Subject: HELP KILL ANTI VITAMIN BILL!! BEAT BACK THE CORPORATE ATTACK!! This Stuff is in Every Cell in Your Body!! Orphan Pharmaceutical Inc. Just Wants a Monopoly on it
From: John Hammell
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 15:07:24 -0500

IAHF LIST: Please read this urgent plea for help! We all should help KILL HR 2130 the so called "Hillory J. Farias Date-Rape Prevention Drug Act of 1999" Hillary Farias never had GHB in her body when she died, her family is outraged that the government is fraudulently using her name as part of this mindless witch hunt against a safe natural substance which is found in every cell in our bodies, and I PERSONALLY am outraged by this bill because it would turn me into a "felon" just for possessing it, and I've used it for YEARS with only beneficial effects.

Hey, they want to call something a "date rape drug"??? How about BEER? Vodka? Hey- didn't Prohibition FAIL way back when? Lets REMIND Con-GRESS. What mindless BS this all is. Mary provides a TON of well researched information below showing just why Los Federales actions here are OUTRAGEOUS! GHB is a safe, and very useful natural substance when used properly. Call your Congressman and let him know. 202-225-3121 Capital Switchboard

Whats next? Niacin (vitamin B-3) or maybe kava? If you want to have a great orgasm, take a bunch of niacin before you have sex. The Niacin flush enhances orgasm remarkably. Kava is also pretty mellow stuff, and some people like yohimbe to help with blood flow to the penis- but these are ALL dietary supplements and so is GHB.

What mindless BS this all is. The FDA could call almost "any" natural substance that any of us enjoy a "date rape drug" and it doesn't make it one. Whats REALLY going on here is that Orphan pharmaceutical company has GHB on their "drawing board" (see info below) and they want to sell it as a prescription "drug". If this bill should ever become law, a few hundred of us should walk on down to the nearest police station and demand to be arrested on felony charges because every cell in our body contains GHB which they want to make a felony to possess...


I am asking your help in fighting HR 2130.

You can take parts of this letter, if you want, to add to your own letter to your Representatives and Senators.

One vitally important pending law threatens to drastically curtail our health freedom and make criminals out of perhaps tens of thousands of happy patrons. In fact, every person reading this will become a FELON, because the natural compound that is being banned is in every cell of the human (& mammal) body. Your T-Bone and Chicken Tenders will also be a FELONY! Yes, it's really crazy.....

H.R. 2130 "Hillory J. Farias Date-Rape Prevention Drug Act of 1999" (makes the natural body compound, GHB, a Schedule III Drug). This is slated to occur when the "lawmakers" return to work on Jan. 24th, 2000

You can read the Bill at

Many attorneys, physicians, suppliers and justifiably upset product users want to fight the passing of the Bill. There needs to be time allotted for "findings" and opposing, rational viewpoints, but the government will try to keep this from happening. They have thwarted all efforts in the past.

(In my State a similar Act was passed on Nov. 24th, 1999. In 60 days, the Act will take effect. When I asked my local Representative's office for an interpretation of the Bill, they said they can give me a Summary, but "they cannot give me the 'pros & cons' information used to determine the reasoning behind the vote." I'm paraphrasing here, because some legal terminology was unclear to me. I am still trying to figure out exactly what is banned. The penalties are severe: 15 years and/or $250,000+!!)

The Bill "Hillory J. Farias Date-Rape Prevention Drug Act of 1999" is named after a young lady who most likely died of congenital heart disease; and her family is outraged that the government is using her death to further their agenda against GHB. From "GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer" by Ward Dean, John Morganthaler and Steven Wm. Fowkes (available at

"According to an investigation by Ward Dean, MD, who has also testified as an expert witness for the defense in several GHB cases, every instance in which GHB has been listed as the cause of death involved some other more likely cause of death. The much-publicized case of Texas teenager Hillory Farias is a tragic case where DEA and FDA objectives brutally exploited the girl's family to promote a negative media image of GHB. The evidence that Ms. Farias ever ingested any GHB at all was highly suspect."

"After being told that their daughter was poisoned by GHB (based on questionable much-delayed autopsy findings), the family was encouraged to speak out against GHB. When the family later realized that Hillory's death was not due to GHB, but probably to a congenital and hereditary heart condition, they were devastated by the FDA's and DEA's indifference to human feeling, horrified and shocked that the loss of their daughter was used to promote subversive propaganda. Ms. Farias' symptoms and etiology were inconsistent with the effects of GHB. Crucial health history factors were overlooked. The medical examiner did not report that Hillory's death was caused by GHB until a "helpful voice" from the federal government influenced this determination some 6 weeks after the death occurred. This case serves to reveal the urgent need certain government officials seem to have to frighten the public about GHB."

