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Subject: While the Sheep are Sleeping...The Predators... Move In
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 02:12:27 -0400

IAHF List: The article below my comments should be carefully read by freedom loving people world wide. Its very well written and very informative defining the corruption we're all witnessing in very accurate, personal terms from the context of Wilson's personal experience as a target of the ruling elite. I have experienced my own version of what this guy is discussing, and its why I had to leave S.Florida and hit the underground Resistance trail...

Please read the information below carefully and follow the links. The article below is better read from the url below due to the photos and other information there. Please forward this article to more people. Anyone can be on the IAHF list by sending email to or by signing up at the listbot menu at underneath my story.

While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in

Will Wilson

While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in.
Sat May 5 17:51:20 2001

The Following Statements and Information are disclosed as factual allegations. Currently the United States Bar Associations are comprised of attorneys who take their directives from the establishment who can at any time take away their Bar Association membership. The United States citizens are no longer protected by any organizations, or any part of their government, think about this. In the mean time the establishment's tyranny is testing it's capability to begin it's population elimination, and eventually it's mass elimination, that will take place with the removal of hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of American citizens and this event will also include the confiscation and disposal of Citizen's private property and handed down family estates. The elite establishment is alleged are currently using mysterious atmospheric Chem Trail testing, HAARP and satellite transmitted ELF mind control applications on the unsuspecting America public, not to forget the various engineered diseases that were used on the unsuspecting Gulf War Veterans, and the unsuspecting Iraqi people. Not to forget that it is alleged that the CIA placed Sadam Hussein into power in the 1970's and allegedly he still works for the CIA.

Also not to forget the Rockefeller Institute's alleged engineered Ebola disease testing in third world countries, and their alleged architected AIDS and Hoof and Mouth experimentation, and thereof, other alleged numerous isolated New World Order population elimination experiments. Most of the elite's New World Order experimentation is not even known to the very few who are concerned, and who are trying to investigate these elite's New World Order genocidal activities. Not to forget a few other small genocides like the murder of the Branch Davidian Village, the murder of the children and people in the Oklahoma City Federal Building, the CIA's Jim Jones Guyana South America experiment and genocide and not to forget the FBI murder of Dennis weaver's family, or the Polly Klass rape, murder, and ritualistic sacrifice at the CIA protected Bohemia Grove Club.

Government operatives this last year forged my name on the title of my home, and my bank accounts. They then sent in their government operatives to remove all of my property and then confiscate everything that I had owned, with the threat of attempting to have me arrested on completely false charges. One of the subjects is named Vance Beaudreau who was originally arrested in the 1980's for stealing from the famed Moody Trust in Houston, Texas. Beaudreau evaded justice and evaded being arrested for more then four years in Mexico where he was eventually arrested and where he spent another four years in various Federal Detention facilities. Vance Beaudreau still works as a government informant. I found the Law Offices of Joe Izen and Associates Web site on the Internet and I went to this law office in Houston/Bellaire Texas due to my not being able to find non establishment, and/or non corruptible legal services in the Seattle area.

It was discovered later and after the fact, that Joe Izen's Web site Web Master is a former FBI Top Ten most wanted who evaded justice for more then eight years in Mexico and who had served as a former Federal Prisoner named Louis Beam, who evidently also serves as one of the Grand Dragons of the Klu Klux Klan in the State of Texas. One of the parties who had participated in the theft of my family trusts, my home, and my private property who is a party named Vance Beaudreau works for the law offices of Joe Izen and Associates in Houston Texas. Whereas, I had retained the legal services of Joe Izen, to try and help me to recover millions of dollars of stolen and liquidated trust assets that had been stolen, and liquidated while these family trusts were being held under the commercial trust management of the SeaFirst Bank/Bank of America, and the bank's financial advisory named Kunath, Karren, Rinne, and Atkins.

I was not aware that Vance Beaudreau was still allegedly working as a government informant. Joe Izen, Vance Beaudreau while he was working for Joe Izen, and while Beaudreau was working with another party who had claimed to be a retired IRS attorney named Rochelle Parask who currently resides in the Seattle Washington area, they were retained to assist me with the recovery of the family trusts and assets that had been unlawfully liquidated and stolen while these family trusts had been held under the management of the SeaFirst Bank/Bank of America, and the bank's licensed financial management firm of Kunath, Karren, Rinne, and Atkins. Izen, Beaudreau, and Parask then proceeded to forge my name on a counterfeit trust that they created, and that they then used this counterfeit trust to unlawfully transfer the title of my property, and everything that I had owned and then unlawfully liquidate and or allegedly keep for themselves all of the property that they had then further stolen from me.

