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Subject: Senate Bill to Label IAHF "Terrorist"? S.1510 Must be Killed NOW! Is Anti Civil Libertarian!! Up for Vote THIS WEEK!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 17:30:45 -0400

IAHF List: It is ESSENTIAL that we call our Senators NOW in opposition to S.1510, or groups such as IAHF could be labelled "TERRORIST" and be WIPED OUT by the increasingly totalitarian state. Call 202-225-3121 NOW and ask to speak with your Senators. You'll find ample ammunition in the message below. You can also send an email protesting this by clicking on to simultaneously send to all Senators. Please forward this urgent alert to more people. Anyone can be on the IAHF list- sign up at

American Civil Liberties are about to Evaporate!

US Citizens and Activists: Consider the provisions in the new Senate Terrorist Bill 1510

Consider these items in the new Senate Terrorist Bill 1510: "MONEY LAUNDERING ABATEMENT AND ANTI-TERRORIST FINANCING ACT OF 2001"

Political Activists and Demonstrators should Zero in on S.1510. The bill's provisions can be used to eradicate public dissent - - and you!

If you want to read this bill for yourself, go to, to the 107th Congress, and Senate Bill 1510.

Under Senate Bill 1510, now being considered in the Senate as an Anti-terrorism act:

1.. An entire 501C3 organization or other organization, including its members, can have their assets seized for supporting "bodily acts" [did you ever demonstrate at a rally? at a nuclear plant? for a prisoner? etc.?] or international causes that the U.S. Secretary of State may deem terrorist activity. Political activities that were legal prior to S.1510 may "RETROACTIVELY" be deemed terrorist activity by U.S. Government. Participants and supporters may be charged with terrorist and other offenses, under this bill as now drafted.

(2). S.1510 "RETROACTIVELY" abolishes the "Statue of Limitations" for many past offenses in which no one was injured. After passage of S.1510, any past offense that can be broadly alleged to have put someone "at risk" may be used by federal and state prosecutors to charge a citizen with a terrorist act - even 30 years after the Statute of Limitations period had already passed. Government will have no difficulty manufacturing evidence to prosecute citizens once Constitutional safeguards against passing Retroactive Laws are abolished by passage of S.1510.

(3) No "innocent owner defense" allowed against Asset Forfeiture when: after passage of S 1510, U.S. Government agencies will be able to seize assets of citizens, 501C3 and other organizations and their members without ever disclosing the evidence against their property. Government need only allege that disclosing such evidence may compromise National security and/or an ongoing investigation. S 1510 provides for paying "unnamed informants" huge rewards resulting from arrests and forfeited assets. It is hard to believe any organization or citizen could ever recover their assets once they are seized by a government agency in the name of National Security. That may include a citizen's home in which an informant secretly alleges someone said the wrong thing.

(4) "D Below" is quoted, in part, from the Senate Bill 1510.

So much for trusting attorneys!

"(d) UNDERCOVER ACTIVITIES- Notwithstanding any provision of State law, including disciplinary rules, statutes, regulations, constitutional provisions, or case law, a Government attorney may, for the purpose of enforcing Federal law, provide legal advice, authorization, concurrence, direction, or supervision on conducting undercover activities, and any attorney employed as an investigator or other law enforcement agent by the Department of Justice who is not authorized to represent the United States in criminal or civil law enforcement litigation or to supervise such proceedings may participate in such activities, even though such activities may require the use of deceit or misrepresentation, where such activities are consistent with Federal law.

`(e) ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE- No violation of any disciplinary, ethical, or professional conduct rule shall be construed to permit the exclusion of otherwise admissible evidence in any Federal criminal proceedings".

This bill is similar to the one Adolf Hitler pushed through the Reichstag after the Reichstag fire in 1932. German Jews, horrified by the chaos in Germany after the fire, supported Hitler's legislation - then found he could (and planned to) use it against them.

This is worse legislation than the Sedition Laws of the 1790's, later declared unconstitutional and leading to the end of John Adams' presidency.

Understand! Under the law as now written, you and anyone connected with any organization - 501(c)(3), church, Rotary, any organization - can be snagged under this legislation. Lifting the Statute of Limitations means that you could have your home and other assets seized if you were a member of an organization that supported, for example, Leonard Peltier, or sent food or medicine to Cuba, or even protested against nukes in the '60s - and the U.S.G. decided that that organization was then or is now in any way associated with someone or some organization that is somehow connected to a "terrorist organization."

Of course, it will be said that that is highly unlikely to happen if you keep your nose clean - and don't give financial or other support to any suspect organization. But who knows what is or later will be considered a "suspect organization"? If this law is passed, as now drafted, contributions to 501(c)(3) groups, foundations, etc., will dry up as people realize that by contributing anything - money, goods or services - could make them subject to seizure of their person or assets by the action - or alleged action - of any one person in the organization to which they donate.

There are thousands of people in our prisons now, put there by the testimony of paid/"rewarded" informers. All it takes is for some such person to provide "testimony" that the ACLU or the Sierra Club or Pastors for Peace, or other organization is "supporting" terrorists. Or maybe some member of such an organization does provide support to a terrorist: all members are liable to imprisonment and seizure of their assets.

If this law passes in this form, kiss protest - by letter or demonstration - and democracy goodbye!

Go to or to and send a note to your Senators and tell them to kill this monstrosity before it becomes law. At least to amend the darned thing! Senator Daschle said yesterday that he expects this bill to be brought up and passed THIS WEEK. DO THIS NOW!

And please forward this (or your own) message to EVERYONE on your e-mail list.

May God protect what democracy we have left. Visit the EagleNet Website at