Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:01:15 -0500 (EST)
From: John Hammell <>
Subject: ALERT:Health Threat from Biological Weapons by U.S. Military

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Health Threat from Biological Weapons by U.S. Military.

      Now there is proof that the U.S. military does biological warfare
research. The smoking arsenal showed up in studies of Gulf War Illness.
Molecular biologists found that some of the afflicted persons contained
mycoplasma bacteria which were genetically engineered. As the researchers
stated, no one would be doing genetic engineering with mycoplasma for any
other purpose than biowarfare. The origins could only be illegal research
by the U.S. military.

      Mycoplasma is a genus of unusual bacteria which are one tenth the
size of other bacteria and devoid of normal cell walls. The natural ones
have moderate pathogenicity and contagiousness, localizing in a variety of
organs and being transmitted through all usual routes including the air,
body fluids and sex. Since they are being altered through biowarfare
research, it is hard to say anymore which ones are natural.

      Biological warfare is researched at a large and expanding complex
called Ft. Detrick Maryland. In 1968, it had 450 structures, and
construction is still booming. The facilities are supposedly used for
cancer research, since biowarfare research became illegal, first through
Geneva Accords in 1969, and then a presidential directive in 1970.
Considering how little is accomplished with cancer research, to claim that
Ft. Detrick is used for that purpose is like saying coolaid is made in a
swimming pool.

      An example of their work was displayed in Cuba recently, as a small
plane from the U.S. dropped insect larva on a potato field, which killed
the crop and spread to others. The response from U.S. authorities was that
the plane was not emitting insect larva but smoke which had the purpose of
signaling its presence to an airliner. Have you ever heard of small planes
emitting smoke to signal airliners?

      The molecular biologists described their findings thusly:

           The type of mycoplasma we identified was highly unusual and it
almost certainly could not occur naturally. It has one gene from the HIV-1
virus - - but only one gene. This meant it was almost certainly an
artificially modified microbe - - altered purposely by scientists to make
them more pathogenic and more difficult to detect.

           Thus these soldiers were not infected with the HIV-1 virus,
because the virus cannot replicate with only one HIV-1 envelope gene that
we detected.

           Interestingly, the specific DNA sequence that we detected
encodes a protein that, when expressed on the surface of the mycoplasma,
would enable any mycoplasma to bind to many cell types in the body, and
even enter those cells.

           Thus this genetic manipulation could render a relatively benign
mycoplasma much more invasive and pathogenic and capable of attacking many
organ and tissue systems of the body.

           Such findings suggest that the mycoplasmas that we have found in
Gulf War veterans are not naturally occurring organisms, or to be more
specific, they were probably genetically modified or 'engineered' to be
more invasive and pathogenic, or quite simply, more potent biological weapons.

      Gulf war illness is varied and shows evidence of being caused by
several biological and chemical weapons. The biological agents are somewhat
contagious often being spread to veterans' family members or researchers.
An antibiotic has been effective for some forms.

      One cause appears to be a vaccine that all coalition troops were
required to take except for a small control group. The fragment of AIDS
virus in mycoplasma causes some persons to assume that the injections were
a test of an experimental AIDS vaccine. However, the viral fragment may
have the purpose of making the mycoplasma more virulent. It seems unlikely
that an AIDS vaccine would be tested on the battlefield or that the
military would concern itself with an AIDS vaccine.

      Iraq has never had the slightest ability to research biological
weapons. Not only is the science too demanding, but keeping pathogens
contained while researching them requires special isolation procedures.
Instead, Iraq acquired the bugs from the U.S. before the Gulf War began,
and its laboratories do little more than package them.

      In looking for a rationale in the biowarfare research, it is not
highly apparent. But it wouldn't be. Persons who have such a mind frame are
not really trying to solve anyone's problems; they are expressing a
pathological lust for mutilation.

      The Nazis demonstrated the characteristics of the pathology in
pretending to do research through every imaginable form of human
mutilation. Do you think the Nazis came out of nowhere and disappeared into
nowhere? They weren't laboratory products, unless the Huns were way ahead
of everyone else with genetic engineering. The pathology which the Nazis
demonstrated is rampant in all societies and only needs an outlet to be
expressed. Doing illegal research on death technology,accountable to no
one, is a guaranteed outlet for it. Add billions of dollars to it, and it
is a threat to civilization.

      There are also indications that another of their products is
compliance drugs, which they use on uncooperative political figures. There
has been an invariable pattern of foreign political figures, who speak out
against U.S. demands, going to Washington and returning without their minds
intact. They not only succumb to U.S. pressure babbling yes, yes, yes, they
become nonfunctional in their own environment, where they once were dynamic

      It appears that the compliance drugs act by destroying mental
functions. Without a well functioning mind, a person is subdued and cannot
create significant opposition. During the sixties, when such research was
being discussed, it was following those lines.

      The evidence indicates that the U.S. military created the Gulf War
for the purpose of testing its modern weapons including the biological
ones. The strongest evidence is in the results. Nothing else was accomplished.

      Every related decision which the U.S. military made has been a gift
on a gold platter for Saddam Hussein and a great expense for everyone else
including the lower classes in Iraq, the American public and the veterans.
Considering that Saddam Hussein was on the best of terms with U.S.
authorities prior to the Gulf War and would have been getting covert
military assistance in the war with Iran, there was apparently a conspiracy
between him and the U.S. military in creating the Gulf War and the
continuing war mongering over the result.

      The six year inspection charade indicates the same thing, as does the
shooting down of two helicopters full of dignitaries. A large number of
circumstances, coincidences and violated rules indicate that the pilots
were told to shoot down the helicopters,and the AWACS plane was told to
stay away. The result was not supposed to have been possible otherwise.

      It's all designed for deniability. But the genetic engineered
mycoplasma shows what the truth is.

      If proof is supposed to be diseases out of control, society doesn't
have long to wait.

      (The Molecular Proof)

      By G.E. Novak
      an independent mushroom researcher.
      Related Science Corruptions.
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