To: Health Freedom,Codex Issues
Subject: 2nd Open Letter to Bob Schulz- American Traitor - Proponent of Regionalism,Global Governance - Rockefeller Tool
From: John Hammell
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 09:42:21 -0400

IAHF List: Everyone on the IAHF list has been getting an education into how controlled opposition groups operate. They're slick. They're experts at spin control. We've seen it in the health movement with such phony, supposed anti FDA groups as "Citizens for Health", Canadians have seen it via "The Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom", South Africans have seen it through "The Health Lobby for Health Freedom". All of these groups were phony, that is, they were controlled opposition doing the bidding of the Pharma Cartel which tried to preempt our push for wider consumer access to dietary supplements world wide. In the correspondence below, grave questions are being asked as to the legitimacy of the (alleged) "We the People Foundation" which had even taken ME in, and very RECENTLY. I wanted to believe the stories I heard about this guy Bob Schulz who supposedly went on a "hunger strike" in our behalf in order to get the government to hold a congressional review of the IRS. All I can say now is that if something seems too good to be true....... it probably is.

This is a VERY sickening situation..... far from being our "savior" Mr.Schulz shows every indication of trying to set us up...If Mr.Schulz responds to this, I will post his reply alongside this on the IAHF website, if he does not respond, the absence of a reply will speak volumes.... Anyone can be on the IAHF list by signing up at Please read this carefully and forward it to more people.

Dear Mr. Schulz:

Me thinketh you doth protesteth too much, sir!! On your website at you "responded" to my previous email, however you have by no means satisfied me that you can be trusted, hence this additional email to you. In the response which you have put on your website, you have admitted being behind an attempt to change the New York State constitution via a con con. (Constitutional Convention) in '97. You state in your reply to my email on your website that you had a link that shows your proposed language changes, however that link is not operable right now, so I can't see what those proposed changes were. (Perhaps this is yet another attempt to deceive?) Based on information I have been given, (see below) in '97 with your con-con attempt in New York, you were attempting to remove power from the people by removing power from towns and counties and vesting it with the state- a move towards regionalism, which the UN has been attempting to foist off on this country for many years via controlled opposition groups. (If I am incorrect in this assertion- PROVE IT.)

Regarding my previous email to you, I received word from Jackie Patru that she does not want you to go on her radio show, because she has zero faith in you, and I recieved word back from Elizabeth Cropsey, JD, that she thought my email to you was a "soft lob" and she does not want to hear back from you, she thought I might be trying to assist you in some way, when all I am trying to do here is to get at the truth as to who you truly are, and what you TRULY represent as you attempt to hold yourself out to be our alleged "savior" from the IRS.

Here is what she said in her return email to me: "How dare you ask such a person to send me e-mail? It's like asking Jeffrey Dahmer or a serial rapist to send me e-mail as far as I'm concerned . I therefore request that you immediately reissue your post to Mr. Schulz and make clear he is not to e-mail me." Well, there you have it sir, and She has exposed you on her website at


I had a very interesting phone call yesterday from Sandy Styka, JD who told me of a time when you were an overnight guest in her home in Grand Island, New York back in '97 when you were apparently attempting to screw the people of the State of New York via the con con in '97 that got voted down at the polls which you speak of in such glowing terms on your website.

She told me that in a conversation with her you let slip a certain word, a word that would never come out of the mouth of a GENUINE patriot, except in a thoroughly DEROGATORY context, but you referenced this word, sir, which was "GOVERNANCE" in such a way that Sandy Styka, a TRUE patriot, realized right away that she had made a MISTAKE to invite you into her home. The UN wants to impose "GOVERNANCE" on us, but they need change agents and controlled opposition groups in order to hoodwink us into accepting this form of tyranny.

She looked back at you, do you recall? She looked straight into your eyes sir, and she said in a low, but very emphatic voice, NO- NOT "GOVERNANCE"-"GOVERNMENT"- because she then realized the awful TRUTH, which is that you appear to be a TRAITOR sir, you are apparently a proponent of stripping towns, and counties of power, and vesting it with the STATE, and THIS is what you tried to do when you, (in conjunction with the Rockefellers) attempted to push a con-con (constitutional convention) down the throats of the good people of New York State, who you were attempting to DISENFRANCHISE via the REGIONALISM which you appear to be pushing for the 1313 crowd emanating from that Chicago address which has long sense been exposed.

You wanted to ALTER the New York State Constitution, just as I now SUSPECT STRONGLY that you'd like to ALTER the United States Constitution. Through the con con that you and the Rockefellers tried to hold in New York State- you attempted to insert language that would DENY to local government except that which was directly granted by the STATE.

In other words, sir, you show every appearance of being a STATIST, an EMBARRASSMENT to the hard working men and women of AMERICA who yearn for freedom. Far from being our saviour from the IRS, all you appear to be is a CHANGE AGENT, attempting to ASSIST the IRS in RESTRUCTURING ITSELF, since they are unable to regulate E-commerce, and since a growing number of people are coming to know the truth about the IRS and its illegality.

