To: Health Freedom,Codex Issues
Subject: EZ DOES IT CON-GRESS: _SLOW DOWN_: WAY 2 MANY UNANSWERED Q's-Don't GUT Civil Liberties....
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 18:57:55 -0400

IAHF List: I personally know D.P. ( the guy who posed the following VERY HARD HITTING questions about the events of 9/11 which Con-gress is refusing to ANSWER. (See below my comments.)

DP was a nuclear reactor operator in the Navy for many years, and he wasn't born yesterday- read his questions _very_ carefully....

He shares my absolute DISTRUST of the President, the Shadow Government which pulls his strings and the strings of Con-gress.

After you read his questions, and have the experience that I have had (of neither of my Senators or Congressman, or any OTHER member of Con-gress providing ANSWERS to them) Below DPs questions are still MORE, EQUALLY hard hitting questions which no one in Congress has been answering and we MUST demand answers, our FREEDOM hangs in the balance...

MARK UP POSTPONED today on the so called "Anti Terrorist Act" which would GUT the 4th amendment right to protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. (They'll try to sneak the markup past us next week unless we TELL EM NOW!!!) When I called Con-gressman Sensenbrenner's office today to COMPLAIN about this bill and to DEMAND in depth public hearings be held, the person who answered the phone was VERY condescending, and SENSENBRENNER DESERVES to be HAMMERED EN MASSE with CALLS, FAXES and EMAILED COMPLAINTS to DEMAND IN DEPTH HEARINGS in which THESE QUESTIONS are ALL ADDRESSED, and we must voice TOTAL AND COMPLETE OPPOSITION to a gutting of the 4th amendment via so called "Anti Terrorist Act" as well as to a National ID Card with Biometric Identifiers, or the CHIP WILL BE NEXT!!!

(Attorney General Ashcroft was the ONLY PERSON allowed to testify yesterday at the alleged "hearing" held by the Judiciary Committee. This is a SET UP! We MUST COMPLAIN: WHAT TO DO:

1. House Judiciary Committee: 202-225-3951, fax unlisted, email demand in depth hearing be held which answers these questions

2. Congressman James Sensenbrenner, Chairman, Judiciary Committee: 202-225-5101, 202-225-3190 fax, email

3. Congressman John Conyers, Ranking Democrat Phone: 202-225-5126 Fax: 202-225-0072 one of the few members of the Judiciary Committee who shares our concerns, in depth hearings MUST be held, he agrees, but call him anyway and THANK him for wanting in depth hearings.

4. Call as many members of the Judiciary Committee as possible- see list at See all of their email addresses in the cc line above, and echo me on my questions. I have called the entire list, please at least call 4 members at random from both parties. Demand in depth hearings to especially address 4th amendment concerns, tell them its a matter of historical record that President Roosevelt knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor prior to its occurrence HTTP:// Book: Pearl Harbor - Mother of All Conspiracies by Mark Emerson Willey and you smell a rat here due to questions asked below....

D.P.s UNANSWERED Questions [D.P. was a navy nuclear reactor operator with many years of military service]:

Why Were So Few People on the Flights?

1) Flight 11 was a Boeing 757/200. This plane holds 239 passengers. There were 81 passengers and 11 crew. The 11 crew members included 2 pilots and 9 flight attendants. Is it normal that this flight would not be at capacity, based on other Flight 11's that leave Boston to LA, at the same time every day? Flights within the Airline industry operate on standardized schedule. They don't make the schedules after the passengers book the flights. The only days that they schedule deviate are Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. So, is it customary that this flight is so underbooked? (About 30% capacity) I flew out west from Florida about three months ago, and every flight I got on was either full or overbooked.

2) Same question of all the flights. #175 had 54 passengers. The pentagon plane (#77) had 56 passengers, and the PA flight 38. All less than 25% of capacity. Why? I don't have access to the files of AA or United, but some reporter should be able to find out this information. [Fewer people, easier to control the situation. And the less likely that something could go wrong, maybe? I'm just speculating, of course. I don't know, and I don't have access to AA or United archives and files.]

