To: IAHF List
Subject: Smoking Gun Exposes Pharma Takeover Scam: Help Needed
From: "IAHF-John Hammell"
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 15:43:07

IAHF List: I just got back from Expo East Vitamin Trade Show recently, and was totally unable to awaken a sleeping American supplement industry to the fate that awaits them, even though we now have a major smoking gun that should cause people to pay attention.

Please go to I just built this site because we have a smoking gun that totally exposes International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations as a controlled opposition group, and I have the documentation in this site to prove it in the form of original correspondence between NNFA New Zealand and IADSA.

Here is why the industry doesn't understand whats happening to them:

Pfizer, the world's number one drug company, which has 8 products that generate in excess of a billion dollars a year apiece, and which sells drugs in over 150 nations, is massively manipulating the dietary supplement industry via their subsidiary Capsugel, which appears to be omnipresent within the supplement industry being members of the following trade associations: CRN, NNFA, and AHPA, while their CEO, Randy Dennin, is Chair of IADSA.

Moreover, Pfizer has achieved a major PR coup by pulling the wool over the supplement industry's eyes by creating the appearance, via Capsugel/Dennin/IADSA of "being on our side."

Example: Go to the website of American Association for Health Freedom (formerly American Preventive Medical Assn click on Membership, see "AAHF Angels" (Companies that have donated money) Look under Bronze. See the listing for Capsugel? That's how Pfizer's tentacles have penetrated an organization I used to like and trust. Now I can't. I have approached them til I'm blue in the face, pleading with Candace Campbell to stop taking money from Pfizer via Capsugel, because all that does is sanitize Dennin's image, so that people ignore what any hardliner who see's the truth about IADSA tries to tell them.

Its pathetic, and disgusting, but this is how we're being taken over. Capsugel (Pfizer) is donating money to so called "Citizens for Health" to so called "American Association for Health Freedom" to NPI Center, and Dennin Chairs IADSA and is on NNFA's International Committee which he used to co chair when they developed their position on Codex (which is what Pfizer wanted the industry to believe, that it's a "non issue" that it "won't impact US laws" that it "only threatens our international sales."

Oh man, have they been set up like bowling pins…. IAHF is reaching out to other groups to try to put together a coalition of groups for the purpose of hopefully awakening this sleeping industry before they get unceremoniously dumped off the cliff.

Want to help? Please forward this, and if you have any pull with any member of the Board of AAHF (American Assoc for Health Freedom) please let me know. So far, they are as blind as bats and twice as asleep. I tried til I was blue in the face to convey the fact that we're in a race against time, and that I really needed their help, but they were of no help whatsoever on the show floor at Expo East where I broke my ass passing out a press release trying to alert people to Sadly, most in the industry will ignore my press release, having bought into the spin that the issue isn't real and that "IADSA is handling things".

Oh yeah, they're "HANDLING" things all right. They're handling things just fine for PFIZER, the world's biggest drug company and the American supplement industry are being set up like bowling pins. Please show this to every health food store in your area and ask them to communicate with the vitamin company reps who come into their stores.

Hopefully, we can stop this madness before its too late.

There are things we can and must do. See and for details, and please forward this to more people.

Also, please donate to IAHF POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062-0632 USA
I am trying to do the work of 10 people, and I haven't disappeared. I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for the past several months and I need your help to expose this scam.

For Health Freedom,
John Hammell, President
IAHF 800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 world