Support RAFI Campaign Against Life Patenting

Everyone: Peter d'Errico just sent me a very useful url: please check out the RAFI site at RAFI is working to bring the issue of life patenting before the World Court at the Hague. This web page provides links to important materials related to this campaign, and discusses how nations can use a clause of the GATT TRIPS agreement and order public under national law to invalidate immoral, predatory, unhealthy, and environmentally damaging patents. Drug companies are immorally patenting a lot of herbs that we all need. This is wrong. We all need to be aware of RAFI's legal campaign. Please forward this message to others, and please support the International Advocates for Health Freedom (which brought you this announcement) with a donation to help carry this sort of information to more people. If we stick together, we can win.

For Freedom,
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