The Air Force Could Have Averted the Tragedy But Didn't

3) Four planes at once with no transponder info on the FAA screens and Air Force screens. All of them just showing up as blips on radar. One plane is in a "NO FLY ZONE";.. within constantly monitored, restricted airspace. A pilot has already remarked that when a plane deviates just a little, that the FAA oversight will call and/or allow for course corrections.

But, we are talking about planes that were miles off course. In these instances, the FAA reports it to the Air Force. But also, in these instances, the Air Force has already locked onto these planes, because they monitor the commercial system as well as their own. That's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

They have to, so that we don't have military and commercial aircraft flying into one another, constantly. In a circumstance like Flight 11, this plane is so far of course it is ridiculous and they are not responding normally to communications. They did a hard bank (90 degrees to the south) somewhere north of Albany, NY. The Air Force is to scramble at least a recon aircraft to monitor. Why no recon, on any of the first three flights?

Let's look at the second plane. It was 18 minutes until it hit the second building. This plane flew over NYC, past the city and went to somewhere around Newark, NJ. At that point it did a 360 degree bank to fly back to NYC. By this time "they" know that this is no accident happening. They know that they have hijacked planes in the air.

An F-15 strike eagle flies at 1850+ nmps. That is Mach 2.5+ A sidewinder with heat seeking infrared guidance, has a range of 18 miles. This aircraft, according to the USAF's own website, goes from "scramble order" to 29000 feet in 2.5 minutes.

New York City is 71 miles from McGuire AFB in NJ and 147 from Westover AFB in MA. At Mach 2, this plane could travel from the ground in NJ to NYC, in under 7 minutes.

I am being generous. Mach 2 is 20+ miles per minute and Mach 2.5 is 30+ miles per minute. This is 150 to 210 seconds to cover the 71 miles. If we factor in the time for the scramble order, to being in the air; we are at 5 to 6 minutes for an F-15 to bypass flight 175, turn, and sit at the WTC to wait for the plane (175) to arrive.

This is far less than 18 minutes, and this plane (175) had to fly back over the Hudson Bay to reach its target. (Remember the range of the sidewinder is over 10 miles. Is it even necessary to mention the speed of this missile?) The Plane Hitting the Pentagon Could Have Been Stopped But Wasn't---Why?

4) Let's apply these same standards to the Pentagon plane #77. This plane is over restricted airspace. It is 40 minutes after the second attack in NYC. At some point, here, Barbara Olsen calls her husband to let him know the plane is hijacked. Mr. Olsen calls "officials" who claim that they don't know about Flight #77 being hijacked.

Barbara Olsen makes a second phone call to her husband. Other passengers were FORCED TO CALL their families to tell them that they were going to die. Why would the hijackers put out this warning? The article definitely says "forced to call". See: Flight 77: 'Our Plane Is Being Hijacked' ( See:

This plane flies over the White House, which has automatic turret style anti-defense weaponry on top of the building. NO shots are reported to be fired, no anti-aircraft missiles were fired. This plane, still in restricted airspace, does a 270 degree bank to turn around and fly toward to Pentagon. Andrews AFB is 13 miles away. This is already within the range of a sidewinder.

All that is required is to put the plane in the air (maybe up to 3000 ft.), lock and fire. Remember it is 40 minutes and they already know that these planes are being used as weapons. They have been reporting it on ABC, CBS, and NBC for 30+ minutes. They have received phone calls from passengers, telling them that the plane is hijacked. (By the way, what time were these cell-calls made? Before or after they entered the "no fly zone"?)

These planes could have been knocked out of the sky EASILY, but weren't. Why?