I had originally went to the law offices of Joe Izen and Associates due to the entire King County Bar Association and legal community ignoring my attempt to find legal assistance who could help me file a legal action against the SeaFirst Bank/Bank of America and the Bank's licensed and authorized financial management firm of Kunath, Karren, Rinne, and Atkins when the bank and the named financial advisory were outright liable for stealing and unlawfully liquidating the handed down family trusts that had been valued in 1989 at more then five million dollars. It is alleged that the bank and it's financial advisory, firm of Kunath, Karren, Rinne, and Atkins, thereof, who are also all former SeaFirst Bank/Bank of America employees are alleged are linked to government agencies and global money laundering schemes and they had to have me and my family trusts destroyed due in part to my being an easy target.

Also due in part to my being a concerned American Citizen. Thereof, I was a gullible and unsuspecting client who was not a part of their alleged elite bureaucratic Organized Crime hierarchy. They also did not want me to be able to accomplish bringing a legal reprisal against them for their unlawful handling and stealing of my family trusts, that is alleged involved their alleged laundering of money through the family trusts. It is alleged that these subjects also used experimental mind control on me as well, due to their alleged CIA/Mafia connections and due to the fact that I was an easy unsuspecting target. The firm's founder Michael Kunath, is a high ranking Jesuit, and his step father was none other then the former Embassador to South Vietnam during the CIA's instigated and undeclared Vietnam War and who was a high ranking member of the Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission and their Council on Foreign Relations named Jessie Sessions, and Michael Kunath claimed that he was not connected to the CIA.

Michael Kunath introduced me to a former San Francisco University class mate and friend of his in 1988 named John Genuardi who claimed he worked for the U.S. State Department. John Genuardi would often stop by at my residence and invite himself into my home and stay for a day or two while strangely only carrying a brief case in the early 1990's. Being amiable and good hearted I would let him in and let him stay for a few days at a time. John Genuardi would claim to be only conducting good will visits. After the fact, and after what I have been through, it is alleged that John Genuardi was a CIA operative working with Michael Kunath in order to keep and to implement surveillance on me. This surveillance included the planting of another alleged CIA operative named Michael Mandeville who had in the early 1990's weaseled his way into working for me, whereas, it is alleged Mandeville further participated in the destruction of my Internet Services business that was one of the first two listed yellow page ads that were listed under the index titled "Internet," in the GTE national telephone directory.

It is alleged that part of Mandeville's tactics included more then four years of funneling thousands of new Internet services inquiries and new client accounts out the back door of my Internet services business to his unseen network accessories and other unknown parties. It is alleged that Mandeville also utilized other tactics to undermine my business. While Mandeville had management some of the client banking accounts more then forty thousand dollars disappeared, and later I had discovered that Mandeville along with other two parties named Phil Stevens, and an accountant named Josh Yeni who was later discovered to be a former Israeli Military intelligence officer, had taken it upon themselves to transfer the business account funds to themselves. It is alleged that Phil Steven also works as a government agent and intelligence operative. Mandeville had help from other parties including my former wife named Jennifer Cohn. Jennifer Cohn it is alleged was later to be discovered to also be linked to the Mafia through her family and who in part had worked in complicity with the SeaFirst Bank/Bank of America's licensed financial advisor named Michael Kunath, his firm, and another former SeaFirst Bank Employee named Zoe Golden, to thus work in complicity with Michael Kunath to be able to steal my family trust estates, and my most of financial and legal archives. Thereof, they participated in the destruction of my businesses in the case that the business might have funded any legal reprisals.

Mandeville worked as a manager for more then seven years of several Mafia owned Pornographic stores in the Seattle area, and he was one of the architects of the Venusian Church that is alleged was a CIA/Mafia free sex enterprise in the Northwest in the 1970's, and a program that was set up to utilize Psychological Profiling on the unsuspecting public. Mandeville was observed to be practicing Black Magic, by several witnesses including myself, before I had any idea as to what Witch Craft, and Black Magic was all about. No doubt Satanism, Black Magic, Witch Craft, CIA Mind Control are all related in more ways then the unsuspecting public might even come close to knowing, or suspecting.

