEX. Vitamin consumers can't TRUST NNFA, or CRN, or so called "Citizens for Health", much less "IADSA" For crying out loud, Randy Dennin is CfH's Treasurer....... need I say more?

A year ago, at the NNFA trade show in Las Vegas Nevada I sat through a meeting of IADSA, a highly suspect, Pharma Cartel dominated allegedly "pro vitamin" international supposed "umbrella group" of "vitamin trade associations" (ahem, like NNFA for example.) Dennin is the head honcho of IADSA. I almost CHOKED when Dennin, and another serious TRAITOR, Karl Riedel made a presentation before a group of very GULLIBLE vitamin industry people in which they were shown a map of Europe in a slide presentation, showing all the countries that had no health freedom (MOST OF EUROPE) designated in RED. With a very DRAMATIC sweep of his arm, Karl Riedel solemnly intoned that IADSA intended to get the equivalent of DSHEA passed "all over Europe" and as he grandly gestured with his arm, all the "RED" countries in his dubious slide presentation turned "GREEN".

(Very, very UNIMPRESSIVE, especially considering that IADSA has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING towards trying to bring this about while IAHF in stark contrast is doing everything humanly possible to help educate people in Europe, to encourage people to put up more grass roots health freedom websites in Europe, and we are attempting to get copies of "Let Truth Be The Bias" the documentary that helped usher in DSHEA, transposed to PAL VHS format with the intention of shipping copies of it to some key people in Europe as soon as NEXT WEEK, with a goal to making an UPDATED VERSION of this award winning documentary specifically intended to help the people in Europe to oppose the horrible EU vitamin directive which threatens to be shoved down the throats of people there by sometime next year, (and impacting Codex heavily in 2002. (See The Lever of Archimedes health freedom website in Italy- English translation

What is IADSA doing while Rome burns?????????? Absolutely NOTHING. They were created to give the APPEARANCE of defending the interests of vitamin companies, while in REALITY, through a combination of gross INACTION combined with their endorsement of such unscientific, pharmaceutically funded shill pieces as the National Academy of Sciences so called "Risk Assessment" paper (see for NAS paper and rebuttal) , IADSA is actively ASSISTING the Pharma Cartel takeover, which really should come as no SURPRISE when you see that an employee of a company owned by PFIZER is their head man. Follow the money, people, ALWAYS follow the money.... if we want health freedom in Europe, or anywhere ELSE in this sick, corrupt, money grubbing world, we have to take it to the PEOPLE and to the STREETS, which only IAHF is doing world wide because we KNOW whats at stake.... OUR LIVES!

If NOVARTIS were to ever ATTEMPT to donate money to IAHF, I'd send their check back with graphic and highly EXPLICIT instructions on what they can DO WITH IT ! Please pass the word that ONLY IAHF is truly in your CORNER, because we in fact DO what we SAY, SAY what we MEAN, and MEAN what we SAY---- By next week copies of "Let Truth Be the Bias" , the award winning documentary that helped raise a half million bucks for the lobbying behind DSHEA and which helped get MILLIONS of Americans to flood Congress with phone calls and more mail than they've ever seen on a single issue in the HISTORY of the US Congress will be on their way to REAL health freedom fighters in Europe, people who check out as being SOLID, and not AFRAID to do what MUST BE DONE to DEFEND HUMAN LIVES!

Kindly read the article below about how Novartis is being sued for Ritalin fraud, get suitably angered, and send a DONATION to IAHF at PO Box 625 Floyd, VA 24091 USA Anyone can join the IAHF list AT NO CHARGE at see the listbot menu or send email to Because you can't PUT a DOLLAR VALUE on HUMAN LIFE. IAHF values EVERYONE's input, regardless of whether or not you're broke. IAHF KNOWS what its like to be the UNDERDOG.... That EMPOWERS us.... We've done so MUCH for so LONG for so MANY with ALMOST NO MONEY that we're now qualified to do almost ANYTHING with NOTHING.

Is your child on Ritalin?

You may have heard about the law firm that won the asbestos case. But you certainly have heard about the company that took on the tobacco industry (which is the same): Waters & Kraus. Those guys do not kid around, trust me. And now finally they have taken on a new challenge: They will prove in court that Ciba-Geigy (a Swiss pharmaceutical company which has in the meantime merged with Sandoz to form drug giant Novartis, with $5b net profity per year) has colluded with the American Psychiatric Association to promote the illness ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperacivity Disorder) in order to then sell their drug, Ritalin

Or did you think it is coincidence that in some American schools more than half of all children are on Ritalin while in Europe the portion of children with ADD or ADHD are in the per mil??? And I fear that the Ritalin story is only the tip of the iceberg, many other drugs are likely to be sold in the same questionable manner by first promoting or even creating a disease for which the company in question then has the chemical answer. But now Novartis is about to get it big time, and one thing is for sure, we will not shed a tear about it. We prefer to promote natural remedies and healing methods without side effects -- or rather with positive side effects -- and while Novartis sees in every sick person a walking dollar sign our vison is a world without disease. The day IAHF has made itself superfluous because everyone on the world will have unfettered access to the dietary supplements of their choice as well as to the alternative treatment of their choice will be the happiest day of my life.

Robin It is not the truth that will heal you, but the knowledge of the truth.