To: Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: Spin, Counter Spin: Sifting through the Disinfo on the World Trade Center Attack
From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:39:10 -0400

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IAHF List: What are YOUR opinions? Let me know what you think of this WTC attack..... You can see how I feel in response to Monty's question.....
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What or who do you think is behind the WTC & Pentagon plane attack disasters of this morning & what do you think their motivations might be?



The shadow government is behind it just as they were behind the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma, and this is just their latest effort to manipulate all of us world wide.

As to their exact plans, I guess we'll all just have to keep our ears to the ground and listen for the sound of the stampede, now won't we? Perhaps they're trying to set up WW3. Who knows? Wouldn't put anything past them- after all, they set up WW1 and WW2, and we all know they love war because they can make money off both sides, and consolidate their power in the aftermath of any war. Perhaps they feel that they need a third world war in order to solidify the control they wish to have over all of us. Maybe they figure they need a third world war in order to get us queued up to take the implanted micro chip and to shift us into a cashless society. Lets see if our Carriers based in places like Dan Diego start steaming towards the Gulf or not. Suggest anyone living in SD keep their ear to the ground on that one.

Have any friends or family in the military? Any of 'em been getting any "interesting" orders all of a sudden?

You might monitor postings on the apfn bbs and see what you think of what is posted there. Keep in mind that some of the people who post their are shadow government disinfo ops, so you can't believe everything you read there. Sometimes these disinfo ops will attack positions that are put up there. Its fascinating to observe.

We're seeing world class spin control being applied to this entire situation, and its a real challenge to sift through it all in order to discern the truth. I welcome your assistance in trying to do this. I sure as hell don't trust what is coming out on the network news about any of this. Is Osama Bin Laden REALLY the culprit, or is he just being positioned by the media in our minds as the fall guy a la Tim McVey? Or - could Bin Laden actually be a CIA asset? Sadam Hussain used to be after all, and who's to say he ever LEFT the CIA's employment? (Once in "the Company" ALWAYS in "the Company".)

The puppetmasters are very slick, VERY slick, their ability to con and deceive is staggeringly huge. We must all be VERY careful to not jump to ANY hasty conclusions about any of this. Suggest everyone go to their video store and rent the movie "Wag the Dog" Watch it 3 times if necessary so that the kind of slick tactics they use to manipulate our minds really sinks in deep enough that we can all just be more discerning as this latest global melodrama unfolds.