No doubt this all played a part to being experimentally used on me and why this party had weaseled his way into getting himself employed by me in the early 1990's. Mandeville now currently touts himself as being a nationally recognized lecturer and author concerning the books that he recently authored that are titled, "The Return of the Phoenix." Mandeville not only participated in the destruction of my businesses, and allegedly as an implementor in the alleged CIA/Mafia Psychological Profiling of me, he also stole filing cabinets of research and business archives, and more then thirty thousand dollars in checking account funds. Does this have anything to do with the CIA's program called "Operation Phoenix," where the program has since 1973, allegedly injected unsuspecting American Special Forces with microscopic ELF Transponders that lodge into the recipient's brain and then receive and emit CIA satellite transmitted Mind Control signals directly into the recipient's brain? I am a former Vietnam era Special Forces enlistee. Take note, this alleged CIA sting operation involved many more parties due to the fact that my company would have been a large success and these parties did not want me to succeed.

When they don't want you or your business to succeed and you are not aware that you are being targeted by these elites and their CIA and associated networks, they will summarily weasel their operatives and their agents into your company who then will steal your files, your archives, and work to carefully and without your knowledge destroy your business, and then to further use you for their experimentation, and elimination programs. This is their main mode of operandi and tactic that has successfully worked for the destroying of the lives of thousands of unsuspecting American businesses, and the lives of thousands of unsuspecting American and foreign business owners for many years. I was one unsuspecting man who was being targeted and standing alone against this large and organized network who were fully intent on destroying my life, my businesses, and everything that I had worked for, including the stealing my family trust estates.

The gullible public have no idea what is really going on and what these highly organized elite CIA/Mafia networks are implementing and that they completely control the entire judicial and banking system. The unsuspecting public are just sitting ducks waiting to be experimented on, arrested, murdered, killed, raped, mind controlled, sacrificed, robbed, and targeted by the implementors of outright tyranny. The good hearted and honest American Patriot does not think like a predator and nor does the common man plan and calculate as to how he can work to destroy someone else's life and their life's toils and endeavors, yet, it is time for this common man to wake up and realize that just because he does not think like this, does not mean that there highly organized networks that are comprised of many thousands of members who do.

These New World Order Organized Crime networks have now taken over the entire banking system, the media, they control most politicians, most of the United States military, most of the aerospace industry, and the entire United States system of justice. The entire King County, and Northwest judiciary are completely controlled by this unseen elite power structure. When this matter was reported to the State, County, and Federal law enforcement agencies, and to the residing bar associations in Texas, Washington, and Washington D.C., these governmental agencies and bar associations just simply ignored my reporting of these serious and extensive criminal activities. When I filed legal actions as counsel Pro se against the SeaFirst Bank/Bank of America, and the Bank's licensed financial advisor named Kunath, Karren, Rinne, and Atkins, against my former wife named Jennifer Cohn and her accessories named Zoe Golden, and her other army of accomplices that included Michael Mandeville, and also against the government and the government operatives whose criminal activities were verified by a leading certified signature analyst, the local U.S. District Court Judge Coughenour had my cases dismissed.

When I filed a motion to reopen my cases, Judge Coughenour just simply said in his final affidavit, cases closed and refused to provide any explanation for his unwarranted and Unconstitutional decision in his final ruling. I am informed that the U.S. District Court of Appeals in all Sovereign Districts of the United States are completely corrupted, and that I do not stand a chance to fight a system that is now no different than the elites architected creation and globally implemented tyranny called communism. The entire U.S. system of Courts is now completely controlled by the elites and their organized Criminal network that is alleged is a bureaucratic Mafia. They have used their Brown Shirt henchmen to start their experiment rolling and this momentum is only going to gain force and it will appear at a neighborhood near you very soon. The very few who are concerned do not stand a chance against this already implemented and highly organized tyranny, and the rest of the citizens of this country are merely sleeping sheep who are waiting to be herded into the elites next planned experimental genocide.

There is NO Statutes of Limitations on the Crimes of Genocide!


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Function: noun
Date: 1944
: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group
/"je-n&-'sI-d[^&]l/ adjective

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