Dr. Clark on the way to Indiana


This is the Dr. Hulda Clark summary and update. She was arrested in San Diego, CA on Monday Sept. 20. There was a warrant out for her arrest from Brown County, Indiana; she is being charged with "practicing medicine without a license." She was supposed to have a hearing in CA Monday Oct. 4, and instead is now en route to Brown County, Indiana, where her hearing will take place quite soon. Please forgive me if I have not been able to respond personally to specific questions you've had. Don't give up! I've got hundreds of emails to deal with, which is great! But please write again if I do not get back to you personally in a few days....

As explained in her son's letter below, somehow, the jail authorities did not manage to get Dr. Clark to the San Diego hearing. (they said they couldn't find her!) She was picked up this morning, and is en route to Indiana. Her hearing must be held within 48 hours. This means it could possibly be held as early as Thursday, but may be on Friday or Monday. As soon as we're given word on this, we will post it. Ideally, we would like as many supporters as possible to show up to the courthouse in the town of Nasheville, and be willing to talk to the media about how they have been helped by Dr. Clark's methods. In lieu of attending her hearing, we are still asking for letters of support. If you are interested, you may also want to write your local paper with a letter to the editor, expressing outrage over the suppression of alternative treatment options, and your desire for an overhauling of our health care system.

We have a new address to send letters to, for Hulda Clark's support. These letters may be given to her attorney, or to the judge, or to the local media. A wonderful supporter whose husband used the Clark methods to cure himself of cancer (I spoke with her by phone today) has volunteered to accept both letters and faxes, and get them to the hearing for us.

Please fax your letters to : (217) 427-5733

Please mail your letters, preferably 2 copies to:

c/o Dr. Clark Research Association, 9710 Camp Drake Rd., Fairmount, Illinois, 61841-6301

You may also still email the Brown County Democrat at: newsroom@kiva.net

Editor Mary Wayt (sorry for the previous incorrect spelling!) has already received letters from all over the world in support of Dr. Clark, including letters from Taiwan, Switzerland, Indonesia, New Zealand, England, and Germany.

You're doing a great job!!!!!!!!

This is, unfortunately, a very sticky situation. Clearly, Dr. Clark's work has helped thousands of people around the world. Legally, I am not sure where we stand in this case. This is why we must use this time to address, as I have mentioned earlier, the deeper issues her case represents, including; What constitutes healing? Who decides what constitutes healing, and what are they basing their decisions on? Why are people who are helping others heal being prosecuted instead of supported, for their work?

These issues need to be addressed at the national level, and we need to work together to revolutionize our approach and relationship to healing. There are a lot of efficacious treatments that are not legal, or are considered quackery, because they are not adopted by the proper channels. We are trying to get national media involvement to address this problem, so if you have media connections and are interested in this issue, please write.

I am in the process of building a web site for the work I do. Please keep in touch with me regarding the fight for a sensible, sane, health care system.

More to come soon, and thank you, ever so much for everything,

Tangerine Bolen

-- Jeff -- http://www.wellnow.com