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Subject: Deep Analysis & Eyewitness Account With Photos of Abby Newman Trial: What Does it MEAN? Are We "FREE" or are we SLAVES?
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 10:54:19 -0400

IAHF List: At you will find my eyewitness account, complete with photos from the Abby Newman trial at the First Circuit Court of Franklin County, in Rocky Mount Virginia. Newman was hit with $1300. in fines charged with driving without a license and "obstructing justice" plus she had $900. in court costs. She incurred all this trouble due to not having a drivers license, which she is unable to obtain having rescinded her social security number of religious reasons. You can see the videotapes shot by Newman's arresting officer, Mike Bowen of the Virginia state police which clearly show that we are slaves with no rights at several urls listed in the article I posted on July 30 (see Whats New Section, July 30 "Your Papers Please?
Videotape Shows Illegal Traffic Stop"

At you will find my eyewitness account from Newman's 9 and a half hour long trial, complete with photos. My article provides an in depth examination of why Newman had such an unbelievably hard time in the court room where the Judge absolutely REFUSED to allow her to defend herself based on the Constitution, he wouldn't even allow her to introduce into the court record a definition of PROBABLY CAUSE, and he would not allow her to put her expert witnesses on the staff, including Sheriff Richard Mack from Gun Owners of America. She was railroaded in every sense of the word, and she'll have zero chance to win her appeal because these courts are rigged against us, and you'd better come to understand the significance of that yellow fringed flag. It signifies that we're under Admiralty Law- that our constitution does not apply to us. See

Newman defended herself in the courtroom, but what she doesn't realize is that we have no rights under the constitution, it is nothing more than an illusion, we are all monetized slaves to the IMF, our SS # is our slave #, and all Judges have sworn an oath to a foreign power, England, through the BAR Association. This country is nothing more than an illusion. George Washington was a traitor, a 33rd Degree Free Mason. Washington DC was laid out on a grid of Masonic sacred geometry, and our beloved America is being used by the ruling elite as the battering ram to steam roll the rest of the world into a global dictatorship. To win our freedom, we first need to know the TRUTH about where we stand NOW.

The TRUTH is that the Revolutionary War was a con. The most powerful form of control you can exercise over a people is covert control, where the people being controlled don't even REALIZE they're being controlled. Study the Jay Treaty. The King didn't remove his troops from "our" soil until a full two years after the Revolutionary War allegedly "ended". Under the Jay Treaty, the United States, Incorporated, had to pay reparations to England for defaulting on a loan to the Bank of England prior to the outbreak of the war. See the Jay Treaty

To have a CHANCE of being a free people, we must first acknowledge the TRUTH about where we stand NOW.

Abby has been dealt a gross injustice, but then is it reasonable given the info above to ever EXPECT justice in ANY courtroom in FASCIST AMERIKA? This is NOT a free country, we are SLAVES, and we can't truly start winning our FREEDOM unless we can first ACKNOWLEDGE that we are SLAVES. What is needed is MASS REBELLION. If everyone were to remove their PLATES en masse, burn their Drivers Licences en masse, and cancel their SS #s en masse, the "system" could not handle the overload. THIS is what it will take. If Abby Newman gets pulled over AGAIN for driving without a license, I'm sure that Judge I just saw operating would not hesitate to put her in jail. Will enough people STAND UP when they come for our GUNS? Thats NEXT. That and being thumb printed to get drivers licenses.

See the videotape of what happened to Alex Jones when he went to the Texas DMV with 15 different pieces of ID and they REFUSED to give him a drivers license unless he would submit to be thumb printed. He was arrested on a "disorderly conduct charge" but be sure to watch this videotape and forward this to more people. JONES BEING ARRESTED FOR REFUSING THE THUMB PRINT IN TEXAS

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To help Abby Newman, who is a frugal living homesteader to pay her $1300. in fines and $900 in legal expenses, contact her via "A. D."
Abby deserves a lot of credit for her effort to bring out the truth. She was totally railroaded.

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