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Subject: A Nation Divided: Tallahassee Warning Orders: Alert to Vitamin Consumers World Wide to Pray for America
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 15:36:19 -0500

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IAHF List: The superb article below my comments was written by JJ Johnson, a black militiaman who is the editor of the Sierra Times out of Nevada. Regardless of whether or not you disagree with what JJ has to say, and I realize that some of you on the IAHF list may well disagree, (and I value your input if you do) he sure can't be ignored. He's a very good writer and researcher, and he's been following the situation in Florida with more than just a passing interest. JJ is a fellow Libertarian, and is married to my friend Nancy Lord, MD, JD. As an attorney Nancy has defended many an alternative physician in her time, and has been in the forefront of the effort to defend our access to vitamins. They make an interesting couple, a black man, and a white Jewish woman, so whatever any of you might be tempted to say about JJ, you sure can't legitimately attempt to pigeon hole the guy! Mike Stivick and Archie Bunker from "All in the Family" would BOTH be at a complete loss to try to pigeon hole this couple!

If America is destroyed, our laws will also be extinguished, and all of us will lose our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range as Codex dictates will simply be installed on us whether we like it or not. Right now, our nation is on the edge of the cliff, as traitorous efforts have been ensuing to destroy it and to force us into a global totalitarian state under the criminal communist United Nations, the same corporately controlled genocidal monster that is trying to steal our vitamins.

I certainly hope our nation won't soon be at war. As a peaceful man who is never the less a crack shot with a rifle, the thought of ever killing anyone repulses me, and I hope I never have to do so.That said, I must also state that America means something to me, and I hope it means something to you. My ancestors first came here in the 1500s in search of religious freedom, and I love this country, and would hate it if we were to have another civil war, as my ancestors fought on both sides in the last one. My great grandfather was a teenage medic in the Confederate Army and he witnessed much carnage. I feel that the CIA is trying right now to get us all divided up, fighting each other, and I feel that the New World Order has been manipulating this election in every possible way, just itching to try to spark off another civil war that would give Clinton the excuse he is undoubtedly itching for to declare a State of Emergency so he can bring in FEMA and UN Troops to try to "restore order" and to force us into a world totalitarian dictatorship. Concentration camps have already been set up to put people like me into if war should ensue. We are living under the 4th Reich of Herr Clinton.

As a Rhodes Scholar, Clinton is a traitor, a nazi/communist, a committed internationalist. Cecil Rhodes was a very close friend of the Rockefellers and other satanic Illuminati bloodlines that have been controlling the world for a very long time, as they seek to constantly consolidate their power. If you would like to learn more about the 13 Satanic Illuminati bloodlines that control the world, you'll find some excellent and thought provoking research at (Warning: NOT for the faint of heart! Do NOT READ if you have trouble sleeping!)

It is in the best interests of our nation that our Constitution be respected. If Clinton should attempt to engage in any sort of disruptive action against the Florida State Legislature, he must be mindful of the fact that he is regarded as a traitor by the vast majority of armed Americans, and many of us are quite willing to defend our Constitution by force of arms if left with no choice. Janet Reno is universally regarded to be a carpet munchin' whore and a criminal by most gun owners in this country. She was exposed as a criminal in the book Votescam by the Collier brothers due to past election fraud in Florida which she actively covered up. See to get that book. My advice to her is to mind her ps and qs, and not attempt to mess with the people of America as she has in the past via Waco, Ruby Ridge, or Elian Gonzales. If Clinton and Reno should attempt any action intended to deep six our country in the near future, they could both easily find themselves swinging at the end of a couple of ropes, and the same is true of any of their supporters, especially as many Democrats are unarmed. I urge all Americans, as well as everyone world wide who opposes the Illuminati's efforts to enslave us all via a world totalitarian state to pray for our nation. If you value your access to vitamins and minerals within the thereapeutic range, you must pray for America right now! If the light of freedom should be extinguished in America, freedom will die all over the world, and that would be a very dark day indeed.

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A Nation Divided: Tallahassee Warning Orders

By J.J. Johnson - Posted: 12.08.00

As predicted, on December 7, 2000, many conservatives across the country stopped gloating about recent court dramas, and went back to biting their nails. No matter how the courts rule, I predict there will be no concession. In fact, I'll go back to my first prediction - This is going to get ugly. Looks like this matter will end up in the Florida Legislature. Conservatives consider this the Constitutional Trump Card. The enemy considers this a 'Constitution Crisis'. I believe for this reason, Warning Orders are required.

If someone were to dare say they suspected Clinton might use federalized troops (read: force) against the Florida Legislature to put down a riot, prevent them from meeting and doing their Constitutional duty, they would be written off as a paranoid crazy. After all, Clinton would never send troops to Florida. No President would dare send troops to a state Capitol.

Read those last two sentences again.

Then ask yourself; has it ever happened before over a so-called "constitutional crisis", court ruling, or more recently, for kidnapping little boys?

This cannot be written off as mere speculation. A Hillary Clinton Operative, Attorney Ron Kuby, stated publicly that Clinton had the power to use troops to prevent the legislature from meeting. As we're still waiting for Democratic Leaders to distance themselves from those statements, I frankly won't hold my breath, and suggest conservatives not take any chances. If you have studied our opposition, you know they have no respect for the Constitution. History dictates that preventing a Special Session of the Florida Legislature would be an option for a people who are known to use force when the laws are against them. It may not be the use of troops originally; perhaps violent leftists may be used to justify the introduction of domestic "peacekeepers."

Whatever the case, I submit that a "wait-and-see" attitude is a failed policy. Remember: Lieberman proclaimed that a Special Session of the Florida Legislature would be considered a 'Constitutional Crisis'. If Clinton/Gore agrees, what steps may he take if pushed - especially if dear Janet calls it a 'Constitutional Crisis'? If we look at their track record alone when using illegal force against citizens, the wiser among us would make preparations.

Now is also the time for these conservative "leaders" to lose the notion that the Rule of Law really has an effect on these people. They are in the trenches waging war. They have a track record of fighting dirty. We're playing by the rules - their rules. I urge them again to stop being re-active and start being PRO-ACTIVE.

The Special Session starts Friday, December 8, 2000 in Tallahassee, Florida. If you're free this weekend, I'd suggest going there - with plans to stay until the work of the legislature is completed. I would also submit that if the Powers in Washington feel threatened enough, travelers may need to take more than signs with them.

For those who maybe hesitating, or thinking this nightmare is not possible, here's some added motivation: Union soldiers never took the Florida Capital. In the presidential election of 1876, the whole controversy was over a state named Florida. No president was picked until 48 hours before the inauguration. It took Southern Senators to filibuster the whole matter until a compromise was made - Union troops had to end their military occupation of Dixie. Dixie, it's time to return the favor.

Be there. Be seen. Be vocal. Be tough. Don't let them intimidate you. (I only wish I wasn't so far away at this time of year - or I would be there myself.) And most of all, plan to be there for a while.

We're not doing this for George W. Bush, but for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. If nothing happens, all the better. After the Legislature does its Constitutional duty, let the party begin. If not, those legislators will need you there - for their own protection, and for the protection, preservation, and defense of the Constitution.

Remember: Bush on December 18th, or America Stops!

National Day of Prayer - December 12, 2000

Note to the Enemy Camp: We suspect you are making plans to cause a disturbance at the Florida Legislature while they are in session. As we warned you before: If it is war that you are thinking of - if it is a war that you are planning, let it be known that you will not wage a war against the "unsuspecting." You will name the stakes. You will fire the first shot. You will make the choice (A Nation Divided - Nov. 8).

This is a Republic - if you can keep it. What say ye, American?