To: Health Freedom,Codex Issues
Subject: Hard Questions for The We the People Foundation Require Immediate Answers
From: John Hammell
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 13:51:28 -0400

To: Robert L. Schulz, Chairman of the Board, We the People Foundation, Inc.

Dear Mr.Schulz:

I was trying to drum up some support for the Freedom Tour being spearheaded by Roland Crouteau to call attention to the Congressional Hearing to "investigate the IRS" that your organization has managed to secure in Washington DC to be held on September 25-26, when a number of Virginia Patriots have expressed some very serious concerns about you and the We the People Foundation, which have now given me pause. I was going to try to help Roland Crouteau when he makes his whistestop visit to Richmond, but I am now unsure as to whether or not I will follow through with this pending your response to these questions.

Some very serious concerns have arisen regarding the legitimacy of the We the People Foundation that will need to be thoroughly addressed by you if you wish to dispell concern that all you are running is a controlled opposition group. These concerns take on added weight as we approach the holding of a Congressional Hearing in Washington DC on September 25-26 that you organized to examine the legality of the income tax, due to some very real concerns as to what might replace it. In other words: we have the devil we know, vs the devil we don't know, and we also have some serious questions as to whether or not there is any connection between you personally and the Rockefeller Foundation. Could you be trying to usher in either a national sales tax or a flat tax, neither of which are constitutional?


Is it true that in 1993, when there was a resolution afoot to hold a Constitutional Convention "Con Con" that would have enabled various ruling elite factions (the Rockefellers) et al to tamper with the language of the US Constitution, that when you were contacted by Jackie Patru, talk show host of the Short Wave Radio Show "Sweet Liberty" [ WWCR 3.215 MHz 10-11 pm eastern time] and requested to assist her in calling attention to this threat that rather than take the time to do the one simple thing requested by her to alert more people, you stated to her that you were "too busy"? I think it would be a very good idea for you to go on Jackie's radio show to publicly address these questions.

Virginia Cropsey, JD of Red Hen Resources, , has expressed some serious reservations as to your intentions to Jackie Patru, so I would like to know if it is true that you weren't willing to help Jackie, and also Sandy Styka, JD to generate public opposition to a con con in '93, and if so, WHY weren't you willing to help them?

Moreover, from your website at I see that you were indeed behind an effort in '97 to conduct a constitutional convention "con con" in the state of New York, and that it was defeated at the polls. You state on your website that a con-con would have been a desirable thing, something which is open to serious question, both for the State of New York, and also for the US Constitution.

Many feel that the Rockefeller Foundation was directly behind the effort in New York to hold the con con which you you state on your website would be a desirable thing. Sandy Styka, JD played a major role in killing your efforts to get a con con in New York.

Your Foundation spent a staggering amount of money to place ads in USA Today which challenged the legality of the income tax, yet you were strangely SILENT regarding concerns which many Americans have regarding the stranglehold held on this country by the Federal Reserve.... Why did you have nothing to say about that in your ads?

Your Foundation is a non profit organization registered in Albany New York. Does this mean that all financial records from the Foundation are publicly available for scrutiny, and if so, exactly how can one go about seeing them? I would especially like to know if your Foundation had any large contributions from any private Foundations such as the Rockeller Brothers Fund that helped you pay for the USA Today ads- can you make a complete disclosure of how you are funded?

Although I do not trust the United States, Inc., and feel that in many ways the Constitution was a scam from the word go, I still have no faith that a Constitutional Convention con con would in any way be a good idea, and I have to wonder, given your history, if your ultimate intent with this Congressional investigation might be to use this situation to try to push for one??? I really don't think the idea that this is what you are trying to do is far fetched at all given your apparent history, but I do await your response to this. Things don't just "happen" in politics. If something happens, its because someone PLANNED it that way... The ruling elite can keep any congressional hearing they want from occurring, I have seen this personally in my own recent efforts to get an oversight hearing on Capital Hill (it was whitewashed.)

So....... you tell me Mr.Schulz...... WHY are they allowing YOU to hold THIS hearing re the IRS on September 25-26 when they have infinite ability to BLOCK such hearings from being held??? Are you perhaps attempting to set the spark off to trigger a constitutional convention "con-con"?

If I were the Rockellers, or other ruling elite, and I wanted to engage in a covert action to try to hasten the move to global governance, I would try to work through an organization exactly like yours, because the most powerful form of control is covert control- thats how controlled opposition groups operate- there is always a veneer of respectability that shield such groups from the sort of inquiry that I am now making. Hell, as recently as a few weeks ago I sent out an email myself encouraging everyone to get behind your efforts. I am now having second thoughts pending your response to these concerns.

Your immediate response to these questions would therefor be most deeply appreciated. Please email me back, and cc your response to Jackie Patru, Norman Singleton in Congressman Ron Paul's office, Virginia Cropsey, JD (, and Joseph Farrah at World Net Daily. You will find their email addresses above in the cc line of this message. I am posting this email on the IAHF website and will gladly give your anticipated response equal time. If you do not respond, any lack of a response would be conspicuous to many other Americans, as well as other freedom loving people all over the world who I feel certain share in my heartfelt concerns. I sincerely hope I am incorrect in my concerns, because I would LIKE to believe in what you are doing....

For GENUINE Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091