P.S. It's not that I want to believe that something stinks, here. It's just that I would like credible answers as to what was/is going on. I was in the military. As a Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator, we had to stand duty 24/7, to monitor operations. An Air Force base is constantly manned, in case of an unforeseen event or attack. They fly recon missions, every single day. Some of these recon flights may be armed, and some may not. But, there are a certain number of planes are armed at all times and the pilots do 24-hour rotating shifts so that the Air Force can respond quickly. The Air Force and Nuclear Aircraft Carriers constitute America's first line of defensive readiness. They were 13 miles from the Pentagon, with planes that can fly circles around a commercial jet. Were they on vacation or what?

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: FDR Knew Pearl Harbor Was Going to Happen See HTTP:// Book: Pearl Harbor - Mother of All Conspiracies by Mark Emerson Willey

See articles "Who Benefits?" by William Cooper and Fake Terror- The Road to Dictatorship by Michael Rivero Both articles are very well documented and raise numerous SERIOUS questions about this whole situation of an attack on the Pentagon/WTC, do not mess with us, you haven't even disarmed us yet and you'll never succeed. More and more people are joining Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, and Concerned Citizens Against Police states with each passing day that this WTC attack charade continues.

I realize you're trying to create an offshore diversion so as to get all of our troops offshore, then unleash biowar or a suitcase nuke to put FEMA in charge under executive orders, and I realize you'd then also unleash foreign UN troops on us including Russian Spetznaz troops who you trained at Ft.Polk in Louisiana to do door to door weapons searches, we know Spetznaz troops trained at Ft.Polk in door to door weapons searches were sent from Louisiana over to Grozny in Chechneya where they were used in door to door weapons searches, and we realize Ft. Polk has a mock up of "anytown USA" where door to door weapons searches have been practiced, but we KNOW this is what you're trying to do, so dispense with the charade, we're not stupid, and we can see through ALL of your spin controlled lies-we've read the Report from Iron Mountain. So..... you want to gut the 4th amendment and all the others and harmonize our laws to international standards via the UN/WTO? You want to lay biometric identifiers on us via a National ID card, and then you want to chip us?

GUESS AGAIN, pondscum, we "useless eaters" are NOT BUYIN' IT! See the anti chip section at See the link to Gulag Amerika from the front page of especially the George Hansen story about former Congressman George Hansen of Idaho who was enslaved for 10 years inside the Amerikan Gulag and given "diesal therapy" for his efforts to expose the IRS. He testified before Congress about what happened to him and there are photos of his scars on the web. He was a REAL American, and any of you who do not obey your oaths will run the very real risk of angering a huge number of us, and in that, the odds are very much against you, because we have you hopelessly outnumbered: so hold in depth, full and complete hearings before doing ANYTHING to mess with our civil liberties .

We see through your puppet master's lies. See the anti chip section at We know you have been experimenting with a cashless society in Southamptom UK and Guelph, Ontario Canada as well as Singapore-but we reject that too, more and more of us are growing our own food, and getting off the grid, more and more of us are coming to see the whole scheme to manipulate us via microwaves via HAARP, but we're pooling our energies to find ways to protect even against that.

We "uesless eathers" hopelessly outnumber you, and if you continue to anger us, we will revolt and if we do, the MUJAHADIN will be the LEAST of your problems. We see the game here, and we demand in depth, full, complete hearings or we will NOT ACCEPT any so called "Anti terrorist" bills that you trot out.

Stop allowing your chains to be jerked by the puppet masters in the shadow government, con-gress. We've seen the FEC website and know who ya'll REALLY are- we have ALL your coordinates. The Illuminati is pitting Islam vs America to try to take out both. The elite pondscum don't like Islam because they reject the debt based banking system and usery. They don't like Americans because of our tradition of freedom which you're not out to crush in the name of "protecting" us. Well a lot of us have read George Orwell's 1984, and we are all fast becoming Winston Smiths. Don't tread on us or try to humour us with your spin controlled lies, we see through them ALL.

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd, VA 24091 USA
800-333-2553 home and work.