To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: IAHF Launches Boycott Against United Airlines: Email Sent to John D. Kiker, VP Communications- United Airlines cc editor The City Paper
From: John Hammell
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 03:55:21 -0400

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IAHF List: Please forward widely to your lists, this must be snowballed very widely, this outrage must come to a screeching HALT!!

If you appreciate this effort to defend your civil liberties, kindly slide a few simolians to IAHF via paypal at or by check or money order to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA Anyone can join the global multitudes already on the IAHF email distribution list by signing up at the website. Kindly assist IAHF by forwarding this en masse to United Airlines

To John D. Kiker, VP Communications
United Airlines: Home Phone in Chicago 312-274-0408
United Customer Relations 1-877-228-1327 (Toll Free)

Dear Mr. Kiker: Look at the article Novel Secure Methods below my comments. This is the article from the Philadelphia CITY PAPER at which you arrogantly did NOT want me to email to you so you could look at it even though it DIRECTLY pertains to your airline which clearly is exhibiting ZERO respect for the public's constitutional first amendment right to bring ANY sort of reading material we wish aboard your planes. I thought your airline's motto was "Fly the FRIENDLY Skys of UNITED", is it NOT(?) You mind explaining to me how you think its somehow "FRIENDLY" to try to DICTATE to us what we can or cannot READ as some arbitrarily determined prerequiste to be allowed to board your airplanes?

If I wanted to bring a book which explained in detail how to build a nuclear bomb, that would be my absolute, unwavering, unalienable RIGHT under the first amendment to the constitution to bring aboard any United plane I might choose to fly aboard. (such info is freely available on the world wide web, and if I were to choose to download it, and have it in hard copy form on a clipboard and wanted to bring it on one of your planes to read on some flight to Phoenix or wherever, that would be my ABSOLUTE IRONCLAD right, sir, but in THIS case, (see article below my comments from the City Paper in Philadelphia) you would not allow a guy to bring a NOVEL on board one of your planes, just because it had a cover illustration of a fist holding a few sticks of dynamite. (Whaddya gonna ban NEXT, - Soldier of Fortune Magazine? The Earth First! 25th Anniversary Issue? The Newsletter of the Sea Shepheard Society? Penthouse? Hustler? The Koran??? The BIBLE??? The Torah??? Copies of the US Constitution? Novels by people like Tom Clancy which sometimes have violent cover illustrations also and which are sold in airline terminals world wide? These decisions are NOT United Airlines decisions to make.

You called me back 5 minutes ago demanding to know how I got your LISTED home phone number. No mystery there, its listed in the Chicago phone book and I got it from Directory Assistance after looking up your name on the United Airlines website where your management bio is listed at,10016,1369,00.html Don't like being called at home at 312-274-0408? Then I suggest strongly that you started acting one hell of a lot more POLITELY to the consuming public, or get an unlisted # because you just might end up getting some MORE calls at your home regarding this matter, since MANY Americans consider it their DUTY to defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

When I just attempted to discuss the gross disrespect your airline is exhibiting towards the first amendment of the US Constitution, you arrogantly refused to discuss the matter and attempted to tell me that this "isn't your department" and you attempted to tell me that I should discuss this with your legal department, but this is unmitigated bull man, because you are the head PR man for United, I will not accept your effort to pass the buck, you just made the mistake of angering me and I have an email distribution list of thousands of people all over the world and a website that receives an average of between 3-5 thousand unique visitors per day from all over the world, many of whom are in high income brackets and do a lot of air travel. Many of the people on my email distribution list have talk radio programs on FM, short wave, and web based shows, and some of them have sizable audiences. In today's wired world, you can't afford to piss off ANYONE if you are to be a PR professional !!

