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Subject: NutraCON '99- The Selling Out of the Vitamin Industry
From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 22:47:43 -0400

The drug cartelers call it "Nutracon 99" but I call it "NutraCON 99"- because the whole thing is a despicable drug cartel CON. Right after the NNFA Vitamin Industry Trade Show finishes in Las Vegas July 8-11, a company called "Global Business Research Ltd" will be putting on ANOTHER trade show July 12-14 at Caeser's Palace: "NutriCON '99", and its oriented towards fostering mergers and acquistions of vitamin companies with pharmaceutical giants, the better to rip us off and destroy our health freedom!! Go to to see the COMPLETE SCAM!

Why am I the only one speaking out and denouncing this? Why isn't NNFA speaking out in an effort to warn their smaller members? (Could it be that NNFA and IADSA are controlled by their most powerful members, and aren't some of them OWNED by pharmaceutical companies?? (Alas- this is INDEED the case, which is why NNFA, CRN, and IADSA aren't denouncing "NutraCON" or doing a thing to try to stop the draft proposal on vitamins and minerals at CODEX- but are embracing FDA's current set of comments, which includes the fraudulent NAS "Risk Assessment" document, which advocates the creation of so called "Safe Upper Limits" on vitamins. (The concept of a "UL" is fraudulent, ANY substance is TOXIC at some level, even WATER- the UL is a control mechanism, nothing more, nothing less.)

Why aren't (so called) Citizens for Health and NNFA speaking out to warn consumers about NutraCON and about Codex? The reason is that NNFA has sold out, and CFH never was on our side to begin with- they're on the side of the EAPC- of the German phytopharmaceutical companies that are selling out to pharmaceutical giants as is clearly documented in Grunwald's article The European Phytomedicines Market Figures, Trends, Analyses (Especially see Table 6: "Acquisitions of Phytomedicine Companies by Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies"

This "NutraCON" is hurdle raising at its worst. They're charging $1400. to get in. That keeps the small companies OUT, and the public out! They're holding this right AFTER the NNFA show. DOES NNFA ENDORSE "NUTRACON"? Ask Michael Ford at As a consumer, I don't like what I'm seeing here AT ALL. This is anti consumer. This is anti health food store, pro mass market, anti small vitamin manufacturer. They're trying to steal our herbs, and our vitamins and put them under prescription control so they can rip us off and get insurance reimbursement.

I'm working very hard to get an Oversight Hearing on Codex, but can we stop _THIS_???? We have to TRY. Awareness of the scam is the first step. By accepting FDA's last set of Codex Comments, and by not opposing the NAS paper "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Limits for Nutrients" NNFA, IADSA, and CRN have totally sold out, and companies that want to be considered HONEST should quit these trade associations immediately.

By not opposing the NAS document, aside from embracing the unscientific concept of "Safe Upper Limits" for nutrients, our vitamin trade associations are embracing fraudulent safety data on fluoride which has been strenuously opposed by the International Society of Fluoride Research, the world preiminent scientists who address the fluoride issue.

I have proof of this in the form of two unanswered letters which ISFR sent to NAS, and which NAS never so much as acknowledged. Today I spoke with Professor Paul Connett of St.Lawrence University who told me that NAS ended up responding, albeit unsatisfactorily to their letters, so they held a press conference in Washington demanding that NAS look at the data and change their position, because they have zero evidence that fluoride is safe for ANY animal, especially humans. Dr.Connett was allowed 15 minutes to present to NAS, and he showed them data proving that the 10 mg of fluoride that they're saying is safe, weakens the bones. Then he asked them if they'd like to know whose data it was? There was no answer, so he told them it was THEIRS, (NAS's) and that they were IGNORING it as they selectively interpreted the data to support their agenda(!)

There was stunned silence. Finally Alisson Yates, the SAME person as NAS who refuses to communicate with me, stood up and announced to Prof.Connett that they didn't agree with him, and that they weren't going to change their position on fluoride.

Well, right now, NNFA, CRN, and IADSA don't appear to have any problem with ANY of this(!)

Question: do they deserve the support of ANY vitamin company or health food store when they have clearly sold out to pharmaceutical interests?? Is it just ME? Shouldn't NNFA, and Citizens for Health be openly DENOUNCING "NutriCON 99"? (If they AREN'T denouncing it, shouldn't we all be asking WHY THEY AREN'T?