The hysterics of the drug war have already led to too many valuable medicines and natural products being made unavailable. I urge you not to let this happen again.

Many believe that the FDA is fighting to keep this natural body compound replica in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. IT'S ABOUT MONEY & POWER. More about that later...

GHBA is Gamma Hydroxy Butyric Acid, and GHB is its salt form. They are naturally occurring body compounds released by the pituitary gland to every cell of the body to perform many functions.

GHB was first synthesized in 1961 in France by Dr. Laborit in conjunction with research on GABA, for which it is both a precursor and a metabolite. Some of the many benefits of GHB soon became known and its use spread rapidly through Europe. GHB's temporary blockage of dopamine release in the brain products deep, natural sleep. The user awakens later, feeling refreshed and energetic, with no hangover. A smaller dose of GHB gives a euphoric and energetic effect, similar to a glass or two of beer or wine.

 No other compound known to man displays as many beneficial applications for a myriad of human maladies. Few allopathic medicines have such a low incidence of negative side effects.

It may be that some of GHB's beneficial actions upon the brain and body for prevention and treatment of mental and physical debility and disease are yet to be discovered.

Since it works on similar "pathways", GHB must not be mixed with alcohol and/or "anti-depressant" drugs. Unlike alcohol, GHB causes no general or organ toxicity and is cleanly metabolized in 3-5 hours. In fact, GHB use causes an aversion to alcohol (as a former daily drinker, I can happily attest to this and I haven't had a hangover in 2 years!)

GHB has been found to stimulate the pituitary gland to release natural Growth Hormone (hGH) in a natural, physiologic manner. Based on the broad range of psychotropic and physical benefits provided by GHB, it is hypothesized that it acts as a neurotransmitter and/or neuron normalizer.

GHB ultimately metabolizes into carbon dioxide and water in 3-5 hours, leaving no toxic residue.

From the 1960's into the '90's, GHB was quietly sold in health food stores and gyms. GHB's increasing popularity caused an ever-growing jealousy in the pharmaceutical industry and FDA.

There are 15 Investigational New Drug (IND) applications (by pharmaceutical companies) with the FDA for GHB:

  1. Improves sleep patterns and maintains daytime alertness in narcolepsy.
  2. Reduces schizophrenia symptoms.
  3. Stabilizes Parkinson's disease.
  4. Reduces nocturnal myocionus - painful leg cramps.
  5. Improves memory problems.
  6. Stimulates natural Growth Hormone release.
  7. Decreases pain and improves sleep in fibromyalgia.
  8. Relieves symptoms in Huntington's Chorea.
  9. Regulates dystonia musculorum deformans (muscle tone).
  10. Controls tardive dyskinesia symptoms.
  11. Deceases or eliminates drug withdrawal symptoms (including alcohol, nicotine and opiates).
  12. Decreases children's hyperactivity and learning disabilities.
  13. Induces sedation and tranquilization.
  14. Relieves anxiety.
  15. Lowers cholesterol levels.

Although the Federal government could not ban this natural compound, many individual States, working with the FDA, have banned GHB. This prompted an underground market where ingredients were not always high-purity,pharmaceutical grade (U.S.P.) reagents from a reputable supplier.

Another thriving market of "GHB Kits", containing pre-measured bottles of gamma-butyrolactone and either sodium or potassium hydroxide.

In December, 1997, some enterprising folks began marketing a GHB"Precursor" called RenewTrient. RenewTrient liquid contained gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) [synonym: 2(3H)Furanone di-Hydro], potassium and water. When drinking this product with citrus juice, it rapidly converts to GHB in the body. While RenewTrient was marketed primarily to Orthomolecular Physicians and Alternative Health Practitioners, many copy-cat products followed, with strong marketing toward the "party crowd".

Problems ensued, as people mixed the product with alcohol and drugs and/or took strong doses before driving. The wild popularity of RenewTrient and similar products whipped the FDA and pharmaceutical companies into a jealous frenzy.

As a naturally-occurring body compound, these precursors are currently protected by the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act of 1994(Thank YOU John Hammell and International Advocates for Health Freedom!

Used moderately, these products have helped tens of thousands of people with miraculous and profound testimonials.

