To: IAHF List
Subject: Any Takers?
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 00:36:38 -0400

IAHF List: Anyone want to win $100. ? See my challenge below....

Sure, its great, but if you actually think you have a chance to get this out over the wire services or via any mainstream media outlets, you're seriously naive.

Like I said, I'll send $100. via paypal ( to anyone in the world who can get this out through any mainstream media outlet.

Go ahead, accept the challenge and prove me wrong.

You guys have a lot to learn I'm afraid, but thats ok, soon you'll be that much further around the learning curve and you'll all wish you were living here in the states where we have not disarmed ourselves.

This game isn't about the truth, its about who has the best ability to engage in spin control.

Unfortunately, they have that ability.

I'm not saying give up and I have NOT given up, its just that I am a professional journalist, a member of the American Media Association, and I have a realistic relationship with will power.

But hey, I'm not being arrogant here, if you think you can get Paul's press release out over the AP wire, or via any other mainstream media outlet, prove it, and I will send you $100. via paypal.

Any takers????????

John Hammell, member in good standing of the American Media Association

Dear all,

Here is a rehash of Paul's worthy offering:

"PRESS RELEASE 21st April 2001

Pharma Cartel's Attempt to Restrict Food S

The same 39 pharmaceutical companies which recently backed down in the High Court battle against the South African Government, as a result of public protests, have been working behind the scenes to ban the sale of safe and effective food supplements, which could do much to relieve suffering of the victims of AIDS and other illnesses.

Codex Alimentarius, a worldwide supranational agency, meant to set food standards, has been steered by the German members of the Pharma Cartel into proposing draconian restrictions on the level at which supplements should be made available through health food stores worldwide. Their idea is to set the level so low, at which supplements should be made available, that their benefits would be minimal to non-existent. Other mega-dose supplements, which are currently available, would be made illegal except by way of doctors' prescription, and sold at prices so high that the average person would not be able to afford them.

The European Commission is working on a similar proposal at the Council of Europe, the European Parliament. The directive of the European Parliament and Council, in Proposal 500PC0222, on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to food supplements, threatens to destroy consumer rights and access to information on health choices and restrict the consumers' right to obtain dietary supplements, such as vitamins and minerals.

In both venues of discussion heavy pressures are brought to bear by the interests of the Pharma Cartel, to limit the effectiveness and availability of natural health products and food supplements, to the detriment of consumers' choice and public health. It is now increasingly obvious that the only motive for the actions of these parties is that of monetary profit and their long-term considerations for market share. Their actions do not relate to, nor concern the good health of consumers around the world.

There are more than 700 deaths per day every year, caused by the use of -properly patented, so-called properly researched, properly regulated, properly marketed, properly prescribed and properly used pharmaceutical drugs. That is more than 250,000 empty seats at the dinner table over the past year - 2.5 million empty seats at the dinner table over the past decade.

It is a thousand times greater than the numbers killed by common foods, and tens of thousands times greater than people accidentally dying from dietary supplements.

Why should safe dietary supplements be regulated in a similar manner to the so-called 'scientifically proven' but deadly pharmaceutical drugs, when dietary supplements are even safer than foods?

How much safer does the dietary supplements industries have to be?

Many internationally famous personalities, in film, television and sport regularly use nutritional supplements to maintain optimal health whilst under high pressure from their work.

Consumers should not be deprived of the health-preserving and health-promoting means of their choice merely by reason of the distraction of legislators or the greed for profits of pharmaceutical interests. Natural health products and food supplements, in the absence of specific regulations in place internationally, have been shown to possess an unsurpassed safety record and to be of great benefit to health as evidenced by literally thousands of scientific studies and by the personal experience of many millions of users around the world.

Any European or International legislation should be either carefully structured so as to guarantee the free access to natural health products and food supplements that have proven to be safe and are in demand by consumers, or otherwise indefinitely shelved. It is undemocratic and not in the interests of consumers for any such legislation to contain provisions limiting the dosage of nutrients or active substances in such products except where absolutely and clearly necessary to avert proven, not fictitious or assumed dangers to the health of consumers. Nor should any such legislation limit the scope and variety of nutritive and otherwise health-promoting substances by the use of any kind of lists, positive or negative, except where such substances can be demonstrated to have caused damage similar to those evident today in the properly approved and regulated pharmaceutically-produced medicines."

Kind regards,