To: IAHF List
Subject: UN Free Zones: Conversation With Andy Hare From La Verkin Utah Re How to Awaken More People to the Truth
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 19:09:17 -0400

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Freedom Fighters:

I made an effort by leaving a mssg on the voice mail of the La Verkin City Government in Utah that I was trying to reach Andy Hare who was quoted in a news article as supportive of the UN Free Zone (recently established by City ordinance in Virgin, and in La Verkin Utah), and he just called back today. We talked for over an hour and he gave me the names of the others involved, Jay Lee the Mayor of Virgin Utah, near La Verkin which also has a UN Free Zone and a town ordinance requiring everyone to have a firearm in their house. Andy Hare gave the names of Al Snow, Victor Iverson and Darren Cottam as the councilmen who are for the UN Free Zone.

I suggested they put up a website so they could share their experience with us of enacting the ordinance, and also discuss the subsequent fall out and the things they've been learning through the effort. I told Andy about this email discussion group and urged him to get a hotmail account through his local public library so he could get online and communicate with us.

I suggested that he and the others in La Verkin who support the UN Free Zone take a look at in order to see how the Biodiversity Treaty could impact a lot of people who might want to protect themselves in advance by forming UN Free Zones.

The Biodiversity Treaty incorporates the ideas from the Wildlands Project to form red zones where no humans are allowed to live, and yellow zones on the edge of the red zones where land use is to be severely restricted. This is a genocide agenda to force people off the land and into the cities where we can't grow our own food. In the Soviet Union millions of small farmers were killed because their independence posed a threat to the control freaks and they were genocided.

A way to stimulate interest in passing more UN Free Zone ordinances would be to take a look at the maps on the wildlands project website and to alert people nationwide who live in the red and yellow zones. It turns out that Floyd County Virginia is heavily impacted by both a red and yellow zone. (see southeast of Christiansburg)There are a lot of left leaning eco freaks here who might end up being forced to radically question their core beliefs before too long, because I'm sure they're not going to like it when the elements of coercion end up telling them that we all have to clear out of these red and yellow zones, and many of them are land owners...

Although Congress hasn't ratified the wildlands project, Clinton set it into motion anyway via executive orders.

What it will take to protect against the UN is a constant effort on our parts to pierce the veil of people's awareness, to get PAST the spin control stemming from things like UNICEF in their church when they were kids, where many people were brainwashed into thinking of the UN as a good and benevolent organization that has peoples best interests at heart, when the diametric opposite is true, but so many have bought into the lie, not realizing that the UN is the ruling elites manipulation and control vehicle.

All any of us can do is plant seeds of awareness, and hope that in time enough people will awaken and take action, but its going to have to get a lot worse before the masses start waking up. The UN Codex Vitamin Threat may be the best tool we have to awaken the sleeping Giant, the American people, because over 40% of Americans use dietary supplements, so please direct your friends and family as well as your local health food store owner to where they can see past NNFA's spin control on this issue, and come to see how we're being set up.

If you value your access to vitamins, you MUST help me reach out to more people, I CAN'T do this work alone. If you value my effort to disseminate this information and to serve as a catalyst to awaken the zombified somnambulists, those evening news watchers who are sleep walking towards the cliff, kindly slide me some coinage, eh? IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA, or make your donation electronically via paypal at Thanks, and please forward this widely to awaken more people. To join the discussion list for UN Free Zone send an email to