Used belligerently and against strict label warnings, young people in the"rave scene" mix these precursors with alcohol, cocaine, "ecstasy" (which can be any combination of lethal stuff), underground pharmaceuticals,LSD, etc. These foolish people in their teens and twenties often end up sleeping (and often, "convulsing", as is strictly warned on the product bottles) and "911" is called. Not knowing what the patient had ingested,the hospitals often induce very intrusive (and expensive) methods to"help" the patient. At parties, drunken friends shake and throw their passed-out friends, causing more damage that is blamed on the GHB/Precursor. Many irresponsible users who get themselves into trouble say "someone put it into my drink", to avoid culpability.

We recently heard of one instance where an "exotic dancer", who had been drinking alcohol and snorting cocaine on the job, went to the parking lot into a customer's car for 1.5 hours to smoke pot, take a sleep-dose of a"Precursor" and "who-knows-what-else" she did there! She ended up in critical condition at the hospital, but, thankfully, recovered in a few days. She now has teamed up with her customer, her boyfriend and her brother to sue the man who sold the product and gave her stern warnings to not abuse it. The product is not illegal in the State where this happened, but the police and Prosecutor are making a media circus against the precursor and trying to pin "criminal misconduct" on the man who slit. The dancer's illegal activities during that evening are conveniently swept under the carpet. This it typically how it works with GHB and the precursors.Hollywood movies could be written about what's going on!

There is at least one pharmaceutical company (Orphan Labs) that is planning to market a GHB/GBL product in the treatment of narcolepsy. In order to monopolize the product, additional (toxic) elements will be added to their "proprietary" blend. The pharmaceutical company receives special treatment from the FDA for bringing a product to market aimed at a small user group (narcoleptics), whereby they do not have to go through the usual expensive and rigorous testing process.

Of course, once the product gains approval, the floodgates open and the stock-holders are fat and happy. Does anyone see what's happening here?

The same thing happened with Prozac, which came out when L-Tryptophan was banned (due to a poisoned batch from a short-cut-production in Japan).History repeats.

Also, getting rid of this natural body compound replica will NOT stop someone intent on date-rape. You can take away the ORIGINAL date-rape drug (ALCOHOL) and there will STILL be date-rape!

The Federal Government originally tried to pass HR 2130 with GHB a"Schedule I" Drug, but that would mean it can have no applications for medicinal treatments. It was changed to read "Schedule III". H.R. 2130 also tries to make GBL (gamma-butyrolactone) a "List I Chemical".

There is at least one other "precursor, secretagogue" compound that also converts to GHB in the body. It is called Butanediol, 1,4 tetramethyleneglycol, sucol-B or BDO. It takes slightly longer to metabolize in a two-step process and it is difficult to determine if this will alsobecome a "List I Chemical".

Sadly, now the government plans to criminalize tens of thousands of people who rely on these products to live a more productive, happy,normal life. In fact, everyone reading this will also be a felon, since GHB/GBL is in every cell of YOUR body.

Please learn about this travesty that is rapidly descending upon us - all for the sake of Profits and Power, at the expense of the people. Another of God's natural compounds is being criminalized!

For GHB and Precursor Information See

or Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute:

or (insert "GHB" in search) From e-medicine:

"One particularly fascinating property of GHB is its ability to prevent cell damage. Several studies have shown a reduction in oxygen requirements and a subsequent reduction in hypoxic cell damage. the exact mechanism of this tissue protective effect is unknown but several effects have been noted, including reductions in lipid peroxidation, lipolsys,free radical production and a dampening of the inflammatory response. It has also been shown to be protective in radiation exposure..."

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

NOW, based on the information you've read, I hope you will help us in the fight to "hear the other side of the story" and allow a true trial of GHB and its precursors to take place.


Please write to your Senators and Representatives today.

This site may be of help:


Tell the "Lawmakers" that you don't want to see pharmaceutical companies monopolize these products. With the passage of HR 2130, to receive these life-changing natural compounds, people will have to give their complete medical history to a doctor (we all know how "private and secure" THAT information is) (NOT).

Thank you in helping protect one more valuable aspect of our Health freedom! PASS THIS ALONG!



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If You Belong to NNFA- Ask Them Why They Oppose Having a Codex Oversight Hearing, and Ask Why They Don't Enforce Article 14.3 in their Bylaws: (Conflict of Interest)

Ask why they don't kick Warner Lambert and the rest of the drug cartel OUT of NNFA!

Ask Why they endorse the NAS paper "A Risk Assessment Model For Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" when it is being used illegally by the FDA to break past the consumer generated impasse at Codex. [See Codex Oversight Section]