Subject: VA Taxpayers Assoc Blows Whistle on UN Takeover Plans; Millenium Assembly to be Held Early September in NYC...
From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 10:41:24 -0400

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Everyone: Please forward widely and ask a lot of questions about this of your elected officials. Put this into your local newspaper to wake up more people!

IAHF LIST: I know Ken White and he has a lot of credibility with me. His warning here shouldn't be taken lightly by anyone, anywhere in the world. The UN is moving VERY quickly to try to push us into a world government and more people must become aware of whats going on with the upcoming Millennium Assembly. All of this causes CODEX to take on a truly sinister dimension. Please join me in asking questions of your own Governor and other legislators. They're trying to avoid Seattle like protests by keeping a low profile, and we MUST expose them so please forward this far and wide! Please call your Senators and Congressmen and ask them to back Congressman Pauls HJR 90 which would remove us from the WTO.

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FROM: Kenneth White, President
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The Virginia Taxpayers Association charged today that Gov. Jim Gilmore "is deliberately pushing the Commonwealth into a new condition of subjection to totalitarian world government which will be finalized at the largest United Nations meeting in history Sept. 6-9 in New York."

The state taxpayer organization said "most establishment media haven't wanted to talk about the Millennium Assembly and Summit, scheduled to launch a new system of 'global governance' that will in effect dissolve the United States of America and meaningful state government. Elitist thought controllers fear a torrent of informed public opposition could wreck carefully laid United Nations plans which have been formulated over the last two decades.

"Mealy-mouthed announcement of the Millennium Assembly, with bureaucratic Aesopian language, is prominent on the UN internet web site. UN spokesmen attempt to deny that 'governance' means the same thing as 'government', but of course that is just a smoke screen. And most casual readers will not be aware that a new 'Charter for Global Democracy', to be presented for implementation at the assembly and already signed by leaders in 56 nations, will substantially abolish individual freedom," the VTA said, in a statement approved Saturday, June 3 in Charlottesville.

"Gilmore, who officially ordered Virginia celebration of the UN back in January, is well aware that the Millennium Assembly will destroy existing constitutional protections. But he will merely claim 'we're monitoring the situation closely', well knowing that once the world gathering starts, there will be little Virginia federal-level or state-level officials can do to stop international takeover."

Under the Charter for Global Democracy, the VTA said, "the U. S. will lose permanent member status on the Security Council and any UN veto power.

"The Charter also calls for consolidation of all international agencies under direct authority of the UN, and regulation by the UN of all transnational corporations and financial institutions, requiring an 'international code of conduct' concerning the environment and labor standards.

"There will be an independent source of revenue for the UN, such as the 'Tobin tax' and taxes on aircraft and shipping fuels.

"There will be a standing UN army and required individual and national compliance with all UN 'Human Rights' treaties and declarations. There will also be cancellation of all debt owed by the poorest nations, global poverty reductions, and an 'equitable sharing of global resources' as allocated by the UN.

"Not sufficiently understood is the way the UN does away with elected governments," the VTA said. "So-called 'peoples of the world', are the only ones given representative status at the Millennium Assembly. They are not elected by anybody but are non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of which there are 1603 in the world, given recognition by the UN only because their major purpose includes promotion of 'the aims, objectives and purpose of the United Nations.'

"When these groups, pre-selected for their bias, and endorsed by Governor Gilmore, come together they will not make their decisions by voting, but by 'consensus.' This is a bogus process of 'agreement' achieved by trained 'facilitators' and ending up with conclusions determined ahead of time," the VTA pointed out.

"A major reason why the UN and other totalitarian entities have been allowed to proceed as far as they have is the existence today of many widely publicized but controlled opposition groups. The agenda of these groups, which make many true statements, are however deliberately designed to be insufficient.

"For example, the Heritage Foundation, recognized by the media as one of the most influential voices in Washington, completed in May a major mailing devoted to a 'United Nations Assessment Project.' Yet the Heritage Foundation itself is listed on the United Nations web site as an NGO officially associated with the UN Department of Public Information. And in the Heritage mailing, seeking financial support and discussing several UN treaties described as objectionable, not a word was said about the subject of paramount concern, the forthcoming Millennium Assembly or the Charter for Global Democracy, although the VTA had reported across the state planning for the Assembly as far back as Jan. 11. It's obvious the Heritage Foundation will do nothing to expose the Millennium Assembly or Charter in advance.

"Of course the Heritage Foundation said nothing about the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, HR 1146, sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), which would withdraw the United States from the United Nations and which already has 17 cosponsors in the House of representatives. It is vital to our future security that this act be passed."

In another action, the VTA urgently called on Virginia House of Representatives members to reject a "methamphetamine control" bill, HR 2987/S 486, "which passed the Senate without most senators realizing it trashes the Fourth Amendment and damages other amendments. This police state measure allows any federal agent to enter a home without a warrant in absence of the owner, search whatever is on the computer and seize anything without ever notifying the citizen that a search has been conducted."

The VTA also said, "Severe criticism by VTA alone of Sen. John Warner as Senate Armed Services Committee chairman for being the chief congressional leader responsible for getting us into the Kosovo mess has been strikingly effective. Warner did a conspicuous 180-degree turn in cosponsoring with Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) an amendment (which later failed) to withdraw U. S. forces from Kosovo by July 21, 2001.

"But since Warner has done incalculable damage to our defense both through reckless Kosovo expenditures and his presiding over serious weakening of our military, informed citizens will require him to help lead a burgeoning Senate fight against Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China. Taxpayers have not forgotten Warner facilitated Chinese takeover of the Panama Canal by rigging his committee hearings to exclude oral testimony by top U. S. experts on Panama. And PNTR clearly will build up the Chinese military, doing unforgivable further damage to the United States."