Subject: IAHF Salutes Chilean Health Freedom Allies/Creates Spanish Language Section of IAHF Website IAHF Exhorts Grossklaus/Yetley/Kundke Once Again: Raise the White Flag, or Suffer the Consequences!
We need donations totalling $2500. to sign up with Capital Advantage in order to have their special lobbying sofware added to the IAHF website. Capital Advantages software is currently being used successfully by The Campaign Against Genetically Engineered Food at and at American Preventive Medical Assn's website at

IAHF needs to do what these two groups are doing- the software makes it very easy to automate political campaigns of any kind from the web. It facilitates emailing form letters to members of Congress, and also facilitates educating the media on our issues! I have tried it out on the Anti Genetically Engineered Foods site and its very easy to use! See for yourself, then please donate! Please send your most generous donations to
IAHF PO Box 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA.
  Note: IAHF has just donated $250. to the Campaign Against Genetically Engineered Foods and that got us a hypertext link from that heavily trafficked site which will draw more people to us. It would be nice if someone out there could send some comparable donations.


Proving yet again that the sun does not set on the decentralized IAHF empire of disgruntled vitamin consumers who are fed up with regulatory efforts to tell us what we can or cannot put into our own bodies, we hereby encourage Spanish speaking vitamin consumers to visit the soon to be formed Spanish language section of the IAHF website which will link directly into the websites of  Cenius Chile at and Salud Natural at

IAHF  encourages networking on health freedom issues between activists located in Spain, Mexico, and throughout central and South America through our allies in Chile. We alert all English speaking activists that several of our allies in Chile speak good English in case you have any questions as to what is happening down there and you can reach them, through me.

Yetley, Grossklaus:

We hereby put Dr.Yetley of the FDA, and Dr.Grossklaus of the Bgvv, Chair of the CCNFSDU at Codex on notice that you can run, but you can't hide from the long arm of the truth. The sun truly does not set on the IAHF empire, and our message extends to the UN's International Council of Drug Regulating Authorities.

Between now and the next two years, our numbers will only keep growing, and if you think Dr.Rath's demonstration in Germany was big THIS year, just WAIT another two years!

We demand, once again, that you raise the white flag and surrender. If you fail to surrender, it will only be harder for you in the long run. You must declare in writing to me at that the Codex vitamin issue has been totally withdrawn, never to reappear, and that the matter is best left up to national authorities to decide.
If you fail to surrender, the awful truth of your genocidal actions will only keep encircling the globe under warp speed with each click of the mouse as our people send email.

We remind you that one day you will shuffle off this immortal coil and you must stand naked before your Creator and answer for your sins.
We strongly suggest you turn from your sins and start acting right before you force us to get even more angry than we already are for your crimes are well documented at and at and at a growing number of allied websites world wide, such as these new ones in Chile which will be viewed my millions of people in Spanish speaking countries world wide in the next two years. You can run, but you can't hide, and neither can ICDRA, IADSA, CRN, NNFA or any of your other criminal allies anywhere in the world including Hoechst, Bayer, or BASF.

You are under our microscope. You MUST and WILL surrender to the vitamin consumers of the world, and on OUR TERMS! The longer you prolong the inevitable, the WORSE it will be for you! When the full force of the global health freedom movement explodes upon you in the form of undeniable truth, what will you do? Where do you think you can go to try to hide? Juergen Kundke is in no small measure responsible for our declaration of war against you. By denying my valid press pass, in writing, by email, he has proven that there is no free speech inside Germany, so if you are displeased with our stance you can always blame him. Be reasonable! See it our way! Spare yourselves the prolonged agony we are about to subject you to in the form of the unrelenting truth embraced fully by an enraged, enlightened populace!

For the Public Health,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom