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IAHF list: At the end of this message I've included the phone number of
Congressman Burton's office. We need to call to request an oversight
hearing in the next session of Congress which begins in January. Congress
could adjourn this weekend, and the next session won't start til January,
which would be the soonest we might get an answer to our question re
holding a hearing. There is no guarantee that the Republican caucus would
vote Burton back in as Oversight Chairman, but they probably will. There is
no guarantee that we'll get our hearing, but one has been recommended by
his staff and if we try hard enough, we should get one.

Please use the form letter at the end of this as a guide for writing a
personal letter if you possibly can take a few minutes. Even just a
paragraph is ok. If you don't have time to write a personal letter to
Burton, then please send in the form letter and also send it to Dr.Rath to
put before the ICJ. I've had some valuable experiences that led me to take
on this battle, and mixed in with them here I've also included some new
information directly applicable to our current situation. Never under
estimate the power of prayer.The globalists have no use for it, and would
prefer that all of us get off of this notion of having any "God given
rights" as they prefer us to be good slaves on their global plantation, and
never question any of their dictates.


 In the eastern sky this morning, the first glimmer of the sun's rays
glowed on the horizon, piercing the darkness of the night sky like rays of
hope. A gentle breeze was stirring, and the gulls were dive bombing a
school of pilchard. I sat on the sand by the water's edge and prayed.
Sometimes I do this when I'm not sure what else to do. Sometimes its
comforting. Sometimes ideas come to me during prayer or afterwards, but
always I ask the Creator of the vitamins for instructions. We need a
Congressional Oversight Hearing, and we need one BADLY. I just caught the
FDA flagrantly violating US law, as well as lying. I just caught them
flagrantly ignoring the will of the Chairman of the House Oversight
Committee, and I caught them on videotape. It is being digitized now and
will be uploaded as fast as time permits to the IAHF website.

 The reason FDA thinks they can get away with lying and ignoring us is is
because its an ingrained pattern they're in stemming from the 12 years
during which Waxman never tried to tell them they were under any sort of
constitutional restraints, and they acted as if there were no constitution
to bind them. I saw some oversight hearings last year, and hopefully there
will be more to come, but it takes time to bring about change with a
governmental institution as large as the FDA when they've developed such a
deeply ingrained pattern of non-accountability. Today's paper contained a
good sign. Jane Henney's nomination as FDA Commissioner has been held up by
Congress out of concern that she might attempt to legislate through
rulemaking in an effort to circumvent the will of Congress. Athough the
concerns mentioned weren't ours directly, they could just as easily have
applied to dietary supplements, so we should feel glad of this given that
we're currently waiting to see if they'll pay attention to all the comments
we sent in re their current proposed rule which threatens to attack dietary
supplements once again based on intended use.

 It was dark this morning when I first looked out at sea. The lights from a
few freighters steaming towards Miami from the north move slowly out on the
horizon and I was alone at a beach which just a few hours from now will be
crowded with people.

 Ron Birckhead in Norway think I'm crazy to try to get oversight. He feels
that this plan is doomed to failure due to our having signed the GATT
agreement. He feels that signing this overnational agreement has placed our
situation outside the scope of what an oversight hearing might accomplish,
but I disagree. It is my contention that GATT (now the WTO) is
unconstitutional, and so are the FDA's current actions at Codex. I caught
them red handed. They have no legal right to ignore our Constitution, or to
ignore the will of Congress as expressed under DSHEA or last year when we
removed dietary supplements from the harmonization language of the FDA
Reform Bill.

 They have no right to do things in a clandestine, untransparent fashion
the way they are attempting to do with this "Risk Assessment" document
which to this day is not available in full on the web, and which never
underwent any sort of public comments period..They have no right to ignore
Dan Burton, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, or Congressman De
Fazio, Stump, Paul, or Cook. They have no right to ignore me, or any of
you- but they WILL ignore us, IF we let them!!

 America has the world's most highly evolved legal system, the most
carefully established system of checks and balances of any government on
earth- and we have a Constitution that may not be perfect, but its still a
document which gives us more freedom than any other country on earth, as
long as we get behind it and use it for our protection. The people who are
trying to take our vitamins away, don't want us to get behind our
Constitution. They're trying to destroy it, and to destroy our sovereignty.
Through overnational agreements, mutual recognition agreements, and the
behind the scenes manipulations of such covert entities as the
Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations
they're attempting to force us into a world government in which we'd all be
dictated to by bodies such as the Codex Commission which is totally non
transparent to the point where they don't even allow for the taking of
still photos at their meetings, much less videotapes.

 You'll all be able to see exactly what I mean very soon. Yesterday I took
my videotape from the Berlin meeting down to a guy who is going to digitize
it and put titles on the different segments so it can be uploaded to the
IAHF and LEF websites.

 You will see the Chairman of the meeting, Dr.Rolf Grossklaus being tapped
on the shoulder by one of his underlings who noticed me videotaping about a
half hour into the meeting on the first day. You will see the Chairman
whispering to this guy, then you will see the look of alarm on his face as
he gets on his microphone and announces that they don't allow videotaping.
He then throws the topic open, and a number of delegates, beginning with
Dr.Cheney of Canada chimed in their strident agreement. Cheney hates my
guts from two years ago when I lobbied her before the meeting, then
complained bitterly after the meeting that she had reversed her position
from initially doing what Canadians wanted (to scrap the negative or no
trade list for herbs), and then going back on that position, much to the
anger of not only Canadians, but people world wide. She CLEARLY doesn't
want anyone to know ANYTHING about what takes place in the Codex meetings,
and she was not alone, as several delegates echoed her views.

 You will see me turn off my camera after taping this round of discussion
and after everyone in the whole conference room turned to stare at me. I
could have refused to stop, but would have run the risk of being
incarcerated and losing the tape. I was very tempted to disrupt the meeting
by refusing to stop, but it would have served no useful purpose in the end.

 Along with this footage, you will see the tape I got from the day before
the meeting began when I taped Dr.Yetley of the FDA refusing to obey the
will of Congress, and flat out ignoring the letters she received. You will
see how the US delegation is comprised primarily of corporate drones who
are right in sync with Yetley, and how they don't protect the views of
vitamin consumers at all. You will see how they refuse to take a stand on

 The last time Ron Birckhead critically commented on my efforts to tell me
that I "didn't stand a chance" was during the campaign a year ago to get
dietary supplements exempted from the "harmonization" language of the FDA
Reform Bill, and he's doing it again now.

 Thats ok. I don't mind. It makes me want to work harder to succeed, and I
have the wisdom to know that I can't do it on my own which is what drew me
down to the beach this morning to pray and to ask our Creator for guidance.

 In 1985 I was living without electricity or running water in a cabin on an
island off the northern coast of Maine on the Canadian border. I was a
student at a trade school and was having great ongoing difficulty with the
same biochemical imbalances that had driven me from college a few years
before and into mental hospitals for 4 years where they had almost killed
me with drugs. Vitamins, taken as part of an orthomolecular program enabled
me to escape that hell and to begin a comeback, but healing takes time, and
I was still having trouble. I didn't see how I could graduate because I was
far behind in a naval architecture design project. My problems
concentrating were compounded by a lack of natural spacial reasoning
ability necessary to think quickly in three dimensions when working with
curves. It was painfully clear to me that I wasn't cut out to be a
boatbuider, but it was something I enjoyed a lot and badly wanted to do.

 So I felt frustrated, and felt like a failure. I had been forced out of
college a few years before, then endured the indignity and pain of 4 years
in the psychiatric system where they almost killed me with drugs due to a
complete ignorance of clinical nutrition.

 I found myself engaged in a very angry dialogue with God. I believed in
God, but had great difficulty reconciling this belief with my desire to
believe that God cared about me and loved me because it seemed like all I
ever did was suffer. It seemed so unfair. So for a week or so I vented, and
shook my fist skyward ever evening during the time I spent sitting on the
cliff, overlooking the Bay of Fundy, watching the sun set.

 Gradually, the anger began to leave me, though, and I kept praying for a
sign that God knew about my life and loved me, and I wanted a sign if there
was something I could do and succeed at. I kept praying this for about 3
weeks every evening while sitting on the rock, watching the sun set and the
stars come out. Every week the gulls on the offshore islet would arise with
a great flapping of wings and fly in a circle to greet the setting sun and
they'd do the same thing in the morning to greet the sunrise. All I could
hear was the wind and tide, and I was often sore from chopping firewood and
hauling water, but I had worked to hard to just give up, and I wasn't about
to then, or now. I kept praying to help, for a sign.

 One evening when I was just sitting on my rock with a blank mind, not
praying, not meditating, just looking out at the sun as it set over the
mainland across Cobscook Bay and into the pinetrees something happened
which had never happened before, or since. Suddenly I was viewing one frame
film clips from events in my life that were being juxtaposed in such a way
as to show me things that I hadn't been able to see. It was obvious to me
that I wasn't putting these images together. A force outside of myself had
accessed my memory banks and was selectively piecing things together to
show me things about myself that I wouldn't otherwise have known, and to
illustrate to me that He loved me and knew all about my life, all about my
struggle. It all happened very quickly. The images included scenes from
when I was a toddler, the time when I took my first steps, all kinds of
things from my earliest memories right through to the present.

 It may sound grandiose, and you might think I'm nuts, but I had been
praying for guidance, and for a sign of something meaningful that I could
do with my life, something that would give it meaning and that I could
succeed at since it seemed like all I ever experienced was pain, suffering
and failure.

 The message I was given was very simple: "Tell people about what helped
you, tell people about the vitamins, tell people they came from Me." I then
saw an image of Christ on the Cross. At first a wave of fear flooded me and
I felt terrified, but as suddenly as I felt that a feeling of peace filled
me and I knew my prayer had been anwered. I had been given a mission, and
the mission was to tell people about the vitamins, to tell people about
what helped me. It didn't matter if I graduated or not, or if I became a
boatbuilder or not because I had more important work to do.

 With the pressure lifted, I did complete my studies and did go on to
graduate. I worked as a boatbuilder for some time afterwards until I was
able to figure out a way to follow the path that had been set out for me,
and it wasn't clear to me at all how to go about that.

 I didn't see how I could tell people about the vitamins, and about what
helped me when I wasn't a college graduate. It just seemed like there
weren't very many avenues through which to pursue this and at first I felt
stumped, but I also felt determined to somehow find a way because it was
obvious to me that I really wasn't cut out to be a boatbuilder. I had been
working at Kortchmar and Willner, a boatyard in Staten Island, NY, doing
restoration work on old wooden boats, and I loved the work, but wasn't as
fast or as accurate as I really needed to be.

 One day I was in my parents house in New Jersey when I found a shoebox
with a bunch of brochures from mental hospitals that they had considered
putting me in when I was sick after being forced out of college by suicidal
depression and other symptoms a few years before. One of the brochures was
from Spring Lake Ranch in Vermont, an alternative facility for
schizophrenic adults which had an outdoor work program and everyone,
patients and staff worked together to grow their own food, build barns,
tend to the livestock, chop firewood for heating, and all the things
necessary to run a working farm.

 I thought maybe they'd hire me even though I didn't have a college degree
to be on their staff since I had a trades background, a lot of rural living
experience, and had recovered from schizophrenia so knew what the people
there were going through.

 When I was interviewed, I was told by the Director that the Medical
Director was biased against what I said had helped me, and that if he hired
me, I must only pass information over his desk and not discuss my past with
anyone. I didn't tell him that I couldn't do that, because I wanted the
job. I got hired and kept me head down for a while, but then one day a
station wagon showed up and 3 people got out at the administration
building. I recognized them all because Mike had been my roommate seven
years ago at a mental hospital in Connecticut and he looked terrible- he
was gaunt, malnourished, was jerking spasmodically from tardive dyskinesia
a neurological iatrogenic disease caused by over medication on
phenothiazine medication such as thorazine and haldol. which causes a
manganese deficiency that leads to impaired motor control.

 Mike had cigarette stains on the fingers of both hands from chain smoking,
and appeared to have one foot in the grave. They were killing him, and it
ripped me up inside to know that there, but for the Grace of God go I. I
was lucky to learn about the vitamins. If not for my aunt Jane who had
recovered from schizophrenia and who went to the trouble of telling me
about them, I wouldn't have gotten well.

 The IOL in Connecticut refused to let me try them. I broke every rule they
had in order to get kicked out, and Fair Oaks, the next and last hospital I
was in also refused to let me try what they considered to be quackery.
Until my aunt sent me the 3 books about orthomolecular medicine, I didn't
know there was anything out there that could help me. When I realized there
was help out there, but my Dr. refused to let me try it, I was really
scared at first and thought I might be trapped behind those walls for the
rest of my life, like some others around me had been. All I wanted was to
be able to return to the outside world and live some semblance of a normal
life. It really hurt having to leave college and I felt about as trapped
and hopeless as a person could. I felt tempted to give up when my Dr.
refused to let me try taking vitamins, but I couldn't give up. I went AWOL
a couple of times and was homeless for a while, and lived in the streets.

 By the time I got to Fair Oaks, I was working on my parents, pleading with
them to let me go see Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, author of Mental and Elemental
Nutrients, who ran a clinic in NJ that had helped my aunt, and also Mark
Vonnegut, the son of Kurt Vonnegut the famous writer.

 My dad refused, telling me that his friends who were Drs. had told him it
was unproven quackery and to not waste his money.

 My mom was more openminded and took me there while I was on a routine
weekend pass. Pfeiffer did a lot of labwork and determined exactly what was
wrong with me. I had an overproduction of an enzyme called kryptopyrolle
which was robbing me of the zinc I needed in order to keep copper levels
down. The copper was interfering with my neural firing. I also had an
overproduction of histamine that was interfering with neural firing and I
had very high aluminum levels from not being able to eliminate the exceess.
Allergies were feeding in to the histamine problem because histamine is
secreted in response to allergens, one of its purposes being to bind with
them and remove them from the body. But too much histamine can cause a host
of debilitating systems including severe depression and paranoia. So I was
put on a whole nutritional regimen and advised to smuggle the vitamins back
into the hospital and hide them so they wouldn't be confiscated.

 I gouged out a cavity in the underside of my mattress and hid the vitamins
up in there while taking them on the sly and mouthing my medication which I
spat down the toilet. I had to hide the vitamins because unit searches were
sometimes conducted looking for street drugs that people sometimes hid in
other people's rooms and if they had found my vitamins, they would have
flushed them.

 After just 3 weeks I was doing so much better that they were astounded and
gave me a medical discharge, something I hadn't had in 4 years of being
locked up. I then embarked on a long period of healing during which I lived
with my brother Steve in Brooklyn, NY and I began getting back on my feet
via a CETA trades school at South Street Seaport Museum in Manhatten where
I began studying boatbuilding, and that led me up to Maine where I
continued to work in the trade and took additional courses- so it led me to
the place on Moose Island where I was given the message about telling
people about the vitamins, and that led me in turn to work at Spring Lake

 When I ran into Mike, I knew I couldn't keep quiet any longer. His mom and
dad were surprised to learn of my healing experience with vitamins and
naturally they wanted Mike to have that same chance to heal. Sadly, I told
them I could be fired for even having told them my story and that the
Medical Director was biased against what I said helped me and that vitamins
weren't part of the treatment program there. I will never forget the look
of pain on Mike's parents faces. I promised them that I'd do whatever I
could to try to help Mike, and walked away feeling really ripped up inside.

 I knew I couldn't keep quiet, even if I got fired and went to the next
staff meeting where I handed out a 3 page summary of what I'm telling you
here, expecting to be fired on the spot but it would have made the Director
look bad especially when I explained that Mike had been my roommate 7 years
before and I felt obligated to try to help him.

 I found out who my real friends were then because the whole staff
distanced themselves from me out of fear of being fired for associating
with me, except for 3 people who stuck by me and helped me spread the good
word about the healing power of vitamins.

 After a year at the ranch, I did finally get fired for giving an
unauthorized lecture complete with a slide show.

 My truck had been in the shop undergoing a major repair to rebuild the
head on the engine and I had just paid nearly my last cent for it when I
was fired.

 I had just enough gas to get back to New Jersey, my home state, and just
enough money when I got there to buy a loaf of bread and a jar of skippy
peanut butter.

 I lived in my camper in a vacant lot in a really bad neighborhood til I
could scrounge enough money from doing odd jobs to start a moving business,
using my pickup truck to do odd moving jobs until I could get some bigger
jobs for which I used rental trucks and hired college kids as helpers. I
made enough money to move into a cheap apartment, where I started writing a
Survival Guide for Schizophrenics and their Families. I interviewed people
all over north America who had recovered the way I had and had about 5
chapters written when I was forced to put it on the back burner and fight
the FDA in order to maintain my access to vitamins.

 The year was 1989, and the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990
was coming at us as a stealth bill on a fast track. We didn't succeed in
stopping it but by trying very hard we were able to curb some of its worst
excesses, and Gary Dykstra's proposed rule from hell which followed (which
would have wiped out our access to vitamins within the therapeutic range)
generated the campaign which resulted in the passage of DSHEA.

 Sadly, DSHEA was manipulated by some manufacturers who had been lobbying
FDA to turn herbs into drugs, so we have an ongoing battle not only here,
but world wide as Codex comes at us.

 I've just taken you full circle in order to explain something basic: we
can't give up, and as long as we stick to our guns, we'll win in the end.
The creator of these vitamins is on our side. We have the most evolved law
in the world here in America, and if we stand firmly on constitutional
grounds, we will maintain our freedom.

 So please help me to get an oversight hearing for the next session of
Congress. You can do this by calling Congressman Dan Burton's office at
202-225-2276 and thank him for his efforts to help us at Codex, and let him
know that the FDA ignored his wishes and that oversight is badly needed.
There is no guarantee that we'll get an oversight hearing, and theres no
guarantee that if we do get one that we'll succeed in stopping Codex, but
its out best bet and we have a moral imperative to try. I learned a long
time ago that when something seems impossible, help sometimes comes when
least expected, and that our Creator loves us and gave us these vitamins
for our use. It may seem like we're powerless to act in the face of the
Pharma Cartel, and it may seem like we have no chance to succeed against
them, but where theres a will, theres always a way, especially if we don't
forget to pray and ask for guidance as we go along. If we keep trying, we
have the truth on our side and we will eventually get the oversight we need
to be able to monkeywrench the drug cartel's Codex plans.

 I am proactively lining up expert witnesses to testify on our behalf.
Please write a personal letter to Burton, by using the form letter below as
a guide. If you absolutely can't take the time to even write a brief
paragraph in your own writing (which Congress counts 1000 times more than
any form letter) then send in the form letter. Its better to do that than
do nothing, but a hand written letter is best. Please pass this message on
to more people and urge them to help.


To: The Honorable Dan Burton c/o Milt Copulos  To: The International Court
of Justice
House Government Reform and Oversight Committee  c/o Matthias Rath, MD
Room 2157 RHOB         Bedrigvenpark Twente 305
Washington, DC 20515 fax 202-226-2369    NL 7602K Almelo, Netherlands


Dear Congressman Burton:

 In accordance with the will of Congress as expressed through the passage
of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 in which
Congress received more mail than on any issue except possibly the Vietnam
War, and in accordance with the will of Congress as expressed through the
act of amending the harmonization language in the Food and Drug
Administration Modernization Act of 1997 to protect the status of dietary
supplements in the United States and to ensure ongoing American access to
this vital category of health-promoting and life-saving products, we urge
that you please give serious consideration to holding an oversight hearing
in order to inquire how Dr. Beth Yetley of the FDA felt justified utterly
ignoring the will of Congress as specifically stated to her in writing by
you, along with Congressmen Paul, Stump, Cook, and De Fazio in which you
requested that the FDA remove the second paragraph from their Codex
comments on agenda item #5, (vitamins and minerals) in which the FDA
clearly seeks to harmonize American laws to those of the European Union
over your strong objection. I would like the second paragraph struck
entirely from the US Codex comments, and I would like the Risk Assessment
document mentioned in that paragraph removed from the Codex program. In
addition to violating US law to put it on the table at Codex for
discussion, I am disturbed about the gross lack of transparency reflected
by the fact that the document was never made available in full for
downloading off the web, and by the fact that the FDA lied on video and
said that it WAS available in full on the FDA website, a complete lie.
Moreover, I strongly question the constitutionality of the FDA's ANPR which
was published in the July 7, 1997 Federal Register, Vol. 62, #129
pp.36243-36248 as the FDA's announced intention to "harmonize" their
regulations to emerging Codex standards violates the will of Congress, and
is grossly unconstitutional. Please appraise me in writing if and when we
can have an oversight hearing on this, as I have no reason to trust the FDA
in these matters, and am concerned about any possible interference with my
right to access the dietary supplements of my choice.

To Whom it May Concern- International Court of Justice:

 I share Dr.Matthias Rath's strong concerns about the mass murder and other
crimes against humanity described in detail to you in Dr. Rath's formal
legal complaint against the Pharma-Cartel, and question how anyone on earth
can possibly respect the United Nations if the ICJ does not immediately
conduct legal proceedings as required under international law, and in
accordance with the UN charter? I am in solidarity with the 1000 German
citizens who demonstrated with Dr. Rath against the Codex meeting held in
Berlin September 21-25, 1998, and am angered by the gross lack of
transparency and honesty in the Codex process in which consumers have
hardly any voice and which undermines the laws of my own country.

 I am aware of Dr. Rath's legal complaint as outlined in his website at and have personally experienced interference in my own God
given right to access the dietary supplements I need for my health due to
the global manipulations of the pharma-cartel on such bodies as the Codex
Alimentarius Commission and on the FDA and its international counterparts.
I strongly urge you to conduct an in depth investigation immediately in
accordance with Dr. Rath's wishes, or run the risk of incurring the
distrust of people all over the world. I especially urge you to pay
attention to Dr.Rath's nutritional discoveries which can successfully
prevent and reverse heart disease, the world's number one killer, as
discussed in depth in his complaint.



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International Advocates for Health Freedom
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