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Subject: FDA bans Aussie Flower Essences book and against access to

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>Subject: FDA bans Aussie Flower Essences book and against access to tumeric
>Excerpt from a very fine WEB site with great links
>and sent to me by its founder and a supporter
>Gayle EversoleMH, PhD, CRNP, Herbalist-AHG
>   FDA blocked sale of
>Australian Flower Essences books because they offer information on
>treating physical dis-orders.(This happened in Portland, Oregon).   FDA
>is now acting to limit access to turmeric, an herb and spice
>known as an anti-inflammatory, which offers other helpful support
>for your health.
>Herbs are not Drugs - standardization is not providing you with
>herbs in their natural state. Herbs are natural foods which the
>Creator gave us for nourishment and healing. They do this in their
>whole, natural state. FMI see Dr. Linda Rector-Page's article on
>whole herbs on her web site -
>     Natural Healing is the oldest form of treatment known.
>     Three out of four people around the world rely on natural
>     healing. It is believed that the body can heal itself when
>     the right environment is provided. Creating and
>     maintaining this environment helps you have a healthy
>     mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
>     The goal of our work is to empower you through
>     education so that you have the skills needed to be well
>     and live well in a toxic world.
>     Our work is based on the use of whole herbs.
>     We encourage
>     natural and organic foods
>     use of non-toxic products
>     a simple-safe-and-sane lifestyle
>     the use of other healing arts such as meditation,
>     massage, reflexology
>     acupuncture, music, hands-on-healing and other energy
>     work, color and sound
>     and exercise like yoga, tai chi, or walking.
>     We believe that it is exceptionally important to nourish
>     your spirit too.
>     Herbs cleanse and purify your body
>     Herbs normalize body function by regulating and toning
>     glands
>     Herbs nourish with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
>     Herbs energize to help maintain good health
>     Herbs support your immune system
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