Shouldn't we all be asking NNFA, CRN, and IADSA how they can possibly support the FDA's current Codex comments when they include the NAS paper "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Limits for Nutrients" when the whole concept of "ULs" is scientifically fraudulent, when its OBVIOUSLY geared towards increased regulation (high potency vitamins by prescription) and when the NAS document contains fraudulent data on fluoride that is being challenged by the International Society of Fluoride Research, the world's premier scientists who are openly denouncing NAS as a hotbed of intellecual prostitutes who are just fearful of losing research grants from entities that have vested interests in generating a market for fluoride?

Shouldn't we all be asking NNFA, CRN, IADSA and Citizens for Health how it is that they don't seem to see the threat posed by FDA's stated interntion to harmonize our laws (see Federal Register July 7, 1997 Vol.62, #129, pp.36243-36248.) (Could it be that the most powerful companies within these trade associations DO see all of this, but are just trying to position themselves to SELL OUT??? (We need to FORCE NNFA & Citizens for Heallth to take a position on these things and on NutriCON '99. If NNFA or Citizens for Health REFUSE to squarely face these issues and declare their position, then health food stores should quit en masse, and so should all HONEST vitamin manufacturers and consumers.

Are any of you ALSO outraged by this hypocrisy? Show this to your health food store and demand that they QUIT NNFA & Citizens for Health if they're a members. Tell them they should donate money INSTEAD to IAHF. I am looking out for the health food stores, NNFA and Citizens for Health really only pay lip service to this. These groups also aren't looking out for the small manufacturer who is clearly slated for extinction. Read the article below. CAREFULLY, and visit the NutriCON '99 website at to see how the takeover is being plotted.

Hell aint half full. Be sure to support IAHF, the only TRUE health freedom group in the USA that CARES about consumers, health food stores and small manufacturers, and those HONEST large manufacturers who still have the moral fiber necessary to do the right thing in support of the public health in the belief that HEALTH is more important than raking in the sort profits that the sale of pharmaceuticals brings. FOODS ARE NOT DRUGS, and Natural Foods Merchandizer can take their concept of "Natural Health Products" and stick it where the sun don't shine. They're referring to health food stores as "Natural Health Product" stores in order to foster this shift to "nutraceuticals", which is a serious CON, just like "NutraCON '99"

Don't get mad, get EVEN! Don't be "NutraCONNED" Quit NNFA and Citizens for Health get your local health food store as well, along with all the vitamin companies whose products you buy, to do the RIGHT THING: send your donation to: IAHF PO Box 625, Floyd, VA 24091, USA. Be sure to pass this on to more people because your life LITERALLY depends on it. The people who pretend to be defending your health freedom really AREN'T, while I really AM! This is why you heard about this from IAHF, and not from THEM.

Global Business Research Ltd.
Nutracon '99
The Event for Nutraceuticals in 1999
Las Vegas July 12-14

Investment & Finance Track Highlights

While Wall Street may be indecisive about these industries in the short term, everyone sees the long-term potential of what has been quoted as a $65 billion worldwide category. With blue chip companies invading the once marginalized herbal business, the evidence is plain as day that stakes are sky high.

Nutracon '99: The Finance and Investment Conference is your opportunity to hear about the kinds of valuations, price ratios, financings, debt or equity options, and especially the mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships are quietly taking place to push companies to the forefront. Get the most up-to-date briefing from the best-known specialists in the field. We'll put the recent past into perspective and arm you withimportant information about likely near-term and long-term developments. Don't be unprepared-Nutracon can help you strategize to realize your share of the billion-dollar markets potentially up for grabs.

Master the Financial Trends

Hear all new data collected from industry CEOs in 1999 in answer to some of the year's paramount questions, such as:

* Will nutraceuticals become a "category" or remain an "industry?"
* What's likely to become of the smaller player?
* Impact of big brands entering the marketplace

Find out what leaders in the industry believe and what they are planning for on these and a host of other pivotal topics.

Wall Street Analyst Panel

Recent months have seen a wild ride and sharply divided opinion over the sector's prospects. Gain the foresight of this year's all-new panel of analysts, with new insights and perspectives. These analysts have been closely following companies in these industries and have a lot to say about growth potential and what will make a difference in valuation and trends. Hear from veterans as well as those who have recently picked up coverage because of this area's prospects. Hear about the longer term impact of retail price cutting, mass market distribution channels, e-commerce, and more. Also, find out which specific sectors are likely to gain, lose, and why!

