To: IAHF List
Subject: No Constitutional Crisis?
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 13:19:02 -0500

IAHF List:
Robert Lederman is a very astute observer of current events. What is unfolding has been carefully orchestrated by the CIA for the purpose of ushering in martial law, the better to subjugate all of us. Heads up! Don't be taken in by the media spin on ANY of this! Lock and Load! Check out and follow all the links from that site. We're witnessing a calculated effort to destroy this country, right now.

Clinton will try sicking FEMA on us. There will be demonstrations and riots, and he'll bring in FEMA and UN troops. Heads up! Don't believe ANYTHING you see hear or read in the mainstream media- its all controlled news, its all spin. Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar. Cecil Rhodes was a committed internationalist who along with the Rockellers seek to impose a totalitarian world government on us- they seek to usher in a psychocivilized society with everyone under mind control. We're witnessing a full frontal assault on our freedom here.

Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 12:49:43 -0700
From: American Patriot Friends Network
To: American Patriot Friends Network
Subject: No Constitutional Crisis?

No Constitutional Crisis?

by Robert Lederman

What a mess. Two candidates no one wanted in the first place are now locked in a dispute over votes that promises to invalidate the 2000 presidential election and perhaps the entire illusion of fair elections in the United States. Whichever candidate ultimately assumes office-supposing that one of them eventually does-will forever be seen by a majority of Americans as an illegitimate president.

Was this political disaster caused by simple incompetence, by an exceptionally poorly designed ballot or by a last-ditch effort by the Bush campaign - his brother Jeb is Governor of Florida - to fix an election he was losing? The problem with blaming Bush is that if his campaign fixed this election they certainly did an extremely sloppy job of it that does Bush maximum harm before he's even inaugurated. The Bush dynasty loses almost as much status by winning in this way as if G.W. had clearly lost to Gore. Does anyone benefit from this situation?

If your goal is to destabilize the present system in this country and institute a coup, martial law or something else even more drastic this could be a very effective first step. As demonstrations erupt across the nation, recounts spread to other states and elected officials begin to publicly choose sides things are likely to get much more chaotic and devisive.

If a Constitutional convention or a nation-wide re-election is called for it would open the door for all kinds of changes to occur that would not normally have any chance of being proposed due to the built in obstacles of our slow-moving political system. The kinds of conflict these proposed changes would cause in the streets and in Congress might well lead to a civil war, a revolution or a coup.

Chaos presents the opportunity for drastic change. Who traditionally uses artificially-created political instability and de-legitimized elections to effect drastic political change? The CIA.

The CIA-influenced media appears to have had an astonishingly accurate picture of what the outcome of this election would be long before it was finished. Did they really use polls or was it a crystal ball?

Too Close To Call has been the predominate theme for most of the past year. Perhaps America is really this evenly decided between Democrat and Republican, Gore and Bush or perhaps we have been set up for this fiasco over the course of the entire election campaign. That a largely Jewish section of Florida was seemingly tricked into voting for Buchanan-a candidate who openly praises Hitler-is the kind of Nazi-inspired humor we can expect from the CIA - which just earlier this year admitted a profound 50 year connection to thousands of top level former Nazis [See: UPI 9/20/2000 "CIA says Nazi general was intelligence source"].

The only sure result we have right now is that both major party candidates appear to have no mandate and the non-traditional candidates have been proven to have either no substantial following or, in the case of Nader, are being are blamed for causing this whole mess. In other words, every presidential candidate has experienced a dramatic loss of prestige and legitimacy and America has no one who can even pretend to represent the people in 2001.

There is one person who stands to immediately benefit from this morass and that is President Clinton who has made it clear he'd have liked a third term. If the election result is not resolved by January, Clinton may remain as President indefinitely. The Presidential orders he has signed for FEMA and other contingency plans which involve a suspension of the Constitution could go into effect for seemingly legitimate reasons.

Clinton has long-established ties to both the Bush and Rockefeller dynasties, to the CIA and to the most elite factions of the New World Order. With Hillary winning the election in New York the Clintons now appear, in contrast to the presidential candidates, as beacons of stability and legitimacy.

No Constitutional crisis? Get ready for a bumpy New Year.

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists Response To Illegal State Tactics) (718) 743-3722

Robert Lederman


Why stage election this way?

Electoral College may not need Florida electors to choose president!

ELECTION-News Release: Statement By Former Secretary Of State
James A. Baker, III

This should make you tremble

"Silence can only be equated with fraud when there is a legal or moral duty to speak, or when an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading... We cannot condone this shocking conduct... If that is the case we hope our message is clear. This sort of deception will not be tolerated and if this is routine it should be corrected immediately" U.S. v. Tweel 550 F2d 297, 299-300.

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