Questions About Prednisone

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Errors-To: <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 20:05:51 -0500
To: Michelle <>
From: John Hammell <>
Subject: Questions About Prednisone - Anti-inflammatories (Deltasone), Prednisone Questions
  Program:Exposed by Cathy O'Brien
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At 05:55 PM 10/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have it on pretty good info, that bill is an alien hybrid.. no lie...I'm
>dead serious.. therefore, he has no soul.
>Don't worry, there is still a God, He's on the throne, and it's not over yet.
>Be well,

I think a lot of members of Congress and politicians all over the world are
soul less robotoids. I think Hillary Clinton is one too. She and Bill are
both bisexual. She fucked Cathy O'Brien, author of the book
"Trans-Formation of America" which is about her experiences as a mind
controlled sex slave/information courier/drug courier for the CIA and how
she was victimized by the MK Ultra Mind Control Program. I met O'Brien in
DC at the Rally for the Bill of Rights a couple years ago and got an
autographed copy of her book. She was a sex slave of the CIA, sold by her
pedophile father into the MK Ultra Mind Control program at age 4. Her
father was snagged by the FBI for selling child pornograpy through the US
mail, and the CIA found out about it and offered him immunity from
prosecution if he would merely sell his children into the MK Ultra mind
control program, which the bastard did.

The CIA had discovered that incest survivors made the best mind control
subjects, and they needed such people to serve as sex slaves, drug runners
and information couriers for such purposes as doing the ground work to get
NAFTA and GATT through. Ever wonder what went on behind the scenes to foist
those programs off on us?If anyone thinks I'm joking, Congressional
Hearings have been held which document everything I'm saying about the MK
Ultra Mind Control Program- fire up a search engine and you'll find I'm not
making this stuff up.

Cathy O'Brien was prostituted by the CIA to the President of Mexico as part
of the effort to con him into accepting NAFTA. The CIA also used her for
smuggling cocaine. One of the people who she interfaced with while serving
as a "mule" for the CIA was Jimmy Buffett, the country music legend who
lives down in Key West, here in Florida. Buffett was a CIA assett involved
in coke smuggling.

Cathy O Brien was subjected to satanic ritual abuse by a Jesuit priest who
was part of the CIA's MK Ultra Mind Control Program. The Vatican is
controlled by a CIA connected group called P2. The CIA discovered that by
constantly inducing trauma through horrific events such as satanic rituals,
they could keep causing the compartmentalization of the brain necessary to
make Cathy and the other victims best suited for being used as human tape
recorders. The trauma induced by incest/satanic abuse is dealt with by the
victim by blocking out the event from their memory, and in the process- the
compartments in the brain were created which the CIA exploited via the use
of designer drugs, psychosurgery- implanted microchips, and really devious
psychological programming.

 O'Brien's vagina was horribly mutilated by the CIA which carved a
grotesque witches face into the folds of her labia. That really turned
Hillary Clinton on when she performed oral sex on her. Ronald Reagan also
availed himself of Cathy O'Brien, accessing one of her programmed persona's
that he especially liked known as "kitten." Many members of Congress have
also had sex with CIA sex slaves. O Brien states in her book that the one
time she met the Clinton's, while she was having sex with Hillary, Bill
casually sat in a chair reading a book, as if this were a typical occurrence.

People sometimes think I'm bullshitting them when I tell them about the MK
Ultra Mind Control program, but as crazy as this stuff sounds, its all
true. People have no idea of the depth of evil in the world. People are
blind to what is going on all around them. People have no idea of the stuff
the CIA does in their effort to force us into a world government. The CIA
isn't part of our government, it is controlled by the Royal Institute of
International Affairs and MI6 in the UK, which does the bidding of the
Bilderbergers. It is a testimony to Cathy O'Brien's strength as a human
being that she escaped the MK Ultra Program, and she has immense courage to
come forward with  her book. Her husband Mark was on the periphery of the
MK Ultra Program, and through a serrendipitous chain of events, he learned
the truth about what he was REALLY involved with, he learned of Cathy's
plight, and risked his life to helped her escape to Alaska, where he was
able to deprogram her with assistance from people inside the CIA who
sympathized with O'Brien, and leaked him the info necessary to deprogram her.

I realize this all sounds like a bunch of hokey garbage, like something
from that movie "The Manchurian Candidate" but this is all true. Sometimes
Truth is stranger than fiction.

For more information on the MK Ultra Mind Control Program, read Cathy
O'Brien's book
"Trans-Formation of America" 800-800-5565 Phoenix Source Distributors
International Advocates for Health Freedom
2411 Monroe St. #3 Hollywood, FL 33020 USA
800-333-2553, overseas 954-929-2905
fax 954-929-0507,,
Donations Needed For Trips to DC
To Get FDA Oversight Hearing
Due to Illegal FDA Codex Comments
& for Trips to Europe to Assist
Dr.Rath in Getting Hearing at
International Court of Justice
Against the Pharmaceutical Cartel