Your legal staff can't locate me to serve papers on me if this email angers you because I live very deep in the boondocks off a dirt road off a dirt road off a dirt road in the middle of the Appalachian mountains miles from the nearest paved road on top of which I'm totally judgement proof, and roam around a lot like a vagabond, like the wind, so you have just MESSED WITH the wrong person, and in my humble opinion UNITED should ABSOLUTELY issue a public apology to Neil Godfrey on the United Website. I intend to locate Godfrey (whose brother is the webmaster for the City Paper in Philly) (Matter of fact, Gwen Shaffer, why don't you just give it to Neil's brother, and have him send it to Neil and have Neil call me because I intend to strongly encourage him to file a first amendment lawsuit against United, and I will be putting him in touch with a brilliant first amendment attorney named Jonathan Emord who superbly destroyed the communist Food and Drug Administration in the decision of Pearson v Schalala (See )

(Matter of fact sir, I am forwarding this email with all my opinions in it to Mr.Emord, because you make me mad enough to spit nails. You want clarification on the legality of this pathetic situation in which United is absolutely in the wrong? Contact Emord yourself at or call him in Washington DC at 202-466-6937 He's the best first amendment attorney in America.

As the President of International Advocates for Health Freedom, I am deeply angered by the gross disrepect shown by United Airlines to the first amendment of the United States Constitution as reflected by the decision to prohibit Neil Godfrey from flying on your airline on October 10th (please see the article below which appeared in the City Paper, Philadelphia- see url below). What angers me is that Godfrey was banned merely for possessing a book that had a cover illustration of a man's hand holding up several sticks of dynamite. (Whoppee Zap) The book in question, Hayduke Lives! by Edward Abbey is a 1991 novel about a radical environmentalist who blows up bridges, burns tractors, and sabotages construction projects he believes are destroying the beautiful southwest landscape. (see article below).

After this happened, Godfrey, who was trying to connect with his family to go on a vacation to Disneyland, called his mom who called United to see if her son had been permanently banned from flying United. She was assured he had not been and was told he could board a later flight that same afternoon (see article below). So, he went back to the airport with a different book, one that did not have an inflammatory cover illustration, only to be banned a SECOND TIME from flying due to possession of this SECOND book, which someone at United apparently did not like.

IAHF is therefor launching a boycott against your anti American airline effective immediately. The reason I am calling UNITED an Anti American Airline is because I regard your gross disrespect for the first amendment of the US Constitution to be Communist or perhaps NAZI, or some combination thereof, and I DEMAND that you start showing the American people the respect we deserve, or we will take our business ELSEWHERE.

In any case, I did not like your ATTITUDE when you called me back just now, and my recommendation to the shareholders of United, all of whom I intend to contact about this, is that they give very SERIOUS consideration towards FIRING you, because you tried to pass the BUCK on this to the point where you didn't even want me to EMAIL you the article below. You've steamed me up so much I am not only emailing it to you via the United general email address, but I've decided to also send it to everyone on the United Board of Directors via certified mail with return receipt requested so that I can be absolutely damn sure ya'll get the message. Every single solitary thing expressed in this email has been my honest first amendment opinion, run THIS past your lawyers and your superiors. On second thought, don't bother, I've saved you the trouble, I've sent it to them already myself.

A Staunch Believer in Civil Liberties & Strong Opponent of the New Whirrrrrrrld Odor, John C. Hammell, President, International Advocates for Health Freedom POB 625 Floyd, VA 24091 America with a c, not with a "k" 800-333-2553

cc: Gwen Shaffer, writer, The City Paper-(Philadelphia),Jonathan Emord, JD; Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, successful plaintiffs in a first amendment decision against the FDA

cc: Larry DeShon, senior vice president Marketing, and Jim Goodwin, chairman and chief executive officer- United Airlines

cc: By certified letter with return receipt requested to the entire Board of Directors of United Airline, plus all OTHER airlines in order to serve notice on THEM TOO! You do not MESS with the American people this way Kiker!

