Subject: IAHF LIST:URGENT! CALLS NEEDED TO WHITEHOUSE AGAINST BUDGET FOR FDA! AM OFF TO DC TOMMORROW: Some Big Doin's in the District of Criminals--- Check This Stuff Out--- Also-- Am Forwarding a VERY Heavy Article... See what ya think, eh? Please Email Clinton With Mssg Enclosed... Very Important!
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 01:30:46 -0500


I'm off to Washington DC and will be gone for a few days-- will be monitoring an important meeting of the office of dietary supplements where Beth Yetley of FDA and John Hathcock of CRN will be discussing "bioavailability of dietary supplements"

this dietary modeling crap is a bunch of pseudoscientific Codex harmonization designed to burn us down the road.


I'll also and also asking some questions at the FDA about this new policy they're planning to start implementing regulating pharmaceutical websites--- (unless we can get Clinton to remove this from the new budget.

BEWARE any time FDA gets a pile of money from the whitehouse for purposes of tightening the noose on cyberspace. (Check out

Then: email Clinton ( ),and your own congressman and say: "I strongly oppose your plan to give FDA millions of dollars to regulate pharmaceutical websites, and want you to remove that from the new budget. FDA tends to abuse their power and I'm afraid they might unfairly target dietary supplements, and not strictly go after pharmaceutical websites because its their nature to attack us. Please cut this funding out of the new budget. I have very strong feelings about this.

Prohibition of alcohol didn't work back in the 20's, and rather than attempt to legally attack web sites in large numbers, a no win situation for the FDA which realistically and logistically has no chance to engage in the amount of drawn out litigation each case could bring, instead what the FDA should do is to simply have a website where consumers can go for advice on what sites the FDA recommends, and which they don't, and why. The FDA has a very long history of abusing its power, and must never be given the chance to do this again.

I am also leaving a redundant message on the whitehouse comments line at 202-456-1414 to illustrate the depth of my concern.

Vitamin consumer represent a very large group of voters, Mr.President- we number in the millions.Please hear me on this and apprise Mr.Gore! Thank you for signing the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 into law. If you give FDA millions and turn them loose, unchecked in cyberspace, you (and by extension- Mr.Gore)- will massively alienate millions of vitamin consumers because sad experience has taught us how FDA would abuse this power. Rather than focus in this direction, the FDA should instead make a much greater effort to not approve dangerous drugs like viagra, which never should have been approved in the first place. The herb yohimbe works perfectly well for most cases of sexual dysfunction- and GHB also works well for many, but Congress is mindlessly seeking to make it a felony to possess GHB, which is found in each and every one of our cells. If this idiotic bill should ever actually be signed into law, I intend to go to the nearest police station to demand that they arrest me, since every one of my cells, (and yours)(and everyone's) contains GHB. The FDA should keep their meathooks off the web, Mr.President. Word of statist interference in our lives is not well tolerated by the incrowd."

At 11:15 PM 1/2/2000 -0500, you wrote:

(excerpt) Hi John

I don't know if you read the Winds article titled "ABC Declares: NWO Here to Stay" dated 12/08. You might find interesting. Here is the web address for the article.


Excellent article, Nick and very timely. Thanks for calling it to my attention. I'll forward it further. Regard, John

Candy, please download this article- print it out and show it to Ida. Need her input on it. Its very well written. I'm going to send it to the IAHF LIST as food for thought. Regardless of what anyone may happen to believe, its deep- VERY deep, and worth pondering.

Hold on to your hats.... big doin's in the District of Criminals.

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