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Subject: Watch Live Historic Webcast of Truth-In-Taxation Congressional Hearing & Help With the Freedom Rally Making Stops in Several States
From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 12:56:02 -0400

IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, Constitution on the Bonfire

IAHF List: Bob Schulz, Chairman of the We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc courageously went on a hunger strike for a long time to demand a Congressional Hearing in order to seriously probe the legality of the income tax, and a congressional hearing that we can all watch live on the web via a pay per view arrangement is planned for September 25th and 26th, 2001, but will the Illuminati/NSA/CIA attempt some sort of evil spin controlled diversion via a Black Ops maneuver intended to try to demonize Schulz and his adherents??

Would there be any difference between their doing that and their infiltration of the Blac Bloc at anti globalization demonstrations where agent provacateurs have escalated otherwise peaceful domonstrations to violence and property destruction in order to set the stage for the police to wade into the peaceful demonstrators with live ammunition and billyclubs as happened in Genoa at the G-8 protest???

It appears as though such a despicable NSA spin campaign may have already been launched against Schulz- as he and 3 of the people he is working the closest with all received letters from a group calling themselves "Ghost's of the Revolution" who are vowing to blow up IRS offices starting on September 1. This smacks of a CIA Black Ops project intended to try to discredit Schulz and to keep the hearing that he has been promised by Con-gress from occurring, and Schulz and his people have met with the FBI in order to distance the tax honesty movement from this threat which they in no way condone--- see Schulz's statement about this and also about a Freedom Rally to traverse several eastern states leading up to this Historic Hearing at You might offer your assistance, as I have to help with this Freedom Rally. You can order a Tyranny Response Windbreaker from them and assist their efforts by forwarding this email to more indignant people world wide who refuse to be slaves.

To his credit, Schulz has very strong backing from Congressmen Ron Paul, and Roscoe Bartlett, and their legal team is extremely well organized with solid documentation. Some of you may have seen the full page ads they took out in USA Today. USA Today later stopped running their ads due to pressure from the Illuminati.

We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc. is also making CD Roms of the hearing with all its documentation and also videotapes of the historic hearing available. (See their email to me below)

The big question I have about the We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education is that they appear to have bought into the Big Lie of the Constitution itself, when all the Constitution is is a bankruptcy document between the King of England, and a group of traitors: the so called "Founding Fathers". (I hope they have NOT bought into this Big Lie.)George Washington was a 33rd Degree Free Mason, and his loyalty was to the Crown. The Revolutionary War did not free us from England, (check the Jay Treaty at

The United States Inc. existed PRIOR to the outbreak of the Revolitionary War, and under the terms of the Jay Treaty, the King didn't remove his troops from "our" soil for a full TWO YEARS til after the war (allegedly) "ended" and under the terms of the Jay Treaty, the United States, Inc. agreed to pay back a loan to the Bank of England that we DEFAULTED ON, and all Judges in this country are just Administrating the Debt, overseeing us as slaves, FORCING us to fork over our hard earned money to a foreign power- the International Monetary Fund via the IRS. Our SS # is our SLAVE NUMBER. We are all MONETIZED SLAVES, and we can't BEGIN to fight for our freedom until we can FIRST see this truth!!!!!!

We're under Covert Control via the shadow government led by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London which oversees NSA at Fort Meade Maryland, which I predict will most likely do something intended to keep this hearing from ever taking place, because Schulz is getting too close to the truth for their comfort.

If he keeps probing in the direction he's going in, he, Beecraft and his whole crowd will start seeing the truths that Stephen Ames discusses in his essays: The American Delusion, and the American Hallucination, which is that the Constitution never truly freed us..... See or and use search engine on these sites. I encourage everyone on the IAHF list, even people not living inside the United States, Incorporated, to support Bob Schulz's efforts by going to and by signing up to watch this historic hearing in real time webcast, and to get their CD Rom of the hearing complete with all documentation, and also the video of this upcoming hearing......... (assuming the Illuminati won't do something to try to keep it from happening, which I am NOT assuming. Will they pull another stunt like blowing up the Murrah Building, then using the Mass Media to try to foist this moden day Reichstag Fire off on an unassuming populace??? Stay tuned! Its really getting interesting! )

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For Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA
Bob Schulz's email to me follows:


From: "Bob Schulz"
Subject: Watch Live Historic Webcast of Truth-In-Taxation Hearing
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 15:46:52 -0800

Truth in Taxation Hearing
"Boston Tea Party II"

A Congressionally Sponsored Public Hearing
to Interrogate the IRS and DOJ

Presented by
We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.
Chairman Bob Schulz
What: Internet Webcast of an Historic Income Tax Hearing
Who: We The People Delegates, Tax Researchers and Attorneys will interrogate legal and tax experts from the DOJ and IRS

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