Pharma/OTC Companies Enter the VSM Segment

The whole industry is holding its breath to see the outcome of big brands entering the herbal sector and nutraceuticals go into the mass-market retail channel. Find out at this live industry roundtable how these pharmaceutical giants view the sector and whether it poses a threat to traditional drug categories or an opportunity. Mary Tanner of Lehman Brothers moderates a panel that includes Abbott Laboratories' Director of Business Development, and others.

Venture Capital: Where are the Next Opportunities?

This year's all-new venture capital panel will help you identify new venture opportunities, and for the companies, will tell you how to get your deal done. Experienced VCs from large and small firms will examine such issues as where in the value chain opportunity lies and how they evaluate the companies, management and more. Find out how to separate the viable deals-the few from the many "wannabes"--in days of tight financing, what a typical deal structure looks like, and how to value to a company. Also, find out about strategies to identify and corner raw ingredient supplies that may prove to be the Next blockbuster.

Understand the Latest Hot Business Models!

Internet: Everyone knows this is the hottest thing on Wall Street, and some are betting the same will prove true in selling natural products. Hear directly from the CEOs of, a pure internet-based company and eNutrition, a company born out of Weider Nutrition International. What model of e-commerce will prevail and become, say, the "" of this sector? What are the success factors to making such a model work? Find out at Nutracon '99! Plus: hear the consumer marketing aspects of e-commerce as the President & CEO of VitaminShoppe talks about their site,, in our Marketing/Regulatory track.

Science-Based, Proprietary Technology. Randolph Steer, a prominent consultant who has worked with PharmaPrint and other firms, will reveal why he believes the proprietary technology approach is the best model for future profitable product development. Hear what the success factors will be to make these companies work and exactly how so many people are determining where to place their investment bets.

Vertical Integration. Hear about vertical and backward-forward integration as a model in this industry where consolidation is taking hold. Is there really a benefit to be integrated in agronomy through distribution? Find out why this model may provide strategic advantage for certain players.

Applying the Biotech Model to Food R&D. Hear how a small, innovative player is using a pharma/biotech model of development to bring new medical foods to market. Mainstream food companies interested in nutraceuticals have been wondering where the innovation is going to come from. This model will be of intense interest to food players concerned about their R&D pipeline for these red hot products.

PLUS: Debate, Compare and Contrast the Possible Business Models. Hear all of the new business models discussed and debated. Compare, contrast and get answers to your questions about what makes the most sense and where to deploy your financial or development resources.

Convergence of Food and Biotech. Noted Agricultural-Biotech analyst Sano Shimoda will talk about where the opportunities lie as society migrates away the sole reliance on drug therapy and toward prevention and wellness. Find out who stands to win as pharmaceutical and agri/food companies converge to meet these emerging needs.

M&A Review and Consolidation Strategies. Hear about all of the most significant deals of recent months and what makes them important. What's more, you'll find out what companies & sectors are well positioned as attractive merger partners and what the competitive landscape will look like as consolidation continues...invaluable strategic insights available only here!

Strategic Options for Growth Companies. Today, there is pressure for many smaller companies to merge, partner or gain additional financing in order to achieve the scale necessary to survive. This session will lay out options for private or public equity, venture financing, bank financing, mergers, partnerships or outright sale of the company.

Strategic Partnerships-Real Life Perspective. By all accounts there are more partnership and licensing deals going on now that ever before-quiet and behind the scenes though they may be. This in-depth panel discussion will feature 3 top executives from growth companies-Larex, DMV International and OmegaTech-and David P. Dickenson, Vice President for Global New Business Development at Mead Johnson Nutritionals, to talk about how these partnerships are created and exactly how they work in real life.

Nutraceutical Research & Investment Priorities. Find out what research recommendations emerged for the different stakeholders-from agribusiness to supplements to pharmaceuticals-that will advance nutraceuticals and our company's own interests.

Plus: Meet the companies! Nutracon is the event for Nutraceuticals, with the most senior executives in attendance. Investors of all stripes and business development executives at major companies will have the opportunity to meet top executives from small players with valuable proprietary technologies or processes, access to raw ingredients, and more. Don't miss the opportunity to network at our Gala Reception following day I of the conference.

Attention Financial Companies: Call us now to learn about hosting a private, invitation-only evening event! Availability of these sponsorships is strictly limited. Call 800-868-7188.

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