To: IAHF List
Subject: God is Moving in Indianapolis: Feds Leaves Church Alone So Far: Global Prayer Needed
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 18:27:31 -0500

IAHF List: A few days ago I reported on the pending anticipated attack by US Marshalls against the Indianapolis Baptist Temple over alleged tax evasion. The Feds have not shown up, and the US Marshalls Office in Indianapolis held a press conference to announce that they planned on waiting til everyone leaves before seizing the church, but not only is no one leaving, but more people are arriving daily and if anyone is able to join them, you can get direction by calling the phone numbers below! I feel uplifted by this news. With the current election, the NWO is attempting to divide and conquer this country, and they're also attempting to send a message to Christians that they intend to snuff out Christianity as they attempt to push us into a totalitarian world government under the satanic UN by attacking this 50 year old Baptist Church. If you live in or near Indiana, and can join these folks inside the church, by all means please do and bring a cell phone so you can call IAHF with updates from inside! If enough people help, we should be able to organize a campaign to hold this church indefinitly.

I have made two calls to Gary Tingle at the US Marshalls office in Indianapolis to discuss the situation, and he indicated that he had no desire to arrest anyone. So far he's done nothing. Please call to thank him and urge him to KEEP doing nothing at 317-226-6566 I just called a third time to thank them again. They're not bad people there, they've been friendly each time I've called. What will Janet Reno do now? Send in the ATF to kill them all? She is a murderer, but maybe thats the governments plan: to send in the ATF backed up by Delta Force in an effort to trigger martial law. That way Herr Clinton could put FEMA in control, and never have to relinquish the White House. Maybe this is his master back up plan. Nothing would surprise me anymore. We must be prepared for literally any eventuality. Join me in calling Janet Reno at the US Dept of Alleged "Justice" at 202-514-2000 to request that she kindly refrain from murdering the people inside the church and that she call off the dogs. Please join me in praying for those inside. If we can stop the New World Order from seizing this church, and all churches, and keep exposing them this way, we CAN stop them from stealing our vitamins via Codex. This is the best news I've had all week! Please forward it widely, and join me in making the calls. Be sure to visit the IAHF website to see the link off the front page to a site showing the concentration camps they plan on putting resistors in. This is no joke. We either hang together against the satanic UN/NWO, and not let them pull off their divide and conquer election scam or seize this church, or we'll be hanging seperately.

Dear Friends,


I am here at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, which the Federal Marshals were supposed to seize yesterday at noon. They did not come, and gave a press conference yesterday afternoon saying that they wanted to wait for everyone to leave.


There is a move of God happenening here. Preachers from around the country have arrived, ready to go to jail if necessary to STAND AGAINST THE STEALING OF A CHURCH by the federal government. At noon yesterday, amost 1,000 PEOPLE STOOD READY TO PASSIVELY WITNESS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT'S TAKING OF A NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH!!

Many of you know I left Beverly and my nine children at home to continue the witness at Planned Parenthood, while I came here to stand in defense of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.

THERE IS A MOVE OF GOD AFOOT HERE! People are beginning to come from all over the country to stand with IBT. CMA, the Christian Motorcyclist Association has riders coming in from all over, ministers and plain ole' Christian folk are headed here. The story broke last night on all four networks and CNN. Folks are beginning to call up the church and say they are coming.

Colonel Bo Gritz, former Green Beret and negotiator in the federal seige at Ruby Ridge is here with us. I did his radio show with him yesterday morning from the platform of the church. He is committed to staying the course with us here. I have done many interviews while here, and the word is truly going out.

The IRS has confirmed that this is the first time in American history that it has seized a church over a tax issue. But all taxes were paid to the IRS by the individual ministers of the IBT. They were owed NOTHING.

NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND!! If we will not be willing to stand when the government is stealing a church, will we stand for anything??

PLEASE COME TO INDIANAPOLIS!! BE PART OF A NATIONAL WITNESS FOR CHRIST!! Bring a bedroll and your Bible and be prepared for a time of REVIVAL!

You can call IBT for directions: (317) 787-0830

I have borrowed a cell phone and you can call me if you are seriously considering it, but have questions: (540)730-4427.


Please do not respond to this email directly. I have forwarded this to my wife, and she will not be able to answer your specific questions. Call me if you need to.

I VIEW THIS AS IMPORTANT AS ANY OPERATION RESCUE THAT I'VE EVER DONE. This 50-year-old church has led thousands upon thousands of folks to a saving knowledge of Christ, as many as were called. Please help us stand with them NOW!


Your friend and servant of Christ,

Rev. Bruce Evan Murch