Subject: New Health Freedom Alliance Media Release - METCC Formed In NYC
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 18:03:00 -0400

IAHF List: Listmember Ralph Fucetola ( brings us good news here of METCC a new health freedom coalition which he is helping to form in the Metropolitan New York/New Jersey Area. I encourage all IAHFers world wide to take notice of their efforts, synergistically communicate with Ralph, and be inspired by what they are doing to combat the terrorism of the FDA and the Pharma Cartel. I am forwarding this to our fellow health freedom fighters in Europe, and world wide in an effort to inspire them as they devise a plan to combat the hideous proposed EU vitamin regs which you should all take notice of (see )

As the EU and Codex close in, we just have to keep getting the truth out there, as Ralph and his cohorts in NYC are doing! This is what Dr.Rath told us to do at the anti Codex demonstration in Berlin in June, and he is correct: the more times we make the truth about the healing power of vitamins and alternative medicine circle the globe, the better chance we have of simply overwhelming the Pharma Cartel stooges in Brussels and in Berlin. This is not a SPECTATOR SPORT! Get involved like Ralph has, and forward this notice to others!

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For further information:

New Health Freedom Alliance Formed

10/01/2000 - New York, NY. Meeting on Friday, September 29th at the Interchurch Center in Manhattan, representatives of a half dozen leading metro area health freedom organizations and several church leaders exchanged views on ethical issues involving Freedom of Choice in Health Care. They resolved to establish a Metropolitan Emerging Therapies Coordinating Committee (METCC) to pursue their mutual concerns. Ralph Fucetola, JD ( and Dr. Lydia Bronte, Ph.D., were asked to coordinate the establishment of the alliance. They can be reached at

Full details of the background of the METCC alliance can be found at its temporary home page,

The new movement started in July 2000 when, at the invitation of Drs. Warren Levin and Serafina Corsello, two of the metro areas leading alternative physicians, representatives of health freedom groups met in Wilton, Connecticut. The meeting adopted the Wilton Health Freedom Declaration -- the Right to Heal and Be Healed ( and began to seek allies in the struggle for greater Freedom of Choice.

As there was a natural affinity between Freedom of Choice advocates and church activists who are also concerned with Freedom of Choice issues, and since religious practices and the healing arts intersect in many ways, Bishop Nicholas Lambrou, Primate of the HEOC of the Americas, invited Wilton group participants and other health freedom activists to meet with representatives of several church groups to explore common concerns.

The meeting resulted in the formation of METCC. The first two areas in which there was a consensus were (1) the adopting of a Wisconsin style Alternative Therapy Access Law by the tri-state area legislatures and (2) the defense of practitioners, licensed MD's and others alike, who are being persecuted for providing emerging therapies. Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD ( and Dr. Serafina Corsello, MD, both of whom are currently under investigation by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) told how, although not one patient of either has suffered harm from complementary and alternative therapies, they are each being subjected to such OPMC inquisitions as to seriously impact their abilities to provide services to the public. More about these healers and others under attack will be posted at the METCC internet site.

The new alliance intends to continue communication among the participants through conference calls (sponsored by the New York Natural Health Coalition) and an internet bulletin board which will be sponsored by the Institute for Health Research (, The first conference call will be held on October 15th and persons interested in participating should contact Kathy Lukas at The Health Freedom Bulletin Board should be operation by then as well.

For further information please contact METCC at, Ralph Fucetola at or Lydia Bronte at