To: Health Freedom,Codex Issues
Subject: Book Pushes Continental Merger: Rockefeller Backed Author to Deliver Speech to Bush/Fox
From: John Hammell
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 00:15:40 -0400

IAHF list: William Walker, a Rockefeller backed propagandist, will be unveiling a new book next week titled "Toward a North American Community" and he'll be delivering a speech to Rockefeller marionettes Dubya Bush, and Vicente Fox who have already stated an "interest" in what this prima donna has to say.

All of the ideas being foisted off on us to try to sell us on the horrendous idea of a merger between the USA, Canada and Mexico have already been used to con the people of Europe into falling for the dictatorial disaster known as the European Union, so if we ALLOW this odiferous stenchified SCAM to KEEP HAPPENING in our hemisphere,then we DESERVE the vast screwing that will ensue as all the laws are merged together for the betterment of the multinational scum who wish to ream us still MORE than we're ALREADY being reamed as the push toward the forced micro chipping of the slaves continues. (see anti chip section at

We need UN Free Zones, and we need more people in America to ask their Congressman to cosponsor HR 1146 The American Sovereignty Restoration Act which would remove us from the UN. If you aren't armed yet and aren't taking daily target practice why aren't you? You want to preserve your access to dietary supplements? You can't expect any help from Con-gress, they whitewashed our Codex oversight hearing on March 20,2001, and we must prepare for war against the FDA, the UN, the medical industrial complex and other vile multinational scum because the murder of the protestor at the G-8 Summit in Genoa by the Fascist Italian cops is only the beginning.... Its gonna get VERY ugly before all is said and done, thats why the globlists are holding the next WTO Summit in the desert in Quatar which has vowed to keep a lid on protests by scrutinizing all VISA applications to keep out demonstrators and continue the gross suppression of free speech.

Please forward this to more people, anyone can get on the appropriately radical IAHF list by signing up at , your best news source to ward off any further enslavement. Kindly pitch a donation to IAHF by paypal from the website or via IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA. See article below about this horrible new propaganda book that was funded by the Rockefeller brothers fund....


Aug. 26, 02:00 EDT

Book pushes a continental merger

U.S., Canada and Mexico should adopt 'Amero,' study argues

William Walker

WASHINGTON - Canada, the United States and Mexico should boldly merge government institutions to build an integrated North America, says a serious new book to be published next week.

Toward a North American Community suggests the three countries adopt a new currency, possibly called the "Amero," and that the Federal Reserve -the U.S. central bank - establish district offices in Toronto and Mexico City.

"The United States and its neighbours should proceed to establish a North American community," writes scholar Robert Pastor in what amounts to the first academic roadmap for integrating North America. The book will be the basis for a major speech Pastor will deliver in two weeks to President George W. Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox during Fox's state visit to Washington.

The notion of a single "Amero" currency, Pastor admits, could be a tough sell. But he notes businesses in Canada and Mexico are increasingly conducting U.S.-dollar transactions.

For example, U.S. currency deposits in Canadian banks totalled just 27 per cent of all deposits in 1995, but jumped to 52 per cent in 1998. "In other words, Canadian banks hold more U.S. dollars than Canadian dollars on deposit," he said. Over time, it is possible that so many Canadians and Mexicans will use U.S. dollars that "de facto dollarization" might save politicians from even having to make the decision, he said.
"In the short term, however, complacency with the status quo is unwise; there have been too many abrupt crises in Mexico and too much creeping deterioration in Canada."

When Pastor speaks to Bush and Fox in Washington, he told The Star he'll point out that someone is missing: Prime Minister Jean Chr*tien. "These three leaders need to begin serious, substantive discussions," he said Friday.

The 207-page book, to be released at a Washington press conference this week, is published by the prestigious Institute for International Economics, whose board members include Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.
"U.S. President Bush has a unique opportunity to structure a relationship that will have a profound effect not just on Canada and Mexico, but also on the United States," Pastor writes.

Bush has already signalled he's willing to consider the ideas. He signed a joint communique with Fox after a recent trip to Mexico, with the two vowing to consult Chr*tien on the issue of integration.

Shortly after speaking at one of the Bush-Fox banquets, Pastor will travel to Ottawa to speak about his book's recommendations. He hopes to meet Liberal government officials, although his timing may not be the best. Relations between Ottawa and Washington have been tested in recent weeks over the Bush administration's move to impose tariffs on Canadian lumber.

The book recommends that all three countries establish a "North American Commission" made up of distinguished people appointed by the three governments, but not members of those governments.

"This commission would set a continental agenda for the leaders of the three countries to forge new ways to facilitate integration." The book also recommends:

a.. A North American plan for transportation and infrastructure to build a network of roads, railroads and shipping routes.

b.. A new way for the three governments to control illegal immigration and the flow of arms, goods and drugs across their borders by co-ordinating through a single "North American Customs and Immigration Force."

c.. Adopting a long-term goal of free movement of people within a common market. Initially, it suggests a "North American passport" for people who frequently do business in the three countries.

d.. Expanding the current North American Energy Working Group, which began meetings in June, to create a comprehensive North American energy plan.

e.. Creating a North American education plan to raise school standards, particularly in Mexico's poorest regions, to Canadian and U.S. levels.

f.. Creating a joint development fund to invest in infrastructure and education to help lift up the poorest regions of the three countries. Pastor, now an international relations professor at Atlanta's Emory University, is a former Fulbright scholar and Harvard University lecturer who served as director of Latin American affairs for the U.S. National Security Council.

One of his 14 previous books was authored with current Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda.

Fox invited Pastor to organize a delegation of international observers to the 2000 Mexican elections, and the Mexican president has endorsed the new book in a blurb on the back cover.

Pastor worked for two years on the book, supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. He conducted extensive interviews with Canadian and European government officials.

He argues that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) did not go far enough to promote "deep integration" between the three countries, but as industry and financial forces move ahead, governments need to catch up.

Pastor notes that so far there hasn't been much enthusiasm among Canadian leaders for closer political ties. "The Canadians are watching the dialogue between Mexico and the United States, but they have not become engaged, and are unlikely to do so, unless they feel that something will happen."

His book says Toronto Star columnist David Crane "posed the issue concisely" when Crane wrote: "So the challenge is to create a North American community whose vision goes far beyond trade and investment but without sacrificing cultural identity and core institutions and values."