What is your GAME Mr.Schulz? Dispense with the spin control, and come clean. You appear strongly to be a fraud, a phony, you appear strongly to be taking money from people under false pretenses, and I am disgusted by you and by your actions.

Are you trying to set us up for a flat tax or for a national sales tax? What is your GAME? You appear to be working for that 1313 con con crowd emanating from that address in Chicago, you appear to be nothing more than a Rockefeller change agent, skillfully attempting to sucker the American people, and it disgusts me. [See the email to me below from J. Richard Niemela. Col. USAF (Ret) who can ALSO see through you and who reminded me of this 1313 crowd.]

I am posting this email to you on my website. I will give you equal time if you should wish to respond. I am totally disgusted with your actions. Far from actually attempting to GENUINELY disband the IRS, you appear to be merely attempting to help them to RESTRUCTURE themselves, and you appear to be merely serving them as controlled opposition. How many unsuspecting Americans have you taken in with this scam? We do not WANT "GOVERNANCE" sir, we have no USE for the IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, NSA, CIA, MULTINATIONALLY CONTROLLED CON-GRESS, or any OTHER GLOBALIST element of COERSION. We have no USE for the REGIONALISM you and your Rockefeller cronies are attempting to foist off on us as they seek to divide and conquer. [See the emails below from J.Richard Niemela and Jackie Patru.]

In Complete Disgust,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA


From: " J. Richard Niemela"
To: "John Hammell", "Jackie Patru"
Subject: Re: Hard Questions for The We the People Foundation Require Immediate Answers
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 21:09:45 -0400

Jackie and John...
Good work! I had the same impression that there may just be some behind the scenes adjusting going on, since it appeared so easily done.. This is live dynamite that should be broadcast about the net(soon) to insure that the patriots are not being set up...It is a characteristic tactic of the clever CFR crowd to permit this go on and then sandbag it with a limited and loaded questioning and using the same tactics these aliens use when stacking the Juries that the Black Robed Mishpucka now dominate..almost nationwide. and this is the type of clever antics they use...

I am forwarding this to someone else who was active some years ago in the con-con nonsence that the Rockefellers were attempting, using Gov. Leavitt as the point man and the various agencies that claim to be assisting and "guiding" the various counties, state legislaturesa and governors...the infamous, 1313 agencies that emanated from that Chicago address back in the 1930's, all communist in origin and content and membership.and run by Talmudists...after traveling about to other locations, they all found a home in the D.C. area and now are behind much of the steering of the state legislatures as if they had some responsibility...

Now they are tied into FEMA as well, and have become an active political supporting arm to FEMA and other federal agencies who are determined to reduce the power and effectiveness of the State Legislatures and county governments...the current principle aim of the Federalists in national government..

When the con con was active these illict and unelected non-profit old 1313 agencies were very actively involved in the con con...I know, after making some surreptitious calls, it became very apparent that their "project managers" of the con con, were all kinsmen and determined to do the Rockefeller thing....

So, I do think that we may be being led down a primrose path that leads to blind alleys...on purpose....J. Richard Niemela. Col. USAF (Ret)


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From: Jackie Patru
To: John Hammell
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 8:06 PM
Subject: Hard Questions for The We the People Foundation Require Immediate Answers

Dear John... I'm copying 'all' on this response to make two minor corrections in your letter (below) to Bob Schulz, and to decline the suggestion you made that he appear on the Sweet Liberty broadcast by way of response. I wouldn't care to have him on the air with us.

1) You stated that: I would like to know if it is true that you weren't willing to help Jackie, and also Sandy Styka, JD to generate public opposition to a con con in '93, and if so, WHY weren't you willing to help them? I didn't know Sandy Styka in '93, John, and have no idea if she was opposing the states' calls for a Federal Constitutional Convention in '93. Mrs. Styka's concern was the New York State Con-Con in 1997 which Schulz was promoting. I'm attaching a file here (one in Corel Word Perfect and one in Microsoft Word) which is a report written by Sandra in 1997 to warn the people in New York State about the dangers of the con-con; the influence of the Rockefeller Institute in the writing of the proposed amendments; along with Bob Schulz' involvement.

2) You asked Schulz why the Federal Reserve wasn't mentioned in their USA TODAY ads. The first ad did not mention the FR. I don't know about others, however, the 2-16-2001 edition did so.

You'll appreciate the information from Mrs. Styka, as transcribed in the attached file(s). I'm glad you called me yesterday. I'd forgotten the report was in my files. What occurs to me is that there is nothing in this world we can trust because it's all smoke and mirrors. Illusion. -- Jackie --I'll be sending this to our webmaster for posting on along with Mrs. Styka's report.