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Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 14:31:38 -0500
From: John Hammell <>
Subject: Torpedo De Felice!MORE Help Needed To Send Clint to Noo Yawk!!

At 12:16 PM 11/4/98 EST, you wrote:
>I have sent Clint Miller a check for $50, blindly though as you did not
>include a phone number with the last message for me to call and verify his
>Charles D. McCreary
THANKS for your help, Charles! I did included a phone number, I'll provide
it again,
Clint's number is 704-924-8615

Clint Miller is the most experienced health freedom lobbyist in the world.

He's been lobbying since 1960, ever since the FDA raided the health food
store/bakery that he and his wife Bonnie once had in Bountiful, Utah.(He
got raided for making claims on his bread!)

After that raid, Clint told his wife "Bonnie- we're movin' to Washington!
Enough, is ENOUGH!"

Clint has been my main mentor since 1989, and a better human being you'd be
hard pressed to find.

Thanks for sending him $50., it will help. Its costing him over $800. just
to get through the door to De Felice's meeting, and then he has airfare and
hotel accomodations to pay for as well.
Clint was the lobbyist for the National Health Federation for many years,
and in recent years has lobbied for several different vitamin companies.
He's semi retired now, and is spending some well deserved time with his
grandchildren who live just across the street from him in Statesville,
North Carolina, but Clint is a warrior, and he still keeps his hand in with
the lobbying and he's good- he's the best! He's a former bomber pilot from
World War 2. He used to fly missions over Nazi Germany, and as he puts it
"I'm still fightin' 'em!"

Clint and Bonnie used to live in Gainesville, Virginia. When I visited them
there, they had a big organic garden, they raised chickens, and Clint used
to get rid of stress from lobbying by chopping firewood and by doing a lot
of running. He ran in the Marine Corps Marathon at age 70 and completed it,
which I have a lot of respect for. Thanks again for helping my friend,
Clint, so that he can serve us. If anyone else on this list could also help
out by sending some money to Clint, his address again is:

Clinton Ray Miller,legislative advocate
139 Northmont Dr.
Statesville, NC 28625

Again, we need for Clint to cover the despicable meeting at the Waldorf
Astoria in NYC being held by Stephen De Felice, MD, who is trying to get
despicable legislation off the ground called the "Nutraceutical Research
and Education Act." De Felice used to work for Pfizer, and also for NIH. He
is motivated by greed. He wants to be the only one selling the amino acid
l-carnitine, and has a product called "Carnitor" which is being sold by
Sigma Tau Pharmaceuticals.

If we don't torpedo De Felice's campaign, it will destroy the Dietary
Supplement industry, and will serious hinder consumer access to affordable
dietary supplements, as he would usher in harmonization with Europe, and
the imposition of full HACCP GMP standards on the supplement industry. He
wants to be able to control dietary supplements and herbs via patent
rights. De Felice has some heavy hitters attending his Conference including
Senators Frist and Harkin, and Congressman Pallone. He _MUST_ be stopped,
and we're gonna stop him! Learn more about De Felice's dastardly deeds at
his website at  He's the jerk who coined the term
"nutraceutical" a term I have always HATED, because it equates dietary
supplements with pharmaceuticals when they have an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT
mechanism of action, acting gently on a cellular level to bring about
HEALING, unlike drugs, which are toxic.

When De Felice dies, he's goin' down like a rock fallin' through a hole in
the ice! he!he! :->
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To Get FDA Oversight Hearing
Due to Illegal FDA Codex Comments
& for Trips to Europe to Assist
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