PS-- I just punched a hole in a sheetrock wall I am so angry. I just ripped open the knuckles on my right hand and BLOOD is now dripping all over my computer keyboard. I swore an Oath on my Navy SEAL father's GRAVE to defend the Constitution against people like you, and by God, I intend to do so via the power of the internet!

It would not be necessary for me to do ANY of this if you had merely done the RIGHT thing, and been PROFESSIONAL with me on the phone. The RIGHT thing for you to have done would have been to simply THANK me for calling this to your attention, and you should have given me an email address, fax number or mailing address to send this to your privately, but since you were not professional about it, I decided to send it PUBLICLY, because United sure as hell isn't the ONLY airline we have to CHOOSE FROM. Come to think of it, I am also going to send this to the PR departments of ALL the airlines, because I have a serious love of the first amendment, and all the OTHER amendments that the stinking commie UNITED NATIONS is trying to strip from us. Although United Airlines may be a multinational corporation, with AMERICANS, sir, you damn well better act RIGHT because your motto is fly the FRIENDLY skys, and you were ARROGANT with me on the phone. Your JOB, sir, is to SERVE the public, and don't you EVER forget it because this country is full of people with PR backgrounds, and you are very easily REPLACED !!! I will NEVER fly UNITED again, of THAT you can be CERTAIN.

Novel Security Measures
A local man was kept off a recent flight because of a book he was carrying.

by Gwen Shaffer

Everyone knows it is a bad idea to try and board a plane carrying a box cutter, a flight manual written in Arabic, or a sack full of mysterious white powder. But with ultra-tightened airport security, a book could also prevent you from boarding that plane.

No kidding. It happened just last week in Philadelphia.

Neil Godfrey arrived at Philadelphia International Airport around 9:30 a.m. on Wed., Oct. 10. His brother's girlfriend dropped him off with plenty of time to spare before his 11:40 a.m. United Airlines flight. Godfrey was on his way to Phoenix, where his parents live. From there, the family was planning to head out for a vacation at Disneyland.

It is fair to say that Godfrey brother of City Paper webmaster Ryan Godfrey doesn't look unusual for a 22-year-old kid living in Center City.

His outfit that day was typical: black Dockers, a T-shirt with a logo for the now-defunct Phoenix Gazette newspaper and New Balance running shoes. He has a medium build, recently dyed jet-black hair and a quiet demeanor.

When Godfrey stepped up to the ticket counter, the United clerk informed him he had been selected for a random baggage search.

"No problem," he replied, going through the usual motions of checking his bag and getting a boarding pass. Now toting nothing but a novel and the most recent copy of The Nation magazine, Godfrey hiked through the concourse toward his boarding gate.

As he passed through the metal detector, an airport security guard furrowed his brow at Godfrey's reading selections as they disappeared through the conveyor belt.

On the cover of the book, Hayduke Lives! by Edward Abbey, is an illustration of a man's hand holding several sticks of dynamite. The 1991 novel is about a radical environmentalist, George Washington Hayduke III, who blows up bridges, burns tractors and sabotages other projects he believes are destroying the beautiful Southwest landscape.

"For the first time, it occurred to me the book may be a problem," Godfrey recalls.

He proceeded through the security checkpoint and sat down to read near his boarding gate. About 10 minutes had passed when a National Guardsman approached Godfrey.

"He told me to step aside," Godfrey says. "Then he took my book and asked me why I was reading it."

Within minutes, Godfrey says, Philadelphia Police officers, Pennsylvania State Troopers and airport security officials joined the National Guardsman. About 10 to 12 people examined the novel for 45 minutes, scratching out notes the entire time. They also questioned Godfrey about the purpose of his trip to Phoenix.

The fact that Godfrey recently dropped out of Temple University and has yet to find a job may have piqued suspicion of law enforcement officials even more.

"The fact that I don't work or go to school may have contributed to them thinking I have nothing to live for," Godfrey speculates.

Eventually, one of the law enforcement officials told Godfrey his book was "innocuous" and he would be allowed to board the plane.

"I was pretty shaken up," he says. "But I also felt guilty that I hadn't realized bringing this book to the airport may cause a problem."

Another 10 minutes or so passed while he sat in the waiting area. A female United employee Godfrey failed to jot down her name came over and informed him that he wouldn't be allowed to fly, "for three reasons."

The first reason, she said, was that Godfrey was reading a book with an illustration of a bomb on the cover. Secondly, she said, he purchased his ticket on Sept. 11. (Godfrey bought the ticket on shortly after midnight, at least eight hours before the World Trade Center was attacked).

And the final reason cited by the United employee was that Godfrey's Arizona driver's license had expired. The employee pointed to a date to substantiate this allegation.

"No," Godfrey told her. "That's the day the license was issued."

The woman then pointed to another date on the card, Feb. 17, 2000, contending it was the expiration date. Godfrey countered that the date identified him as "under 21" until then.

"Too bad, it's too late," the flight attendant informed him.

A defeated and disappointed Godfrey reclaimed his luggage and was escorted out of the airport.

When he got home, Godfrey did what a lot of guys do when they need consoling he phoned his mom.

Godfrey's mother offered to call United and attempt to straighten things out. A central reservation clerk assured her that her son was not banned from ever flying United again. She booked him on a different flight to Phoenix, this one departing Philadelphia at 3:04 p.m. that same afternoon.

Godfrey scurried back to the airport, leaving the Abbey novel at home. He exchanged it for a seemingly benign novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

When Godfrey arrived at the airport around 1:15 p.m., his luggage was again searched. But as Godfrey passed through the metal detector, a police officer recognized him from the commotion just a few hours earlier. The cop pulled Godfrey aside and made a few phone calls. Ultimately, he declared that everything checked out fine. But a National Guardsman standing nearby vetoed that decision.

"This time, they took my Harry Potter book and about four people studied it for 20 minutes," Godfrey says.

Finally, at about 1:45 p.m., officials apparently felt reassured that Godfrey was not a security threat. They told Godfrey he would be permitted on the plane, but that he couldn't pass through security until 2:30 p.m.

At the appointed time, an escort took Godfrey through security, while at least 15 law enforcement officials looked on. Rather than taking Godfrey directly to his gate, however, he was ushered into a private interrogation room.

"They patted me down and found nothing," Godfrey says. But when he emerged from this room, Burt Zastera, supervisor of airport operations for United, told him he would not be allowed to fly.

"He told me he didn't know the reason why, that he was 'just conveying the information,'" Godfrey recalls. Zastera gave Godfrey a contact number he could call for a full explanation.

Godfrey's father called that number and was told his son was banned from flying United because he cracked "a joke about bombs."

"That is totally false," Godfrey says, pointing out that no one at the airport ever mentioned this to him. Plus, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations stipulate that any passenger who jokes about explosives be arrested on the spot. By contrast, Godfrey was never charged or even accused of breaking the law. In fact, Philadelphia Police officers didn't even file an incident report, according to department spokesman Cpl. Jim Pauley.

Other airport and law enforcement officials have very little to say about Godfrey's treatment.

Zastera says he is "not allowed to comment" on what happened because it is a security matter. United Airlines spokesman Chris Bradwig says he is "unaware" of the Oct. 10 incident.

"Even so, we don't comment on security matters," he says.

A supervisor with Aviation Safeguard, the company United contracts to man security checkpoints in Philadelphia, denied responsibility for detaining Godfrey.

"The only ones who determine who can't get on a flight is the airline," says an Aviation Safeguard supervisor, who refused to provide her name. "We don't stop any books."

Philadelphia International spokesman Mark Pesce agrees that only individual airlines determine whether to permit a passenger to fly.

"When a passenger passes through security, it is under the jurisdiction of the airline. We don't get involved," he says, adding that stories like Godfrey's are likely to become increasingly common.

The FAA has no policy regulating "specific types of reading material," says spokeswoman Arlene Salac.